Almighty – Ch. 219

Lightning Transforms into a Dragon!

Yang Tian went through a lot to achieve what he did, in turn motivating Yang Ba to improve himself as Yang Tian’s elder brother. Yang Ba’s comrades never realised one had to subject themselves to so much pain for power.

The dark blue flame resonated throughout Yang Tian’s flesh, but it was fairly useless due to his body’s degree of sturdiness. He opened his eyes to gaze at the flames. Though Destruction Divine Lightning had yet to appear, he needed to maintain tip-top form.

The flame clouds began to stir. Afterglow-coloured wisps gradually covered the void. Purple lotuses spawned in the void. The falling palm-sized purple lotuses had lightning marks on them. The purple glows in the markings were highly flammable; just one of the raining purple lotuses was indisputably enough to burn someone to death. The lightning fire produced an anomaly – the production of purple lotuses Yang Tian ate. After consuming five of them, his head let out a streak of afterglow-coloured smoke from the top of his head. The smoke itself was potent enough to distort the void.

The purple lotuses bloomed inside Yang Tian’s body and sprayed lightning bolts around. As a consequence, the interior of his body turned into a field of lightning. Each zap split his skin. The severe wounds were actually difficult to recover from. he, nevertheless, remained indifferent.

Yang Tian emitted a glow that healed his wounds. The purified elixirs with him burnt as they were used to heal his skin in seconds. The potent transcendence pill’s dormant contents inside his body converted into qi and blood that nourished his body and soul. As a result, his body glowed dark orange.

The void, or rather, the lightning tribulation, produced a quirk that produced a flaming aura nobody dared to approach.

There was a majestic, towering building located in Myriad Auction Company’s backyard. Because it was so high up, the top wasn’t visible. Meng Yunxi, adorning a red-checkers dress, pinched her eyebrows together. It had been so long since she last saw Yang Tian that she thought Li Clan already captured him. “Lightning fire tribulation… Fallen Devils’ Grounds… Is it who I think it is…?”

Xing Shan inquired, “Lass, are you sure Yun’er is inside?”

“Elder Xing, I am willing to bet only Yang Tian would dare to undertake a tribulation in there, so I am quite certain it is him. Based on the level of the lightning tribulation, it should be reserved for Battle Emperors. I can only think of one person who would dare to challenge it.”

“I hope it’s them.” Xing Shan really didn’t think Yun’er would boldly sneak out and cause such a big problem.

“Do not fret, Elder Xing. Both of them are very lucky. Plus, nobody wants to enter the place. Not even Autarch Realm adepts want to test the formations Yang Tian operates.”

“I hope that’s the case.” Xing Shan departed.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood sent the pure elixir into every part of his body, soaking him in agony and joy simultaneously. Still, it wasn’t enough to harm him, leading to him heaving a breath after enduring it for so long. “It’s not strong enough to stimulate the dragon core into releasing its contents.”

An ear-splitting sound in the void violated the landscape all of a sudden. The area glowed purple, and killing intent burst into the atmosphere. A purple wyrm manifested in the void and began to run rampant, roaring and spitting flames at everything in sight.

“The quirk has transformed into a wyrm!”

Yang Tian was in a worrisome situation with the arrival of a far more powerful entity. He slowly got to his feet and gazed at the powerful purple wyrm with his red eyes. He summoned qi and blood wyrms from his head as he powered up.

The purple dragon dived down at a high velocity, firing a fireball aimed at Yang Tian. In response, he powered up and summoned a large sun from the top of his head. Accompanying it was a phantasmal divine bird.

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