Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 94

Guess Who – Wife Edition (Part 1)

Ah Neath granted Ma’am Ming and her sister-in-law an audience on account of maintaining a long-term alliance with Ming Feizhen.

Qiushui only left trivial jobs for Ah Neath because she didn’t want the latter learning about politics or finding out what was going on behind the scenes. As a girl, Ah Neath appreciated wedding customs; however, she also saw room for improving their marriage customs. While she was close to Qiushui back then, Ah Neath only saw Qiushui as a trustworthy ally. Seeing as she was doomed to never experience marriage for herself, Ah Neath decided to bless Baimu’s denizens. Subsequent to the changes Ah Neath implemented, girls had a lot less pressure, and the tradition of forcing daughters to marry as a business tool was abolished.

It might’ve been the norm for Ming Feizhen to be married at his age, but Ah Neath expected his wife to be some lady he kidnapped given his appearance and attitude. As such, she wanted to see who the two pitiable girls who had to put up with a stuck-up, gross, unbearably annoying glutton were. Never in her wildest imaginations did Ah Neath expect to see a goddess and a maiden who could conquer a battlefield whilst looking charming.

What lie did he tell to convince them to marry him?! I must rescue these two from that fiend. I will not stand for him taking advantage of them!

“You two are Jiang Zh-, sorry, who… is his wife?”

The shorter and more winsome maiden replied, “This one is.”

She sat more primly and exuded a more regal aura than one would find even amongst the maidens of the royal family. Most importantly – Ah Neath’s line of sight made their way south of the maiden’s collarbone, and she nearly sighed aloud.

He definitely cheated her!

The other maiden expressed, “It is an honour to meet you, Your Majesty. We are grateful you have not punished us for our unannounced visit and request.”

How can she be so pretty, yet so easily win pity? If I were a man, I’d give her the world right now if she asked.

Ah Neath loved to hear the second maiden speak to her in Xiacang Anxi. “Don’t mind it. It’s not your fault. Besides, you two respect etiquette unlike her husband.”

If Ming Feizhen and Lian Zhuiyue deserved to be complimented for anything this time around, it was setting such a bad impression that they helped Ming Suwen and Shen Yiren look millions of times better.

“It must have been tiring and tough to request Xiuyu’s lord for help after coming from afar. Men, serve up the banquet.”

Xiacang Anxi people were arguably the authority on roasting food, which was why the servants brought in a wooden rack for the royal chef to prepare the banquet live. The chilled plates of fresh and juicy fruit recreated the ambience of the wild.

Ah Neath invited the two to drink, then queried, “May I ask what you wish to see me for?”

Shen Yiren thereupon inquired, “Feizh-”

Ming Suwen started coughing out of the blue, gaze pinned to the ceiling.

It finally occurred to Shen Yiren that Ming Suwen wasn’t the innocent, kind maiden she was thought to be after spending the last few days glued together. Shen Yiren first discovered the prankster in Ming Suwen when she caught the latter peeping on her changing the second time. Angry Miss Shen decided to use some “gi grappling” on Ming Suwen in bed that soon devolved into “no-gi grappling”.

Shen Yiren fought tooth and nail with herself to not let herself trip over her words or her red ears show. “… This one’s husband is currently in your royal palace. This one was doing business in Xiuyu when she heard her husband affronted you. Accordingly, she and her sister have come here with gifts as a token of apology.” Shen Yiren turned to her “sister” and gave a “friendly” smile. “Right, Sister?”

Ming Suwen pursed her lips to prevent herself laughing. “Indeed.”

Hoping Green Prince’s plea and gifts, plus the two maidens’ combat prowess and ability to adapt on the fly, would suffice, Emperor Yuansheng dispatched Shen Yiren and Ming Suwen on an emergency rescue mission as they had no idea Ming Feizhen had formed an alliance with Ah Neath. Although Emperor Yuansheng actually wanted to send more helpers, Shen Yiren and Ming Suwen were aware Ming Feizhen didn’t need strong helpers, so they objected. Additionally, they suspected he might’ve deliberately gotten himself locked up. In saying that, their main concern was still the claim that he groped Baimu’s King. Worst came to worst, they could fight their way out of the palace, and it would be easier to hide from pursuers if it was only three of them instead of a big squad.

Neither Shen Yiren nor Ming Suwen expected Ah Neath to be so amicable or for the latter to be so ladylike. If Ah Neath were to doll up, the two of them would never doubt Ming Feizhen laid his paws on her.

“I heard my brother-in-law has been imprisoned, and I can see him offending you given his impulsive nature; however, he is an upright man. He also treats my sister… and I quite well.” Ming Suwen suddenly blushed.

“Worry not. While Jiang Zhouzi makes poor choices with words and t-, ahem, he’s not on death row. I have already released him, not to mention he is a friend of my old friend. My old friend has given his word that I can trust him. I have also entrusted him with an important task.”

It took a moment for the two maidens to figure out who Jiang Zhouzi was and who Ah Neath’s old friend was. Even if they didn’t want to admit it, they could sense a formidable presence drinking at the rear of the palace. He neither deliberately announced his presence nor concealed it. As someone who had reached Manifestation and was empowered with a unique style they hadn’t come across, the two wouldn’t stand a chance against him even if they were in tip-top condition.

Shen Yiren smiled: “This one is sincerely grateful you not only spared her husband but also entrusted an important job to him.”

Sounding more jubilant than Shen Yiren, Ming Suwen enthused, “Feizhen finally has a chance to shine,”

Ah Neath: Ah, I see. I see. The younger sister got married with Jiang Zhouzi, but her elder sister also has feelings for him. The chances of a harem are… 100%?! He’s not going to ruin just one lady but two?! You two poor souls.

“All that being said, there really is an issue with his character! Please heed my advice: h-”

On the other side of the opening doors stood a stunned Ming Feizhen, cutting off Ah Neath.


I ran off after exiting Qiushui’s residential palace to a secluded place to change and restore my original appearance.

Learning Qiushui was Ah Neath’s Princess Consort was a big catch, but Shaman Monarch Palace’s goal and where Nieyao fit into all of it was likely to be harder to connect now. I could guarantee that Nieyao was only the beginning of their true plans.

“Looks like we’ll have to be friends for a while,” I said to the mask in my hand.

On my way to the throne room, I heard Ah Neath was hosting some guests. I, therefore, decided to go catch up with Uncle Feng Xue.

“Sir Jiang Zhou!” the prison guard I saved waved at me. “Over here! Over here!”

“Clothes really do make the man, huh? You’re a completely different man in your new clothes. Congratulations on the promotion.”

“I give you double the congratulations. Not only are you now a trusted aide, but even your wife has arrived.”

Eh? My wife?

“I’m as jealous as hell, man. Your wife is a knock out. They’re with His Majesty inside right now and waiting for you. I’ll open up for you.”

Boss Shen? And Young Shiyi? Why are you two here out of the blue?! How come you’re getting the esteemed guest treatment?!

Ah Neath, out of protocol, told me, “Come in,” then mumbled under her breath, “Why’d he have to arrive already? I was just about to disparage him.” Subsequently, she said, “Look who’s here to see you.”

“Oh… Oh…”

Boss Shen gave me a helpless smile. Young Shiyi shrugged and winked.

I see… absolutely freaking nothing! How did they get in? You two must’ve sold some preposterous lie! I just had to work my behind off to give Sixth his disguise so that I could get him out! Why did you two have to offer yourselves up as two ticking time bombs?! Do I look like I can buy time?!

Ah Neath scolded, “What are you just standing there for? Go sit next to your wife.”

“Huh? Oh, right, right.” I put a leg in front, only to stop there.

Who’s my wife?

Boss glared daggers at me prior to looking away. Young Shiyi pursed her lips into a… hell as if I know if that was a smile or not.

Who’s supposed to be my wife?! … I’m dead, aren’t I?


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