Almighty – Ch. 191

Strengthening a Weapon with Blood

The purple copper broadsword resembled a purple sun whenever it was swung. Its ability continued to intensify with every swing. Watching the fatty swinging and shouting made Yang Tian touch his nose and exclaim, “I think they’re notifying their clan. Let’s team up and blow the formation into oblivion!”

“Hahaha, sure. Watch me.” The fatty stowed his blade away, then pulled out his folding fan. He began churning out his potent qi and blood, adding an intimidating twilight glow around his body. The fatty’s cultivation method was superior to Qin Shi. “Watch out, kiddos!”

The fatty imbued his gold and purple fan with his qi and blood. The sword opened and expanded over three hundred and thirty square metres, blocking out a section of the sky overhead. A purple aura coated the fan emitting muffled thunderclap that destroyed big trees and wobbled rocks. Its power continued to increase its area of effect as the painting on the fan came to life and pressured the enemy.

“All together!”

The seven Li Clan disciples were confined due to the fan’s pressure, inhibiting qi and blood flows. They speedily performed hand seals in unison to perform a united attack formation. Combined, the aura they formed together flooded the area, leading to the air trembling. The seven formed a large pentagon seal in the void. Its aura breakers damaged the void.

The fatty shouted, “Take this.” Once the fatty palmed, the painting descended in a sweeping motion as it tried to sweep the group up.

“Lofty Mountain Seal!” exclaimed the group, in unison.  The lofty-mountain-like big seal generated a shockwave as it sped toward painting.

“Confine!” brayed the fatty, rolling his fingers into cannonballs, enveloping the landscape in the dusk colour.

Yang Tian recognised the dragons to be the fatty’s bloodline, a powerful one for that matter. He could tell the bloodline was far superior to primordial era’s clans. “

Yang Tian: Could he be from Central State?

The massive painting expanded again while Yang Tian was lost in thought. The fan grew large enough to wrap Lofty Mountain Seal up. The seven sacrificed their qi and blood to augment their seal’s strength. The seal shook loudly as it tried to tear the painting open.

Yang Tian summoned a hand-sized sword. The brightly shining purple and gold sword’s tremendous aura faintly unleashed its aura.

Yang Tian: Dubhe Divine Sword, you haven’t had a chance to shed any blood yet. I’ll give you your first banquet today.

Yang Tian commanded Dubhe Divine Sword to fly toward the enemy. Its immense metal aura vibrations split rocks. Unsurprisingly , it ripped Li Clan’s clothing and skin before it even touched them.

Li Clan’s team decided to abandon the formation and summon their weapons. They hurled bells, towers, drums and what have you at the small sword.

Using his divine soul energy, Yang Tian powered the sword’s golden energy beams. When sparks flew, weapons cracked and shattered. Li Clan was frightened. After losing their weapons, being hurt and expending excessive qi and blood, they could no longer put up a fight. Still, they held on to hope, reason being Yang Tian was the only one who dared to kill them. Well, there were probably others, but that was rarer than rare. Moreover, they didn’t even know the man before them.

“We have no grudge with you, why must you go this f-”

Yang Tian had no distractions or words to share. He skewered one skull and then dismembered him. The young man died without knowing why he had to die.

The fatty stopped moving for a moment and gazed at the dead disciple. He noticed the corpse be reduced to a sack of skin. The small sword obviously absorbed the dead disciple’s life force.

Fatty: I need me one of those devilish swords.

A sword that used blood to nourish itself was a weapon of mass slaughter and cruelty. Bloody Dubhe Divine Sword exuded a bloodthirsty will, making it look exquisite. The sword was elated after having a taste of blood. Bloodthirsty devil crystal’s ability kicked in.

“You deserve to die for using blood to nourish a sinsiter weapon!”

Yang Tian smugly impaled another disciple and drained their energy, reducing them to a skeleton. The two girls dropped to their knees and pleaded for mercy, going as far as saying they were willing to serve him as slaves.

“You fiend! Our Li Clan has no enmity with you. Why must you be so vicious?!”

Yang Tian just pierced his skull and absorbed his blood.

Scared for dear life, one of them tried pleading the fatty, trying to goad him into turn on Yang Tian for the sword. However, the fatty derided them with a chuckle. They deserved it, he thought. If Yang Tian killed to refine his weapon, the vengeful blood would devour the fatty’s qi and blood. Judging from Yang Tian’s force, though, he wasn’t killing them to refine his weapon; he was murdering out of pure hatred.

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