Almighty – Ch. 185

Evenly Matched

The dapeng’s cry nearly rearranged the landscape. It covered a section of the sky as it soared across the sky, giving the earth below a jadeite colour. The dapeng extended its sharp jadeite claws toward the crimson fist. The dapeng proceeded to tear apart the crimson fist and followed through, swinging toward Yang Tian’s skull.

Yang Tian grunted. He punched three times, blasting crimson aura blasts toward the dapeng’s skull, vaulted dozens of metres up to position himself right next to the Dapeng’s skull, then put a hole in the Dapeng’s head with a crippling silver blast.

“Not too shabby. This will be worth my time.” Qin Shi punched back, hitting with a combination of his jadeite qi and blood as well as his fighting spirit. His tremendous power was overwhelming enough to lock down the void to prevent his target from dodging.  “Use your weapon, or you won’t be able to match me.”

“Your head in the clouds or something? Because you sound delusional.” Yang Tian sprayed his qi and blood until it violently blew the invisible shackles off him.

Truth be told, Qin Shi never imagined Yang Tian would escape his binding so easily. To add, Yang Tian seemed impervious to his last fighting spirit release.

“In that case, I hope you, at least, provide me with a memorable fight.”

Qin Shi bridged the gap, then punched a jadeite energy blast down toward Yang Tian’s skull. Yang Tian nonchalantly generated bolts of light to his hand that generated a violent gale. Using Wind-Splitter Palms, Yang Tian palmed the circles through a vacuum. They flew through the air with a loud-pitched shriek. Qin Shi quickly zipped in, circled around Yang Tian, then threw jadeite blast after jadeite blast. Yang Tian retaliated with his own punches.

Qin Shi backed off a few steps after their energy blasts exchange. Sparing Yang Tian didn’t feel as though it was the right decision despite him not actually being strong. “If you don’t get serious, you’re going to be trounced.”

Yang Tian was fully cognizant of the fact that Yan Shi had yet to show what he was truly capable of. “I have to be forced to go out. Give me your best shot.”

With a majestic gait, Qin Shi let loose an aggressive wave of qi and blood as he summoned his dormant green dragon.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood quivered. His bones creaked, emphasising the pressure on him. He stomped the ground hard. His qi and blood river sent tremors through the air as he powered up. Finally, he punched a long energy beam toward the dragon.

Qin Shi used a grunt as a command for his jadeite dragon to tear the crimson blast and swing through to Yang Tian’s head.

As Yang Tian calmly performed a series of finger movements, he discharged his qi and blood into the atmosphere to form a crystal-clear small crimson seal. He finished the hand seals right as the dragon’s claw appeared before his eyes.

“Earthquake Seal!” Once Yang Tian clenched his fist, the crimson seal blasted a crimson and twilight-coloured blast at the jadeite dragon. The impact of it hitting the dragon’s hand cracked the dragon’s head. “Erupt!”

The crimson seal imploded, casting a blinding light. The green and crimson energies clashing left cracks resembling a spider web on the void’s boundary.

Seeing as they were evenly matched, Qin Shi put an end to his arrogance and fired an energy beam from his finger at Yang Tian.

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