Almighty – Ch. 186

Large Golden Furnace

Qin Shi’s beam drilled its way into Yang Tian’s forehead. His small divine soul figure sitting cross-legged inside his divine soul performed a set of hand seals, summoning black energy that devoured the beam. Yang Tian silently commanded his divine soul to refine the bright light. His divine soul’s figure performed hand seals, releasing soul qi from the enveloped light.

The elder in white: What’s that? Is that a divine soul secret technique?

The elder decided to give up on attack and backed off after a moment of hesitation. He knew Qin Shi was the type to forbid anyone from helping when fighting someone on equal standing.

Qin Shi put everything he had behind the divine light, yet it was as if he dropped a stone into an ocean.

Yang Tian: “Divine souls not a realm above mine will only end up being refined!”

“Damn it. The pill concoction convention is coming up in less than half a year, and my divine soul is damaged now of all times.” Qin Shi zipped over to Yang Tian and palmed out a jadeite blast from above.

Yang Tian punched the jadeite blast into oblivion with a massive fist spirit.

Qin Shi summoned a dragon apparition over forty metres long – Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens quirk – behind him. “Obliterate!”

The green dragon charged toward Yang Tian, energy vast as an ocean. Yang Tian punched the dragon despite his unpleasant shock. Though it was a hard hit that generated sparks and landed with heavy impact, he was pushed back.

Qin Shi laughed with a mordacious undertone. “If you still refuse to reveal your true skills, this will be the end of the line for you!”

Yang Tian’s Thunderous Drum signalled its desire to give Qin Shi a peace of its mind. Howbeit, Yang Tian restrained it because, if he brought out Thunderous Drum, it was the equivalent of revealing his identity. Thus, he fought back with all he had despite being pushed back around three hundred metres and bled from his mouth.

Yang Tian summoned star light behind him that frightened the environment. Dubhe Star levitated; it released its divine light and a sonorous sound. Star Illuminates the Blue Sky reacted as if it was challenged. The quirk rarely seen even in ancient times could easily stomp Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens.

The elder murmured, “He must be the one who brought the recent quirk into existence. A Profound Connection Realm cultivator being able to rearrange the landscape with a quirk, it lives up to its reputation as the rarest quirk in ancient times.”

Qin Shi vigorously churned up his jadeite qi and blood, powering up his aura by a third of what it was to also fortify his green corporeal dragon. The dragon roared again as its green aura expanded. It then went straight for the star quirk, aiming to crush Dubhe Star.

Yang Tian left an opening to lure the green dragon in. A star light shone bright enough to colour the entire area silver. Dubhe Star’s energy began to rise and influence the landscape. It then came crashing down on top of the dragon. Yang Tian subsequently brayed, commanding Dubhe Star to slice the dragon in two with a menacing sword aura while the dragon was still in the air.

Nobody saw the small sword inside Dubhe Star due to how sudden it was, but the sword did dismember the dragon using two waves of Sword Aura. As a consequence, Qin Shi coughed a mouthful of blood, and his aura plummeted dramatically in an instant.

“Your Highness!” cried the enraged and astonished elder.

“I underestimated him.” Qin Shi wiped the blood at his mouth.

Qin Shi summoned a small golden furnace. Several corporeal golden dragons roaming above the mouth of the furnace were visible. Though the quirk the furnace manifested was an apparition, the furnace would evolve into a Celestial Rank weapon once the dragons were fully manifested. Qin Shi’s furnace was a Peak Dao Rank weapon, ranking it above Yang Tian’s Golden Crow Divine Furnace.

Yang Tian: Ancient Sacred Grounds might not even have ten Peak Dao Weapons, yet a Transcendent Realm cultivator at Southern Divine Dynasty does. I guess resources are abundant there.

The small golden furnace vibrated when Qin Shi pointed, blasting a golden beam down from its mouth. Suddenly, the furnace disappeared from sight. The next thing Yang Tian knew was the environment in the area changing, incarcerating him inside a different dimension.

The small golden furnace appeared in front of Qin Shi again. He knocked on the furnace with his finger. “Hahaha, if you can escape from here, I’ll spare you.”

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