Almighty – Ch. 200

Setting Out

Yang Tian’s aggression led to his aura leaking. Though he wanted to show a clean pair of heels of the room without a moment of hesitation, Meng Yunxi grabbed him. When she saw the hostility in his eyes, she couldn’t resist the urge to say, “You’re just going to march to your death? You’re just asking to get killed picking a fight with two Battle Emperors!”

Yang Tian felt consoled when he turned to see Meng Yunxi’s look of concern. After shedding the majority of his hostility, he asserted, “I still have to go. Am I supposed to just feign ignorance, and let my brother die? I won’t give up for as long as there is hope.”

“Wait here for a moment. I’ll be back right away.”

Yang Tian didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what Meng Yunxi was up to. The two of them were decently friendly. With that said, there was no chance she’d make an enemy out of Li Clan for his sake; Meng Clan wouldn’t get into a physical altercation.

Yun’er rushed over to Yang Tian while he was thinking. She had a bad feeling when she detected the tinge of aggression from him. “What happened, Brother Yang? Sister Yunxi just rushed out in a hurry. Did something happen?”

“I’m fine.”

Yun’er could tell Yang Tian forced his smile. She raised her arm and declared, “Brother Yang Tian, don’t lie to me. Are you heading out? Take Yun’er with you. I can set up formations. I can help.”

Yang Tian shook his head. “I’m all right, honest. Just stay here and don’t leave. If anyone finds out about your body, your sect will be dragged into a whirlpool.”

“I must go. I can help. They can’t kill me because I have the energy Shifu sealed within me.”

Yang Tian wasn’t going for a stroll in the park. Luck wasn’t on his side as it always had been. Plus, Yang Xiao’s civine xoul couldn’t handle too much.

Yang Xiao interrupted Yang Tian’s thoughts. “She’s right. She can utilise the energy. As a matter of fact, she could stop a Battle Emperor!”

Yang Tian hesitantly asked Yun’er, “Can you utilise the energy?”

“I can. Shifu said my sealed energy will be released when my life is in danger. That’s why I’m telling you they can’t hurt me.”

Yang Tian pursed his lips. “I can bring you along, but what are you going to do about your appearance? If anybody realises who you are, you’ll have an adept on you. That’s only going to cause more trouble, so how about you stay here?”

“Don’t worry. I have this.” Yun’er waved six golden stones about the size of a thumb, glossy and containing energy.

Yun’er tossed the stones into the air. A quick wave and a unique light appeared on her fingertips, connecting it to the stones. The stones entered her body, changing her appearance when she began to glow golden. Yang Tian wouldn’t have been able to recognise her new appearance if he wasn’t there to witness her transformation.

Yun’er mischievously smiled. “Shifu gave these to me to hide my aura, and alter my appearance. Not even my father can recognise me. Cool, huh?”

“Yes… Uncle Xiao, can you see through her disguise?”

“Essentially, it’s a formation. In the past, people called them human formations. The six stones she tossed were refined from ‘sunflower gold’ and was gown by a formidable adept. I can’t see through her disguise. Not only can it hide her aura but also initiate attacks. Based on her Transcendence Realm cultivation at present, she could give a Battle King a run for their money. Step up your game; don’t let your girlfriend surpass you. You’re going to embarrass me…”

Sunflower gold was a tough refining material. Adding just a little of it to items would make them substantially more sturdy. Yun’er basically had a cheat energy that levelled her up without her having to cultivate.

“I need me one.”

“True, but it’s very difficult to break surpass the adept the Inheritance belongs to. Without a unique chance… it’s hard. Of course, her seal’s energy is absurd. She, in fact, surpasses me at my prime.”

If Yang Xiao’s statement was true, Yun’er’s shifu was a remarkable individual.

Meng Yunxi came back to the room about five minutes later. She was quite puzzled as to why a stranger was present.

Yun’er beamed. “Sister Yunxi, you can’t recognise me, can you?”

“Yun’er? … Don’t fool around. What do you want to follow him for?!”

Yun’er poked her tongue out. “Hehe, Brother Yang Tian has agreed to let me go with him. I’ll be fine.”

Meng Yunxi looked over to Yang Tian and pulled her eyebrows together. “Why are you going along with her?”

“Don’t worry. She has the energy of an adept sealed in her. She’ll be fine.”

“You sure?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure Yun’er escapes even if I’m doomed.”

“… Well, okay, then. If anything does happen, it’ll be too late for you to regret it.” Meng Yunxi tossed Yang Tian a jade slip. “This is an attack jade slip. It wasn’t easy to obtain this. I’ll sell it to you. Keyword: sell. Not gift.”

“Thank you. I’ll pay it back ten times over.”

“Okay, spare me the drivel.” Meng Yunxi waved. “Remember to come back alive. You owe me money. Don’t die until you pay off your debt.”

“Haha, death eludes me.”

“Follow me. You’re five hundred kilometres from Dark Forest.” Meng Yunxi led the two into a secret room over three-square-kilometres big. Up ahead was a large transportation formation with green magical text. “This formation can teleport you straight into the inner section of Hundred Thousand Mountain. Once you reach the other side, just show them your token.”

Yang Tian nodded and gave Meng Yunxi a grateful eye signal. He and Yun’er then stepped into the formation.

Meng Yunxi heaved a heavy breath. “I pray you two come back safe and sound.”

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