Almighty – Ch. 201


Two disciples sat close to a gully just out the front of Dark Forest. A lightning bolt carved the gully stretching over three kilometres in Dark Forest where Dubhe Divine Sword underwent its tribulation last time.

The interior of Dark Forest was eerily silent. There were several people active inside the dark forest. Li Dong and Yang Ba were going at each other’s necks inside the void.

Right at the void’s ceiling was a purple and gold token releasing its energy to hold up the void. Yang Ba hid and over a dozen individuals in black hid inside the void in the void, but his enemies knew they were there. The only problem was that they needed to search dozens of square kilometres.

Li Clan went to all the effort of sealing the void after their disciples were killed. Li Clan’s Battle Kings, consequently, baited Yang Ba’s group in. Yang Ba and company managed to survive thanks to Yang Ba’s Great Void Token.

Kun Hu, a man roughly thirty-years old next to Yang Ba, was a Battle King Second Layer cultivator, making him one of Yang Ba’s best men. “Big Bro, let’s fight the twats to the death.”

Yang Ba replied, “What’s the rush?”

Their combined formation was only enough to handle one Battle Emperor. Therefore, they needed to incapacitate one of the two foes in order to escape. Kun Hu was worried about Kun Bao and Kun Li. Only a small team, numbering just over a dozen, went on the mission.

Because Li Xuan and Li Hongtao gave Yang Tian a lot of grief, Yang Ba swore, “Li Dong, Li Xuan’s grandpa, I’m taking your head today no matter what.” Yang Ba then cooled down and bemoaned, “If I die, the rest is on you, Tian.”

The two Li Clan members, a Battle King and a Battle Emperor, were close to locating Yang Ba. Yang Ba, therefore, needed to act. Voice stifled, he ordered, “Prepare to attack!”

The dozen or so men behind Yang Ba thereupon formed their formation. They shouted with their voices muffled and transferred their energy to Yang Ba. The power had his hair fluttering. His eyes turned into the colour of twilight.

“Hargh!” Yang Ba grew taller. His body resembled a physique coated in gold. The energy built up until he broke through to Battle Emperor Realm Third Layer!

Yang Ba managed to procure Twelfth Orbit Killing Formation during a chaotic situation. Li Clan’s main goal in the expedition was actually said formation.

Yang Ba armed himself with his colourful, vibrating spear and stood as still as a mountain. When the two Li Clan members were close enough, he took off, moving so swift the void crumbled. As soon as he arrived at his destination, he swung his spear in a horizontal arc.

Li Dong panicked when the spear’s aura hit him in the face, impelling him to don his yellow armour right away. Unfortunately for him, Yang Ba surpassed his speed. Like a dragon piercing the sky, he thrust his spear straight through Li Dong’s armour. His qi and blood fired forth from the tip of the spear and transformed into a purple dragon that drove into Li Dong’s chest. Yang Ba’s attack sent Li Dong, who was bleeding from his chest, through the air.

Li Dong’s ally immediately stepped in and tried to crush Yang Ba’s dome with a massive punch. Yang Ba explosively retreated out of the attack range since it would be irrational for him to trade blows with a Battle Emperor.

The Battle Emperor elder checked out Li Dong with a grave look. Deep down, he was quite glad he wasn’t the one standing there before, or he’d be the one writhing in pain. The elder knew he couldn’t detect Yang Ba’s movements if the latter utilised his interspatial item.

Li Dong consumed a healing pill and wobbled to his feet, chest still convulsing. He wrathfully glared at Yang Ba, but his expression froze when he recognised him.  “Y-you’re Yang Ba! Hahaha, the heavens love me so much that they’ve sent you to me to bury…”

“Yang Ba…? Yang Tian’s elder brother…” Li Dong’s allies thought Yang Ba was dead, but what did they know?

Yang Ba: “Humph, both of your grandsons are dead, yet you’re still acting arrogant.”

Scowling, Li Dong blasted qi and blood from his body and clenched his fists. The rage helped him forget the pain radiating from his chest. “You want to talk tough, huh? Let’s see if you can walk the walk!”

Yang Ba brayed and punched purple chains out from the void to restrain Li Dong. Almost at the same time, he dashed over to Li Dong. Yang Ba’s allies thundered together as they transferred more qi and blood to him.

Li Dong’s clapped his hands together to blast an ear-splitting qi breaker as loud as mountains crumbling, breaking down the void. Realising a lethal attack was locked on to him, Li Dong immediately retreated. He threw his spear as a javelin, then shouted, “Domain Decimation Spear Style!”

Yang Ba’s colourful spear extended over three kilometres and launched it down on the hand apparition in the void. The void cracked as it descended, eventually creating a huge canyon.

Li Dong suddenly appeared right in front of Yang Ba. In the blink of an eye, he managed to launch a double palm attack at Yang Ba’s back.

Yang Ba raised his fighting spirit, blowing up his purple aura enveloping him. “Perfect timing! What are you running for?!” Yang Ba thrust his spear toward Li Dong, attempting to impale him.


Twelfth Orbit Killing Formation – Killing Formation is self-explanatory. As for “Twelfth Orbit”, this is a reference to Microcosmic Orbit – a Taoist qigong cultivation.

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