Almighty – Ch. 225

Devouring Chaos Light

Chaos Light closed in, scaring Yang Tian’s hairs into standing straight up.

Yuan Xia: “Try with your Bloodline.”

Yang Tian sighed after searching to no avail and proceeded as Yuan Xia suggested. He found the purple Bloodline had grown to the size of a thumb. He clenched his fists with joy.

Yang Tian: I guess it strengthened along with my rebirth.

Yang Tian discharged a tyrannical, overpowered and exalted aura. Yuan Xia’s Bloodline resonated with Yang Tian’s, expressing intimacy. She was aware their Bloodline’s were associated in some capacity; she just didn’t think his was so strong. Her clan’s Bloodline was supposed to be superior to the majority of other clan’s Bloodlines on Sun Continent, hence her confusion.

A thumb-sized dragon emerged from Yang Tian’s body, freezing the atmosphere with its aura. The three Peak Celestial Weapons manifested, their wills going back and forth in the void. Perhaps they resonated with the purple dragon. The three weapons had developed intelligence judging from their obedience and friendliness during their manifestation.

Yang Tian was startled upon detecting the bizarre change his Bloodline imposed on Fallen Devils’ Grounds. He hypothesised his ancestors were so mighty they could strike fear into Fallen Devils’ Grounds with a tiny amount of Bloodline.

Dan Qu had seen Yang Tian’s bloodline before. Thus, he had a suspicion it was the true form of Yang Tian’s Bloodline.

Peace returned to Fallen Devils’ Grounds. Despite there being questions thrown around, nobody, Autarch Realm adepts included, dared to risk their life going in.

In the palace, the small purple dragon stood proud and fixed its gaze on the Chaos Light. It roared the clouds apart and fired a purple aura onto the Chaos Light at the same time. The aura reduced the Chaos Light’s size down to a small ball. The Chaos Light in the void rushed toward the ball. Since Yang Tian’s Bloodline demonstrated the development of intelligence by collecting the Chaos Light blasted apart before, the question on many minds was, “What is Yang Tian’s Bloodline planning to do?”

The Chaos Light’s aura blew up dozens of folds stronger despite not changing shape. The purple dragon gathered the ball prior to shoving the ball into Yang Tian’s body, where it then moved straight to the top of his qi and blood river. The purple dragon vanished from the side of his qi and blood river to reappear back inside his Bloodline. Before he could make sense of it, his river began to roil, evoking a knee-jerk reaction. He watched the Chaos Light descend and float leisurely inside his qihai. An itch comparable to being burnt gradually crept in.

“Tian…” called Yang Ba, feeling something was ominously odd when he saw Yang Tian sit on the ground.

Something seemed to be hiding inside Yang Tian. Burn he did. He scowled as he blasted Chaos Light from his nose and mouth. He roared in a stifled voice as he wrestled with the torment. He bled from every pore on his body. His blood condensed, turning his surroundings red as he burned.

Yang Ba: “Tian!”

Yun’er: “Brother Yang!”

Yuan Xia: “He ate Chaos Light! What did Yang Tian do? I can tell his ancestor is up to something. What happened during the ancient era? Why has his ancestor’s will manifested? Did the adept not die back then?”

Yang Tian’s flesh was on the verge of melting. His bones started to crumble. Chaos Light tried to erase his body. He resolutely pulled out pristine vitality spring water to consume. The drop of water spurred a torrent inside him. He submerged himself in the vitality spring. His vitality triggered an anomaly in the void. A qi and blood true dragon emerged. He had revived in the blink of an eye.

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