Almighty – Ch. 220

Windfire Great Dragon Tribulation

The divine beast, Three-legged Crow, was a supreme level divine bird capable of rivalling the sun’s flame among the fire types. Taking the heat from Sun and Three-Legged Crow Quirk, Yang Tian dispersed flames in the air.

The purple wyrm flew toward Yang Tian’s skull to take a swing, but a huge hurricane swept through and struck the wyrn. Great Sun began to move to the top whilst discharging its immense heat. The wyrm was at the mercy of the hurricane’s violent winds and the sun’s heat.

A qi and blood wyrm charged out and flew up to attack the purple wyrm viciously. It took only a moment to rip the latter’s body apart, reducing it to purple flames raining down toward Yang Tian from the firmament.

Dubhe Divine Sword trembled as it absorbed the purple flames and refined itself to further develop its ability.

The void’s red clouds changed again.

A hurricane rampaged toward the purple cloud, starting a wild whirlpool several square kilometres big. It was the start of a Windfire Tribulation, which was a tribulation produced when fusing two types of lightning. It was rare to see windfire tribulation as only prodigies among prodigies were supposed to be able to trigger it. Perhaps it was also correct to say it specialised in murdering prodigies.

Gales as sharp as blades spawned and accompanied the lightning bolts in its descent, consequently giving Yang Tian no time to prepare. He quietly grunted and rose to his feet. He cast his gaze up to the falling windblades and smiled sarcastically as he summoned a lightning drum. As the drum rhythm began, he immersed the atmosphere in his fighting spirit, shattering the windblades that approached.

A wind wyrm manifested. Actually, there were ten mountain-sized wind wyrms that descended. There was no time to be astonished, though, for the firmament began to change again. It turned dark and oppressive as the winds picked up and expanded the hurricane’s radius.

A purple wyrm surfaced from behind the purple clouds and dove down. Twenty wyrms – more accurately called quirks – hoarded the sky for their dance.

An aggressive wyrm closed in on Yang Tian. He manifested Star Quirk, lighting up the sky with stars and locking the firmament.

Sharp Dubhe Divine Sword appeared in Dubhe Star. The sentient divine weapon fired golden wisps with every slash. The blasts pierced the void, causing shockwaves. Star Quirk transformed into a vast river of stars aiming to drown the twenty wyrms.

The wyrm blew a gust of wind to try and destroy the star light. The purple wyrm spat purple smoke to try and burn the stars.

Yang Tian moved into the vast river of stars and summoned a qi and blood wyrm.

The fighting cracked the void. Yang Tian suffered a bone-deep wound on his shoulder– courtesy of the lightning his quirks couldn’t save him from. He donned himself in a golden glow, then ripped apart wyrm after wyrm.

Golden Crow Divine Furnace emitted sparks as it radiated its fire to shield him against the lethal attacks. Rocks and stones thrashed about with every exchange.

Yang Tian couldn’t command his quirks with absolute control yet. They could very well fight each other if there wasn’t a tribulation they needed to overcome first.

Dubhe Divine Sword vibrated, glowing purple as it pierced a wyrm’s head and proceeded to dismember it.

Yang Tian blasted Earthquake Seal and roared from within, spurring on his Invincible Will. His might rocked and threw the wyrms around.

Nobody could see what was going on inside, so they could only speculate. The river of stars faded as Kun Bao rambled, and a brutalised individual appeared.

Yang Tian had no time to recover between the bouts of lightning. He consumed a bloodsoul pill, a rare ancient pill, to fully replenish his qi and blood.

While waiting around, an oppressive aura appeared out of the blue as lightning stirred in the sky. There was a huge figure of some sort moving in the clouds.

Random A: “What the hell was that?!”

Random B: “Don’t tell me it’s another quirk. They’re getting stronger and stronger every time. What? A true dragon is coming now?!”

Random A: “Who knows? I mean, Yang Tian is overpowered.”

Meng Yunxi recognised the dragon to be the manifestation of lightning tribulation, Windfire Great Dragon Tribulation.

”I witnessed a deity go through that type of lightning tribulation before. In saying that, he triggered it after ascending to Battle King Realm. Kid, you owe Mistress money. Don’t go flopping now.”

Meng Yunxi stabbed her fingers into her palms.

The sight and noise was terrifying. The void was cracking.

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