Almighty – Ch. 209

Yun’er’s Inheritance

The continued influx of challengers got on Li Long’s nerves. “Haha, good. Very good. You upset about him, are you?”

Yun’er fearlessly threw a heavy palm. Li Long palmed a golden blast back at Yun’er’s chest.

“No!” cried Yang Tian, before mocking Li Long with his gaze when something came to mind.

Li Long felt a shudder-invoking destructive energy when he palmed the blast out. A menacing aura woke and approached the battlegrounds.  His hand froze as he tried to guess what happened. He kept looking around until he saw Yun’er’s appearance alter and her levitate into the sky. Yun’er resembled a revived deity with the power to obliterate the entire world.

Yang Tian thought she Yun’er felt foreign. She transcended to Omnipotent Realm, which required one’s body to be in harmony with nature. Once one reached it, the power to destroy the world was at the tip of their fingers. They would be able to traverse inside and outside the realms as humans knew them.

Before Divine Realm cultivators existed, Omnipotent Realm cultivators could fearlessly rule over the continent. They could destroy a primordial era clan’s Inheritance with a single finger.

Every clan had an Inheritance; however, none of them reached Yun’er’s level. Li Long finally recognised she was Xing Yun’er based on her Inheritance, which everyone knew about. A prophecy claimed Thundercloud Sect was about to soar up above the other clans.

A seal with the aura of a sovereign of the world surfaced on Yun’er’s head.  Her eyes turned afterglow once she opened them again. A holy light wreathed around her hazy eyes. With a gentle wave of her hand, she fired a jadeite crescent qi attack at him.

Li Long’s qi and blood turned the interior and exterior of his body golden. The jadeite arc slammed into Li Long’s armour, denting it and showing hints of cracking. He called forth his qi and blood, strengthening his armour and manifesting an enormous dragon.

Yun’er generated a second blast with a wave of her hand after the first blast almost disappeared. Although she managed to rattle Li Long’s golden armour, it wasn’t enough to get though. Being the sly man he was, Li Long capitalised on that knowledge that she could only access her newfound power for a finite length of time. He only needed to last long enough, and the energy would inflict critical damage to her due to her using it for an excessive duration.

Li Long spurred his fighting spirit to intensify his combat aura. He gathered his energy on his fists as part of his attack style – Golden Combat Fists. Its potential was restricted until the practitioner grasped it to a certain point. Nevertheless, he suddenly felt something stimulating his body in his moments of smugness. His face turned bright red, while his chest throbbed vigorously.

“Pfft!” Li Long spat a mouthful of blood out of nowhere. The surge of energy he churned up plummeted rapidly. Li Long’s abilities drop a layer below what his original realm was. People forgot what happened.

Dubhe Divine Sword in the void vibrated cheerfully; it returned to normal the next second.

It was said Li Clan’s Inheritance had existed for tens of thousands of years. Their Bloodline was considered even more impressive, and Dubhe Divine Sword had devoured them!

“Uncle Xiao was right. Bloodthirsty demon crystal and my Bloodline’s ability to suppress it is freaky!” noted Yang Tian.

Li Long: “Curse you, Yang Tian!”

Yun’er appeared before Yang Tian after Li Long cursed the latter. Gaze frigid, sword intent seeping out from her finger, she accumulated multiple jadeite Sword Aura wisps in the void.

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