Almighty – Ch. 187

Plateau Busting

Qin Shi performed a series of hand seals to grow his small golden furnace over one hundred and sixty-five metres tall. It also shined brighter. The dimension was enclosed in gold, jade and copper.

Yang Tian didn’t even sense Qin Shi trap him inside the dimension. He wandered it for a while and found every place was set ablaze. He could tell the flame was significantly hotter than his Golden Crow Divine Furnace’s flame. The flame he was so concerned about suddenly intensified.

“I wonder if I can leverage these blazing flames to refine my body.” Yang Tian sat down since the flames couldn’t kill him despite their temperature.

Yang Tian sat silently until he discovered the flames were heating up. He sucked in a golden flame. The blistering heat coloured his entire body red. When the golden flame glued itself to his flesh, his skin went up in flames despite how tough it was. It was surprising to him because he didn’t expect the flame to be able to attack autonomously.

“Let’s see how powerful you really are.” Yang Tian shut his eyes. His body glowed silver as he forced lightning bolts out of his body to stop his body from melting. He then dove into Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Never in your wildest imagination would you think I had a dimension inside of me, huh?”

Yang Tian sat down underneath the ancient tree and began to run Heavens Conqueror Manual. His qi and blood river trickled qi and blood down to revitalise his body. A small vortex appeared above the tongue of the flame he absorbed.

Yang Tian slowly refined the golden flame he absorbed, foregoing any defence to allow the flame to burn his body as a means of body tempering. Still, his Invincible Will ached. He didn’t dare to absorb too vigorously to avoid inflicting severe damage to his body. His body emitted a golden light. Before this, his body reached a point where he progressed very minimally, especially after materialising Star Illuminates the Blue Sky quirk. Since his body did upgrade, he grinned. “It works! I can use this flame to surpass my limits!”

“See if Dubhe Star can use the flame to temper its blade. You’ve barely brought out any of the divine materials’ essence,” Yang Xiao proposed.

Yang Tian summoned the sword to his hand. He sent a command for the sword to refine itself. Being a sentient weapon, it was capable of many things, including autonomous refining.

The sword appeared in the centre after vibrating. It ushered the flames toward it. Above the sword was a rotating light. The golden flame latched on to the sword. The sword aura grew stronger, albeit barely. Yang Tian stomped with all his might, causing the furnace to tremble as if metal was grinding on metal.

Qin Shi was amidst performing hand seals that intensified the heat of the flames. The sudden loud-pitched sound – courtesy of Yang Tian’s stomp – caused him to fossilise. He was aware not even a Battle King would last long in that degree of heat. His eyes darted back and forth as his brain cogs turned. Eventually, he knocked on the furnace once it calmed down. “Are you pleading for mercy? Hand over the weapon if you are. I can spare you.”

Qin Shi waited. He interpreted the next rattling sequence as Yang Tian trying to open it. “Fine, if that’s how you want to play…” Qin Shi performed a few hand seals, leading to the furnace glowing and the golden dragon huffing, thereby sealing the lid.

“These flames supposed to feel cool? I thought you were supposed to be strong.”

“Haha, I shall oblige.”

As the dragon drifted around the furnace, it blew on the lid. Owing to him forcing the dragon to work, Qin Shi had to consume pills to replenish what was wasted. Meanwhile, the flame inside the furnace rapidly intensified, reaching several folds what it previously was.

Dubhe Star reacted joyous. Its divine materials meant it was impervious to Celestial Flames, let alone the meagre flames in the furnace. It pulled the flames in the furnace toward it.

Yang Tian had smoke whisking out from his body. His skin cracked. There were signs of fire toxins forming inside his body, distracting him from his cultivation.

Apparently sensing Yang Tian’s pain, Dubhe Divine Sword howled. It positioned itself over his head and beamed a golden light down to shield him. Henceforth, the golden light would absorb the golden flames that made contact with his body.

“Damn, this thing knows how to protect its master, too?”

Dubhe Divine Sword vibrated and then began to fly back and forth around Yang Tian. He then sucked a flame in through his mouth. His bones underneath his red and cracked skin quivered. He took out hundred herb divine liquid. The jadeite liquid resembled vitality spring water. Hundred herb divine liquid also replenished life essence, therefore replenishing one’s vitality. The potent liquid entered his bones, cooling him down. As he had started the recovery process, he wasted no time moving on to refining the liquid within his body. His physical body transcended after the golden flames helped create space for growth. He sucked in another golden flame but didn’t resist it.

Yang Tian followed a systematic method of absorbing an elixir, tempering his body, soul and levelling up his body. His Invincible Will had to bear the brunt. Nevertheless, it grew tougher as a result.

Approximately one hour later, Dubhe Divine Sword had refined its concealed essence, improving the quality of its material. All of the flames in the large furnace were gathered at one point. Yang Tian’s body, inside and out, radiated a golden colour.

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