Almighty – Ch. 184

Yang Tian VS Qin Shi

Dubhe Divine Sword sonorously unleashed its ability as though it was mocking whoever tried to grab it. The sword aura terminated the corporeal claw from the void, reducing it to glittering smithereens.

“A sentient weapon, nice!” The thief conjured another three-hundred-square-metre large hand above the sword to attempt to grab it again.

Yang Tian propelled himself heaven bound and donned his body in his crimson qi and blood. Dubhe Divine Sword roared. He discharged his aura. The purple dragon in the void attacked the palm.

“Eh?” He expanded his manifested hand and reached for the sword.

“Get lost!” Yang Tian punched a crimson blast dozens of metres long at the hand.

“Out of my way!” The individual in the void redirected his phantasmal hand toward the crimson fist.

The bright crimson blast imploded on impact and generated ripples in the void as it blasted the corporeal hand backward. Yang Tian transferred his divine soul energy to Dubhe Star. Dubhe Star released an aura breaker on the phantasmal hand. The sword slashed a bright sword aura, destroying the phantasmal hand.

Yang Tian landed back on the ground, then looked up at Dubhe Divine Sword. He chuckled as he watched it vibrate. The sword was able to gather bloodline with precise control. Had it not been thanks to Dubhe Divine Sword’s intelligence, the corporeal hand user would’ve clinched the sword already.

“Uncle Xiao, who is thief in the shadows?”

“I’m not sure. That said, they’re an expert at concealment techniques. It’s clear the summoner us a young individual, thought. Let’s wait and see.”

“Mm.” Yang Tian returned Dubhe Divine Sword into his body.

Two individuals, unmistakably the two from Southern Continent’s Divine Dynasty, emerged from the void that hadn’t changed in the slightest. The duo made a light landing and scanned Yang Tian as though to satisfy their curiosity.

The young man in yellow: “Hahaha, this one is very fond of the weapon just now. May this one ask what you need? This one would like to make an exchange for it.”

“Apologies, but this one doesn’t lack anything.”

“Haha, you must be Yang Tian.”

“Yang Tian? Who’s that?” Yang Tian put on a confused charade. “I think you must be mistaken. If you are after my weapon, I suggest you forget it. Southern Divine Dynasty doesn’t intend to steal now, do they?”

“Southern Divine Dynasty?”

The young man in yellow had been on the Eastern Continent for half a year, yet nobody pointed out where he came from until Yang Tian did. Moreover, barely anyone back home knew they were in the East.

Qin Shi, the young man in yellow, wielded a lot of power and influence in Southern Divine Dynasty. Despite that, he also had plenty of enemies in the South. Point being, they needed to be vigilant for they never knew if they were being targeted. The elder, as a matter of fact, was considering killing Yang Tian.

“Seeing as you were able to discern where I came from with a glance, I’m very curious to know where you hail from.”

“This one is merely a nameless nobody; there’s nothing worth mentioning.”

“Haha, if you don’t want to disclose it, then so be it. I don’t care where you hail from or who you are. I want the weapon. So, what do you need?”

It was obvious Qin Shi wasn’t going to just turn around and walk away. Yang Tian couldn’t read Qin Shi, but one thing was certain: Qin Shi was much stronger than Li Xuan. In a world of survival of the fittest, might made right. Thus, Yang Tian shrugged. “Come get it, then.”

“Fine by me. Let’s exchange pointers. If you beat me, you can leave in one piece, and I won’t make things hard for you,” insipidly replied Qin Shi. “If you lose, you will hand over the sword.”

“Hah, beat me first before you start talking a big deal.”

Qin Shi vanished from where he stood, leaving just his afterimage. By the time Yang Tian knew it, Qin Shi was right in front of him. Yang Tian made a swift retreat using Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps at maximum capacity.

In spite of Yang Tian’s speed, Qin Shi remained as cool as a cucumber. The next time he moved, he threw dozens of palm strikes consecutively. The shockwaves targeted Yang Tian on all sides, boxing the him in.

Yang Tian changed direction, yhrn charged into the palm strikes, intercepting them with a punch. He attacked with sheer brute force to test Qin Shi’s might. The decision and outcome caught Qin Shi by surprise because Qin Shi couldn’t name many people who demonstrated that level of brute strength and a body that sturdy. Nonetheless, Qin Shi was only stalled for a second. He slowly advanced on Yang Tian, forming claws similar to the ones he attempted to snatch Yang Tian’s sword with. This time, nevertheless, he summoned a jadeite dapeng.

Qin Shi commanded the dapeng to dive down from above. The gale the dapeng generated restrained Yang Tian. Yang Tian felt his skin being cut.

“The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens!” Yang Tiao discharged his crimson qi and blood as he stomped. His crimson glow poured down from the sky comparably to rainfall. He formed a giant fist dozens of square metres in size and launched the indomitable blast.

Yang Tian: Eh? The Wind Invades the Nine Heavens materialised?

Yang Tian’s control over his qi and blood surpassed Qin Shi’s own.

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