Almighty – Ch. 195

Meeting Yun’er Again

Although Yang Tian couldn’t use his pill refinement furnace daily during the two years in seclusion, he had deepened his comprehension of Lightning Dragon Flame Control Technique.

Meng Yunxi: “Would you be confident you could reach Rank Four within five months?!”

“Five months?” Yang Tian realised the time frame coincided with the Pill Concoction Event. “Why? It’s darn hard. My divine soul energy is too low right now.”

Meng Yunxi patted both of Yang Tian’s shoulders at once. “The Pill Concoction Convention is held in five months’ time. If you make the top ten, you’ll be granted a big opportunity.”

“What opportunity?”

“Hehe, Pill Valley is the oldest sect on Eastern Continent, and they have a fire region that’s sealed. It’s only opened once every thirty years. There are countless Flame Seeds inside, all of which are Mystic Flame Rank and above. It’s said that they were left behind by cultivators in the ancient era. Interested?”

“All of them are Mystic Flame Rank and above?!”

Yang Xiao: “Ask her if the place is called Pill Flame Region.”

Yang Tian: “Is the place called Pill Flame City?”

“Pill Flame City?” repeated Meng Yunxi, brows knitted together. “I don’t know about that. They keep the place very secretive. Very few people know of its existence. I learnt about it from a clan elder.”

Yang Tian split a part of him off to inquire, “Uncle Xiao, what sort of place is it?”

“Pill Flame City is a small city in Central State and Eastern Continent. It was formed by Pill Sect and ancient era alchemists. Lots of devils are sealed there. The pill flames are, in essence, their restraints. At the time, we were faced with an urgent situation; even I left my pill flame in there, and it’s still alive. Fiends are naturally afraid of fire and lightning. As the name suggests, it’s a Flame Source where flames grow.”

Yang Tian: I have to pay a visit whether or not it is. Uncle Xiao will grow much stronger once he gets a pill flame.

Meng Yunxi pouted. “Brother Yang Tian, I already shared my secret, so what’s yours?”

The upper echelon of Eastern Continent probably knew about it already. Therefore, Yang Tian grumbled, “What sort of big secret is that…?”

“You’re not going to play the shameless card, are you? You were the one who asked to know.”

“Haha, I wouldn’t do that. Have you heard of fiends?”

Meng Yunxi’s smile stiffened. “What does it have to do with Falling Clouds Mountain Stream?”

“That place is the ancient era’s Fallen Devils’ Grounds. It’s where fiends are sealed.”

“Haven’t they gone extinct?!”

“And how would those coffins in there have a life force and emit bloodlust if they were extinct?”

“If devils return to the world, Eastern Continent will be plunged into chaos…”

“Don’t worry. They can’t break the formation with their abilities.”

Yang Tian: They’ve actually been out and about for a long time already…

“By the way, do you have any news on my brother?”

“Your brother… He’s at Hundred Thousand Mountains at the moment.”

“Hundred Thousand Mountains?!” Yang Tian jumped to his feet and smiled with delight.

Meng Yunxi twirled her hair to ease her hesitation. “Don’t get your hopes up too soon. He’s fighting Li Clan at current. They have no idea he’s your elder brother, though.”

“Them again?”

“Where are you going? Your brother is fine. Li Clan already lost him. I’m positive he has a teleportation item that allows him to move between voids.”

Yang Tian stopped in his tracks. Yang Clan did have a Great Void Token. Its ability was coincidentally travelling through voids! If Li Clan sent out adepts who could seal voids, the token would be rendered useless, nonetheless.

“Can you find his location?”

“Hehe, that’s a tall order. The mountain is humungous. You think I’m a god or something?”


Someone knocked on the door during their conversation, prompting Meng Yunxi to tug Yang Tian’s sleeve. “Brother Yang Tian, go open up. It’s someone you know.”

Yang Tian dashed over to open the door slowly. Lo and behold, it was a beautiful girl adorned in green. “Yun’er…”

“Who are you? How do you know me?” asked Yun’er, surprised, since she changed her name whilst staying at the company.

Meng Yunxi gracefully went to the door and teased Yun’er with a smile. “Girly, have you forgotten the man you’ve been missing day and night?”

Yun’er clasped her hands and looked at the stranger before her. “Y-you are Brother Yang…?”

“How did you know I was talking about your Brother Yang?” teased Meng Yunxi, giggling as she left the two awkward individuals.

Yun’er stole a few glances. Voice soft, she queried, “Are you really Brother Yang?”

“Haha. Of course. Come on in.”

Meeting Yun’er again set Yang Tian’s emotions in motion again.

Yang Xiao sent his divine soul energy to Yun’er. “Tian, she’s a decent girl. Marry her as soon as you can. Miss your opportunity, and you’ll regret it.”

Noticing Yang Tian’s red face, Yun’er was rendered surprised. “Brother Yang, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Yang Tian readjusted his face.


“Haha. I have too many enemies. Hence, I had to alter my appearance.”

“Hehe.” Yun’er clasped her hands a little too tight that they looked pale.

Yang Tian quickly switched the topic when he noticed Yun’er’s behaviour. “Yun’er, why are you here? It’s not safe around this area. I heard someone came knocking at your place when you returned to your sect.”

“I… I was bored, so I came out to have some fun…”

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