Almighty – Ch. 206

Overwhelming the Battle King

Yang Tian’s Dubhe Divine Sword soared toward its target with its aura on full blast. The sky of stars’ aura came raging down. Li Feng retreated from the star light distorting his body, but it felt as if a mountain pinned him down. He cried out as he hurled his red bell with all of his might. Alas, the star light overwhelmed him.

Yang Tian’s sword’s divine light resembled lightning bolts, bashing the red bell away with ear-splitting impact. Using his red scorching flames, Li Feng went berserk on the star light around him. Yang Tian destroyed the environment using Dubhe Divine Sword’s ability to pressure Li Feng. The sword boosted his quirk another entire level at the cost of more wi and blood expenditure. His bones howled as he began unleashing his firmament-smashing Invincible Will whilst assaulting the quirk. Yang Tian cracked the ground with every step he took. Li Feng screamed as he tried to escape his confines. Alas, his efforts were futile against an Invincible Will of that level.

Yang Ba thrust at Li Long.

Yang Tian’s growing power had him beginning to resemble a sea of lightning. “Fire!” commanded Yang Tian, firing Lightning Source from his body to assimilate in the sea of lightning for a big attack on Li Feng.

Li Feng, afraid, took defensive measures, enveloping himself in scorching flames. The lightning was blatantly threatening, especially the purple bolt. Fighting spirit through the ceiling, Yang Tian swiftly closed the gap with the demeanour of an invincible warrior. He bashed Li Feng’s fire barrier with consecutive punches, generating a silver river around the two. Li Feng didn’t want to be anywhere near Yang Tian when the latter had purple lightning dancing on his fingertips.

Pill flame techniques weren’t limited to being used for pill refinement. From all accounts, they could be used as offensive weapons.

Dubhe Divine Sword and Dubhe Star combined their might to slash waves of energy onto Li Feng’s red bell, dispersing the flames. Li Feng believed he could outlast Yang Tian’s energy reserves. The Invincible Will could keep him at bay, and Lightning Source could ward him off. Nonetheless, the difference in abilities between them as individuals remained constant.

Yang Tian popped three Rank Four pills, replenishing his qi and blood. No, not even Battle Kings went around with a stash of pills of that rank. They had to be conservative, or they wouldn’t be able to save their own lives when they needed them.

Eyes red, Li Feng focused his qi and blood to his fist. Yang Tian eventually recognised Li Feng was utilising Golden King Fists, a Martial Technique Li Clan had passed down for generations.

Yang Tian performed hand seals and released energy. His qi and blood gathered in the void along with heaven and earth essence. Still, it was a tad weaker than Li Feng’s martial technique. Yang Tian managed to summon a mountain-sized seal, instantly covering the entire void. Having said that, it was in phantom form and looked feeble – tyrannical Overthrowing Heaven Seal, a pure brute force attack!

Li Feng fired a flame from his eyes, rippling the void and emitting a bizarre sound. When he sensed the enormous seal’s presence, he immediately punched. “Golden King Fists!” Li Feng’s blast contorted the void as it wrecked everything in its past on its path to Yang Tian’s head.

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