Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 10 Ch. 62

Pi is not a Thug. Pi is a Gem.

Ye Luo firmly advised, “We don’t know what will happen today, so stay sharp.”

Luo Mingzhu also sternly advised, “She’s right, Young Master Su. Why do you look so lifeless?”

Su Xiao inflated his cheeks: “Don’t make me train all night then!”

After leaving Xia’er yesterday, Ye Luo and Luo Mingzhu decided one of them would train Su Xiao for the first half of the night and the other the remainder of the night so that he wouldn’t die on a battlefield. As soon as Su Xiao set one foot through the door, his training commenced. They managed to get a nap in, but poor Su Xiao was up trying to sort through the plethora of knowledge shoved into his brain.

Xia’er was glad to find out her dirty thoughts and questions regarding Su Xiao’s character were unfounded, though she wondered why he had a tendency to choose words that led to misunderstandings.

“I wasn’t planning to teach so much.” Ye Luo apologetically touched her head and poked out her tongue. “Your fault for remembering everything I say without me needing to repeat. Because of you, I couldn’t stop myself.”

Su Xiao and company decided to bring Xia’er and her “father” along to see Long Zaitian and Tie Hanyi for advice. They couldn’t ask Long Zaitian and Tie Hanyi to go to the inn since they stayed within one and a half kilometres of Emperor Yuansheng at all times.

“How do you reckon they’ll get revenge on us? We don’t have any clues at the moment.” Luo Mingzhu folded her arms.

Xia’er pursed her lips into a smile. “I heard they often harass people at their places.”

Su Xiao replied, “Please no. If they come to the estate, th-”

Su Xiao cut himself off and hurried to the entrance of the estate since they heard clamouring. Around sixty men ranging from their twenties and thirties had their shirts off and weapons across their shoulders. Despite them being the motley crew, it was the man sporting straw shoes, a dog fur hat, a short sabre and more thug look than thugs who stood out – Zha Pi!

“I’ll fook you up! You sons of dickwads, nephews of dogs, you deaf? I ain’t know no Su Xiao, and there ain’t no Su Xiao here. What do you want to search? Go back to searching for your dicks, pin dicks, or go tell your old man to keep your old lady from cucking him. Now get fooked!”

The large group were all of the bald gangster’s underlings who searched around for Su Xiao’s whereabouts. As experts at abusing weaker innocents, they were expecting their same intimidation tactics to work its magic again. They say there is always some better than you, and there is always more thug than you. As soon as Zha Pi passed by, he verbally lashed them so hard that not a single one of them could make a complete sentence.

“I told you to fook off! Fook off!”

Xia’er: “He is…?”

Su Xiao chuckled softly: “He’s Big Brother Ming’s adopted brother. Leave it to him. He can handle two at once in these sorts of contests. Oh, Big Brother Ming is…”

Ignoring the introduction she didn’t need, Xia’er offered a hold-fist salute: “It’s amazing how you have so many talented people.”

“You flatter me.”

“Not at all.”

Zha Pi: “I said there ain’t so such person here. You deaf? Oh, Su Xiao, welcome back. Come on in. Had breakfast yet? Hahaha, nice. I don’t recognise the girl. Oh, how do you do, Elder? I shall send breakfast over if you have not had any. Please come on in. Oi, you faggots, what are you all still here for?”

The gangsters watched Su Xiao and company head in while their brains caught up with the influx of information and then…

“You’re spitting bullcrap with a straight face! You just said Su Xiao!”

“Yeah, so? Who are you after?”

“We’re after the wench, Su Xiao!”

“I just told you there’s no such person here! You have the memory of goldfishes?!”

“How about you fight me one on one?”

“Nah, screw that. All at once. Let’s see how tough you lot are.”

“Your words, not ours.”

“You want to throw down, huh?” Zha Pi spat on the ground and then threw his hat on the ground. “Bring your weapons out! Or you all just pussies?!”

The armed gangsters readied their weapons, while those unarmed fetched bricks. None of them were going to walk away at this point without hitting Zha Pi, at least, once.

“Aight, now that’s what I like to see.” With a corner of his lips tugged up, Zha Pi pointed behind him. “Daddy is going to fetch his weapon. If you’re real men, wait right there. Daddy will be back in ten minutes to curb stomp every single one of you!”

“We’ll rename ourselves wussies if we move one step!”

Ten minutes later, Zha Pi came back as promised along with local guards of Xiuyu.

“Sirs, these are the people who threatened me. See? They are all armed. They scared me.”

“You lot again! You’re all under arrest!”

Thus, the gangsters were all detained.


Dog fur hat –

Zha Pi’s cussing – He actually speaks fob Chinese the entire time, hence the use of “ain’t” and “aight”.


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