Almighty – Ch. 208

Devouring a Bloodline

Li Xiang grabbed his head, banged it on a rock until he broke through and crashed into kilometres into a mountain, shaking the peak, as well.

“Stop!” thundered Li Long, hair and beard flailing in the wind.

Yang Ba shook his spear out and then charged into battle despite his grievous injuries. Li Long ignored his internal injury and fired a True Flame, roaring as he attacked. The golden furnace beamed its divine power toward Yang Ba’s chest. Yang Ba positioned his spear across his chest, but the might of the furnace was still too much. The impact generated a loud clang and almost knocked the spear out of his hand. He, however, was instantly knocked away.

Li Xiang’s divine soul inside his sea of consciousness was lifeless; it was a step away from vanishing after Yang Xiao took it out using Soul Vanquishing Seal. Li Xiang coughed mouthfuls of blood, and his convulsing gradually stopped as his life left his body.

“Hargh!” growled Li Long. “None of you shall leave here alive!”

Li Long unleashed his Bloodline, covering the void and himself in his golden qi and blood. “Golden Secret Technique!”

Li Long’s qi reached a Half-Step Almighty cultivator’s level. Above him was a violent golden Bloodline akin to chains confining the void.

Yang Tian could tell it was a Bloodline power. Yang Ba recognised Yang Tian, Yang Xiao and himself had a chance before Li Long powered up, but after the latter activated his Bloodline. Therefore, he resolutely patted Yang Tian on the shoulder and exclaimed, “Run. I’ll stall him!”

“No!” blurted Yang Tian.

There was a vengeance to exact, and somebody had to live to exact it. Therefore, Yang Ba argued, “Nobody here can match him. If you don’t go, we’ll both die here.”

Yang Xiao: “It’s powerful, but it won’t last long. You’ll make it if you can stall him for a short while.”

“You’re right. I won’t last for long,” said Li Long, laughing whilst gazing down on Yang Xiao. “But long enough to massacre all of you… Li Clan doesn’t raise weaklings. I shall cleanse our name with your blood!”

Li Long might’ve jumped all the way to Half-Step Almighty realm, but it would take him years to recover from his injuries. That was not to mention the risk of his Bloodline weakening drastically.

Yang Xiao drained energy from the divine soul he took to replenish his own energy. “Haha, do you genuinely think you can defeat all of us?”

Li Long positioned himself over the group’s heads and swung down with his violent golden chain.

Yang Ba roared as he swung his spear in a horizontal arc to intercept the chain. Yang Xiao blasted his black seal.

“Go to hell!” brayed Li Long, laughing as he proceeded to whip the colourful spear away.

Li Long hysterically laughed and carried on. He knocked away the individual in black next door, smashed down a big mountain, spilt blood and knocked bones out of bodies. The chain slithered violently toward Yang Tian’s head.

Yang Tian’s Dubhe Divine Sword vibrated and released a bloodthirsty will as it watched the chain encroach. Yang Tian allowed the small sword to eject from his body and approach the chains.

“Humph, delusional!”

Li Long took big strides forward, cracking the void as he passed by. He swept through the air with his chain comparable to a Divine Flame burning away.

Big sparks flew. The sword didn’t snap as he predicted. Instead, it clung to the chain and covered the chain in its own golden glow. It switched on its absorption power. Xiaobai’s Bloodline ability kicked in, allowing the sword to steal the Bloodline energy within the chain, turning the purple and gold sword blood-red.

Li Long had no idea what was going; he ceased his advance. He soon realised his Bloodline was being devoured at a gradual rate. Bristling with anger, he grabbed his chain. Dubhe Star, which had the golden chain in its grasp, formed a barrier once it appeared next to Yang Tian. Helpless, shocked and outraged, Li Long mustered up all of his qi and blood to charge toward Yang Tian and attempt a lethal palm attack.

Yang Ba tried to intercept Li Long to no avail, being struck aside with a heavy blow instead. Li Long proceeded to knock away two people. His energy emission faded considerably, but he still struck Yang Tian on the back as hard as he could. Lacking the time to react, the attack launched Yang Tian dozens of metres away and spilling his blood.

The majority of Yang Tian’s bones broke, and he walked the border of life and death again. Li Long would’ve crushed every bone in his body if he wasn’t interested in stealing the Yang Xiao’s cultivation method.

“Brother Yang Tian!” Yun’er fired her jadeite seal toward Li Long as she watched him close in on Yang Tian. Sadly, Li Long deflected the attack.

“Idiots deserve to die!” asserted Li Long.

Li Long punched out an ancient and unadorned seal. When he took another step, a gale approached from behind. Yun’er aimed a resentful palm at Li Long’s skull.

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