Almighty – Ch. 183

Abrupt Change

A lightning bolt penetrated the void and fired toward Dubhe Divine Sword. The sword’s vibration caused the landscape to tremble, trees to snap and leaves to rustle. Its sword aura reached over thirty metres. The lightning bolt and sword aura clashed, emitting loud rumbling sounds and energy blasts. The sword was fast as the lightning, allowing it to slash the lightning apart! Then, using its Devouring Heaven energy, it collected the lightning it slashed to coat itself with a layer of lightning. The sword produced lightning and fire to temper the sword. The sword’s amazing ability was thanks to Xiaobai’s bloodline.

Dubhe Divine Sword glowed. A sun floated into the void. The divine material of the sword spurred its interior essence to nourish the weapon.

When the second lightning bolt descended, Dubhe Divine Sword dug into the lightning to temper itself in there.

“If I chance upon any bloodthirsty devil crystals in the future, I must get my hands on them!”

Given Yang Tian could forge a refine a small weapon with the bloodthirsty devil crystal on him, he’d require a lot more for a big bell or furnace.

Dubhe Divine Sword had just been completed. As such, it needed some time to nurture before it could use its ability.

Several lightning bolts fired consecutively, irritating Dubhe Divine Sword. Still, it continued to cut through the lightning. The sword savagely slashed the dark clouds apart and stood in the sea of lightning. It dissected the lightning; it shined a golden and purple light through the dark clouds.

“Boss, that weapon is insane. It sliced lightning!” The rough-looking man gulped. When he saw Yang Tian, he eased up. Upon closer inspection, he realised he couldn’t detect the young man’s cultivation. His heart began to thump harder.

The pouty mouth man: “Boss, isn’t he just a snotty brat? What’s the point of talking to him? Just stomp him!”

If Yang Tian was a disciple from a powerful clan, they would be digging their own graves. After mulling it, he decided to walk up to Yang Tian and ask, “Brother, is the weapon a unique treasure that came to be in this area?”

Yang Tian didn’t budge. It was vexing for him as a Peak Profound Connection Realm adept on the verge of reaching Transcendent Realm.

“Hey, brat, my big bro is speaking to you. You not hear him?”

“Exactly. Run along brat. Otherwise, the lightning will kill you.”

The man’s hairs stood erect when he saw Yang Tian’s glare and sensed his bloodlust. Yang Tian pointed in the air, confusing the group. Before they knew it, the middle-aged man next to them dropped to the ground with blood spurting from his head similarly to a fountain.

The hidden killing technique Yang tian utilised was one of the effects that could was part of Shape Shifting Art’s benefits. It allowed its user to conceal their qi, which explained why they couldn’t perceive Yang Tian’s attack.

“Run for it!”

Yang Tian’s cultivation didn’t surpass their own by mere margins. Yang Tian shook his head. He lit up the area behind him with star light. Dubhe Star rocked the void. He used his Star quirk to bury the men in the void with a qi-wave-like technique. In the process, he damaged the landscape. Yang Tian didn’t bat an eye despite killing seven men; he felt no guilt about it. Instead, he sat down.

The clouds in the void had almost dispersed. Dubhe Star’s ability had progressed. Perhaps its divine glow was the best evidence of that.

Two small dragons, one golden and one purple, roamed the void and absorbed the clouds and lightning. The sword doused itself in lightning to refine itself. Once the lightning dissipated, the sword quaked loudly. Its echo lasted for a long time. Dubhe Star then vanished from the void and rushed over to murder mountains to create a vacuum.

Suddenly, somebody summoned a hand overhead and transformed it into a corporeal dragon claw to try and snatch Dubhe Divine Sword.

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