Almighty – Ch. 190

Encountering Li Hongtao

Yang Tian sped to Demon Subjugation City after a short break. He was able to rival Transcendent Realm adepts when using Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps now. In saying that, he needed to reach Battle King Realm before he could graduate from a lesser realm.

After running non-stop for five days straight, Yang Tian’s paced slowed down. He sensed a relatively familiar aura. Erasing his bewilderment, he headed toward it.

There were eight hostiles close to Transcendent Realm Peak engaged in combat in the distance. They appeared to be in their early twenties. Opposite them was a rather fat man in white armed with a folding fan. He ran forward, albeit looking spent. He looked behind at the right behind him and provoked, “Kiddos, come catch me. I have food for you all.”

“Stand and fight if you have what it takes, fatso.”

The group of eight took turns cursing at the fat man. They chased him for half a month but were outwitted every time thus far. He seemed to possess some form of item that he could conceal himself temporarily, and he’d deliberately goad them into chasing him.

The fat man waved his buttocks in their face and said to the two girls, “Haha. I just looked around at your ancestors’ graveyard. I don’t deserve this. I didn’t steal. Wait. Did you fall for me?”

One of the girls cursed, “Get lost! Take a look at yourself. You’re a disgrace to the Eastern Continent.”

“Haha, I’m not even from Eastern Continent to begin with. Keep chasing me, and I’ll have to play nasty. I’m not too good at pulling punches with girls.”

Robbing someone’s ancestors’ grave was indeed worthy of capital punishment. Hardly anyone ever did that. It was commonplace for big clans to bury certain goods with the dead. Solo adepts often took their fortune to their graves.

Li Hongtao lost it. “I don’t give a tossif you’re from the East or the damn ground. Piss off primordial era’s Li Clan, and you’re dead!”

Yang Tian slammed his brakes when he heard “primordial era’s Li Clan”. He picked up his pace when he resumed running.

The fat young man fanned himself and laughed. “Mate, you’re the definition of unwarranted arrogance. To hell with your primordial era clan. I’ll dig your entire clan’s graves up some other day.”

“You? How delusional can you be?”

Li Hongtao was grounded at his clan’s cemetery for almost a year. A few days ago, the fat man loitered around at the cemetery and surveyed the place as if he was praying on them. He somehow managed to infiltrate, but the formations detected him. Had they not, the matter would’ve blown up into epic proportions. Li Hongtao chased the fat man to Hundred Thousand Mountains after a two week hunt.

The fat man put on a pitiful and scared façade. “I’m handsome beyond belief, but I’m not into men. What do you want from me?”

The group spat, earning a laugh from the fat man. He quickly returned to his usual self and glanced in the direction of the quickly approaching individual. “Strange. Why do I sense Qin Shi’s aura on him?”

The fat man and people giving chase stopped. They looked over to where the individual approaching was coming from. One of the girls questioned, “Could he be with the fatso?”

“Let’s wait and see. We have a team of eight, so there’s no need to fear him.” Li Hongtao held the highest rank among the group despite being the weakest. The other members’ standing was far inferior to direct disciples. For that reason, they had to put up with Li Hongtao.

Yang Tian shifted his gaze to the fat man staring at him. He furrowed his eyebrows when he detected the potential threat the fat man posed.

Yang Tian: He’s strong. I suppose a number of people from other continents have come here. Hang on. He’s supposedly a skilled grave robber. He’s not a disciple of that solo adept, is he? He must have balls of steel to rob Li Clan’s graves.

Li Hongtao ambled over. Unlike his usual self, he wasn’t as arrogant as before. He warned, “If you don’t have business here, step aside. Primordial era’s Li Clan has business to attend you. It won’t do anyone any good if we fight.”

Yang Tian clenched his fists and let his killing intent be known. Li Qingxue tried to kill him half a year ago. Li Ying wounded Yuan Xia. It was time for payback.

Li Hongtao could feel a chill harass his spine. Yang Tian grinned with a murderous undertone when he sensed Li Hongtao’s cultivation level. The latter was only a Warrior Realm Ninth Layer cultivator.

A rather handsome young man stepped forth. “This one is primordial era’s Li Clan’s disciple. May I ask what business you have?”

Yang Tian continued putting one foot in front of the other. “I know that.”

The seven stepped forward together, positioning themselves relative to each other in a peculiar manner. Their auras seemed to be linked naturally and perfectly. The seven weren’t weak by any means. Yang Tian speculated they positioned themselves specifically to use a formation. If it was a combined attacked formation, they could run circles around a Battle King.

The fat man: “Hey, Bro, that’s their Big Dipper Formation. They could match a Battle King once they combine their might. I doubt you can handle them.”

Yang Tian nodded in agreement. “How about joining hands to take them down? Keen?”

“Hell yeah, they’ve been chasing me around for ages. I’ve been eager to smack them around. I’ll rape the girls, then kill them.”

The two didn’t even bother to mask their conversation. The seven were outraged with what they heard. Two of the girls turned as white as a sheet. They already crossed fists with the fatty multiple times, and they knew he wasn’t a pushover. In fact, none of them could defeat him one on one.

Li Hongtao: “Who do you two think you are? If death isn’t one of your wishes, take a hike.”

The fatty summoned a large purple copper broadsword with an ancient aura. One might think it just came out of the ground. He charged over and slashed, releasing a bright purple wave that cut everything off to the side, too.

Li Hongtao hid behind his allies; the fatty could’ve squashed him with one finger, after all. Li Hongtao’s seven allies performed hand seals in unison. Their energy began to gather in the void, forming a big green seal that countered the purple wave.

The fatty’s broadsword vibrated as the divine markings came to life. He proceeded to slash several purple waves in succession. Yang Tian punched a crimson blast. They intercepted; however, they kept performing hand seals to seal off the shaky void and fire big seals at the duo.

The group seemed to be stalling for time. Yang Tian frowned and went over to the fatty.


Large Broadsword – This is the type with a longer handle, allowing you to wield it with two hands. For the record, that doesn’t make it a nandao.

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