Almighty – Ch. 207

Soul Vanquishing Seal

A crushing mountain-sized seal distorted the void as Yang Tian’s energy emission intensified. After practicing it for half a year, he was able to execute Overthrowing Heaven Seal with much more force. He yelled, “Overthrowing Heaven Seal!” as he punched the avalanche of an attack.

The crimson seal clashed with the golden fist as loud as thunderclap, breaking a section of the void, plunging the landscape into chaos, creating a big gully, generating shockwaves, shattering rocks, gusting up dirt, shaving off mountain tops and wiping out an entire area!

Yang Tian flew out from inside the battle zone with his clothes in tatters, fountain of blood spraying from his chest, aura as lively as wisp of a flame and barely detectable energy.

Yun’er caught Yang Tian’s limp body. Tears in her eyes and in a croaky voice, she whimpered, “Brother Yang Tian.”

“Tian,” moaned Yang Ba, lying on the ground after Li Long caught me on the back. Yang Ba stopped his blood coming up to his mouth and vengefully charged into battle.

“Yun’er… I’m fine. It’s just a skin-deep wound…” Yang Tian he took out hundred herbs divine liquid and dripped a few drops on his wound. Once the potent vitality water touched his body, Yang Tian’s bloody hole quickly sealed itself.

Li Feng staggered to his feet in pathetic shape. He summoned an ancient and unadorned jadeite seal overhead. The divine aura lit up as its murderous energy rose.

Yun’er activated the killing intent within her seal consisting of a mysterious energy. She took aim and brought it down on Li Feng’s head.

“Get out of the way!” brayed Li Feng, punching the descending small seal away.

Yun’er began to chant. The void quivered. She punched.

Li Feng’s bones screamed as the small seal consolidated. The violent cries cased. The mysterious energy within the small seal gradually calmed. He went to march forward but stopped. A scary feeling surged up from deep down in his soul. The throbbing came from energy Yang Xiao released. The small black seal Yang Xiao summoned to his hand was the source of Li Feng’s palpitations.

Li Xiang knew he couldn’t survive an attack from Yang Xiao’s seal. He, too, wondered if it was a divine soul secret technique. With perfect timing, he recalled a formidable secret technique in the world of cultivation, one that was extra rare and powerful Dao Weapons used to guard divine souls were useless.

Yang Xiao’s form appeared hazy owing to his energy expenditure, especially after employing his secret technique.

Li Xiang elected to flee.

Yang Tian recalled the seal technique required one to be at Soul Tempering Realm in order to use the seal at a beginner level. It was supposed to be able to easily vanquish divine souls of the same level. The downside was that it required a long time to recover from after its usage due to the damage it inflicted on its user.

Yang Xiao: Don’t go running when I paid such a hefty price. Soul Vanquishing Seal!

Yang Xiao launched the black seal toward Li Xiang’s forehead.

“Get lost!”

Li Xiang intercepted the attack with his silver tower. Nevertheless, the black seal transformed into black mist, catching him by surprise. The mist sundered the silver tower and drilled its way into his forehead. The black mist then reverted back to Soul Vanquishing Seal, remaining as strong as it was before, once it reached his sea of consciousness. Then, it descended down onto his divine soul’s skull.

“Argh!” Li Xiang’s body in the outside world froze stiff. He fell from the sky, bleeding from his nose and mouth. His breaths were heavy and frantic. He sweated profusely, and he was deathly pale.

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