Almighty – Ch. 189

Qin Shi’s Rage

A shiny metal blade descended toward Qin Shi’s skull the moment he planned to send his divine soul energy inside the furnace to scout. Hairs standing up, chills down his spine and eyes wide, Qin Shi could only defencelessly watch the electrifying blade mercilessly encroach upon his skull.

“Not happening!” brayed the elder, ignoring formalities and jumping out in front of Qin Shi to intercept with two fingers.

Back smothered in cold sweat, Qin Shi panted heavily for he knew he just had a brush with death.

The elder managed to stop the lethal attack just in the nick of time. Alas, the force of the attack was still enough to slit his fingers. He quivered when the wound registered. As Qin Shi was visually safe and sound, he asked, “Are you all right, Your Highness?”

“I’m fine. Lucky you made it in time. Otherwise…” responded Qin Shi, waving his hand.

Qin Shi searched his surroundings but didn’t find anyone, therefore looking grim. He climbed on top of the big furnace and looked down. The sight inside petrified him.

Noting Qin Shi’s stiff expression, the elder joined him. When he looked down, he exclaimed, “What?!”

There was no raging golden flame inside. There were only golden flame wisps that could be disregarded.

“Did he absorb the flames? But… I have to be missing a piece of the puzzle.

Something suddenly whistled through the air, shaking up even the rocks around. The appearance of dozens of dragons diving down toward Qin Shi brightened the void.

Exasperated, the elder opted for a straight-forward attack: a finger blast, whereby he fired a divine beam toward the huge dragons.

It was obvious Yang Tian planned to escape using the formations. Qin Shi, therefore, ordered, “Stop them!”

Just as the elder began to move, the huge dragon he just shattered resurrected and belted, forcing the elder to initiate a swift retreat and destroy it a second time. “Your Highness, we cannot stop them. There are killing formations within the transportation formation. It is evident they do not wish to make an enemy out of us. In my opinion…”

There were two possible explanations for Yang Tian’s escape. The first explanation was that Yang Tian didn’t want to make an enemy out of them. The alternative explanation was that the enemy couldn’t activate the formations. Based on the evidence they had, the second explanation was implausible for the enemy demonstrated proficient control over the formations.

Qin Shi noticed the elder’s expression, so he sighed. “Forget it. Let’s head to Pill Valley first. We’ve wasted enough time here.”


A ripple started in above the peak of a dangerous mountain. The ripple intensified until an individual suddenly fell from the top of the void and landed with a heavy thud. Yang Tian’s bones cracked as he got back up. He spat out a mouthful of mud.

There wasn’t much energy remaining inside the formation. It, therefore, ran out of energy after sending Yang Tian only a few kilometres, not to mention abruptly dropping him.

Yang Tian checked his surroundings, wondering if Qin Shi pursued him. Yang Xiao appeared and clarified, “They didn’t chase us.”


Yang Tian summoned Dubhe Divine Sword. The lights around the area cowered when the sword vibrated. The resplendent gold and silver sword released a chilly aura into the air. Yang Tian transformed the sword into a bright ray of light, then teleported it to the face of a cliff.

The sword pierced the cliff face with ease, even rocking it in the process. Yang Tian proceeded to cut the mountain up just for a test and then hiked up the corners of his lips. He played with the sword for a while before sheathing it back inside his body. Subsequently, he summoned his qi and blood river overhead. He submerged his two High-Grade Dao Rank weapons, namely Golden Crow Divine Furnace and Dubhe Divine Sword, in the river. He imbued the river with his fighting spirit every now and then to facilitate the weapons’ growth.

Yang Tian used his short respite to study the map. He was millions and millions of miles away from Demon Subjugation City. It would take him days to reach the city again even if he ran full pelt.

Yang Tian wondered if Meng Yunxi finally had some news on his elder brother after half a year. Yang Ba was bound to have avengers searching for him as he formed an assassination organisation. By his estimations, Yang Ba’s cultivation should be able to rival Qing Rufeng’s. Still, that wasn’t remotely close to enough to face Bloodthirsty Devil Palace. Hence, Yang Tian was worried for his brother.

Two lights on the black ring in Yang Tian’s hand glimmered faintly. The two divine soul seals on the ring belonged to his parents. As long as they were alive, the seals would remain on the ring.

“Father, Mother, I will find you!”

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