Almighty – Ch. 188

Soul Summoning Drum

Yang Tian spent half a day absorbing golden flames to temper his body. “Not bad. My body’s quirk has already manifested some of its ability.”

Long ago, cultivators focused on building their foundation via cultivation their physique and mind. The strong could rip voids apart, pluck stars and moons with their bare hands. The ultimate adepts were able to traverse inside and outside realms through their physique’s ability alone. Yang Tian surpassed all of his predecessors when they were at the same level he was because he was able to use his physique’s ability despite not having set foot in Transcendent Realm.

The hot flames in the vicinity could no longer temper the sharp blade underneath its aura any further. Thus, Yang Tian didn’t suffer from any skin slits when he consumed golden flames. In spite of his skin’s resistance, the flames were still effective on his body unlike his sword.

After four hours, Qin Shi’s qi and blood stores were nearly depleted; he only lasted so long thanks to consuming pills. Wiping his sweat, he muttered, “He didn’t die in there, did he?”

The elder meandered over to Qin Shi’s side. “Your Highness, you did not melt him, did you? Not even a Battle King would last this long.”

Qin Shi knocked on the furnace with his eyebrows pulled together. “Hey, do you adm-“

A deafening sound of metal on metal friction came from the interior of the furnace before Qin Shi could finish. Qin Shi obviously wasn’t happy with the fact that Yang Tian still had energy to retaliate.

“Your Highness, shall we f-“

Qin Shi cut the elder off with a wave of his hand. As a man proud of himself, he couldn’t accept somebody assisting him against an opponent of the same level, not to mention Yang Tian was already a trapped rat. Unconvinced he couldn’t finish Yang Tian, he settled down and summoned a downed a golden pill for replenishment.

Only Rank Six alchemists and above could concoct the High-Grade Rank Five pill, great energy replenishment pill. Great energy replenishment pill was so potent one could see its contents coming out from Qin Shi’s nose. The leaked contents spiralled into the sky.

Qin Shi imbued the furnace with his jadeite fighting spirit. “Furnace Spirit, I summon you!” chanted Qin Shi, hands pressed together.

The jadeite energy blasted upward. The golden furnace quaked. The primordial golden dragon on it woke from its slumber. Its dominance increased as Qin Shi imbued it with more energy. Its claws began to shimmer. Qin Shi needed to continuously feed himself great energy replenishment pills to compensate for his expenditure. The big golden furnace trembled frantically. Like an oven, it blasted fire breakers out, melting even rocks around it.

Yang Tian opened his eyes and elatedly gazed at the fire burning more intense than before. “Now where am I going to find myself such a diligent coolie?”

That being said, deep down, Yang Tian couldn’t deny the golden flames could potentially kill him. Fortunately for him, they couldn’t come any closer than thirty-three metres from him.

Dubhe Divine Sword screamed. A golden light illuminated the furnace as it began to gather the flames into a single spot. Occasionally, sparks would come from the sword. Yang Tian observed the flame for a while. Said Yang Tian of the flames that were unable to do much for the sword: “Divine materials sure are hard to nourish.”

Yang Tian consumed another golden flame. The heat put his mouth in an epileptic state for a second, while his body bled.

Yang Tian gradually grew numb to the torment after being subjected to it for so long. He motivated himself with the knowledge that he was taking the necessary step to progress quickly. In a way, it helped ease the worry after he avoided searching for news on his parents. The physical pain of training, the mental anguish and the resentment helped him build tenacity unlike any other. He could’ve asked Yang Xiao to help him get out of the current predicament but didn’t. He forged forth with his “why” motivating him to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

Yang Tian capitalised on the drops of hundred herb divine liquid and the golden flames to plough through several plateaus. His fighting spirit expressed a faint desire to eject from his body as his river trembled. The will was a sign he was growing; he was finally capable of entering Transcendent Realm and graduate from the initial four realms of the cultivation system. Once he graduated from the four, his lifespan expectancy would also extend substantially. For instance, Battle Kings were easily capable of living four to five centuries.

Yang Tian met the conditions to reach Transcendent Realm. Nevertheless, he chose to wait, reason being Yuan Xia stated he’d summon Destructive Divine Lightning once he graduated from the initial four realms since he followed an Almighty Rank cultivation method.

Outside the furnace, Qin Shi’s aura started to dwindle. His lips were dry and eyelids were heavy. The elder was worried; he couldn’t shake off an ominous feeling. “Your Highness, you should be done now, right? I suggest removing the lid to check inside.”

Reasoning that he’d be reduced to ashes after being in there for so long if he was the one inside the furnace, he nodded. “I suppose so.” Qin Shi opened the big golden furnace with a wave of his hand. The heat immediately ejected as fiercely as a flaming haymaker.

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