Almighty – Ch. 181

Divine Weapon Completion!

The hand-sized sword soon turned into a river of blood. The markings gradually turned as red as blood. Its vibrations emitted a sound comparable to a sword being drawn from its sheath. The sound that could shatter souls echoed in the void.

Yang Tian’s cold eyes fired lightning bolts. He played his combat song and discharged his Invincible Aura. Thunderous Drums manifested above the small sword. The Invincible Will sent the sword commands.

Yang Xiao: “Now that the Invincible Will has been imbued into the sword, the sword will stand out in the world of cultivation in the future.”

Yang Tian spent his time gobbling premium-grade blood pills. Alas, his recovery rate still couldn’t match his expenditure rate. The drum also showed signs of waning.

The Invincible Will was still dispersing except very faintly; the will was too weak to be effective in any capacity.

“I guess this means my cultivation is still lacking.”

“Forget it. Leave it to a later date. If you try again later, it’ll be a success. Don’t rush for now. Bloodthirsty devil crystal is capable of consuming all bloodlines in the world, so try imbuing it with a drop of your blood, and see if anything happens.”

Yang Tian gazed at his faint purple blood again and dove into it. He wondered if some special change would take place if he succeeded. His Bloodline was ridiculously strong, suggesting that some unknown outcome might take place if he imbued his weapon with it. The issue? He had too little.

Yang Tian cut off a teeny part of the purple blood. He summoned it into the void and pointed, imbuing it into the sword. The sword then alternated between glowing silver, red and purple. The purple blood was so overpowered it out-glowed the other two colours, putting a smile from cheek to cheek on his face. It went just as he predicted.

Yang Xiao glanced over to Xiaobai when he witnessed the phenomenon and quietly uttered, “I would surmise it’s attributed to the bloodthirsty devil crystal. The sword wouldn’t be able to contain the power, otherwise.”

The loud vibration reached long distances. A clang was followed by a menacing aura release that caused the furnace to quake and filled Yang Tian with pleasure. In summary, the sword aura increased remarkably and could manifest the bloodlines power. The purple sword appeared clean and beautiful.

“Wait.” Eyes on Xiaobai, Yang Xiao called, “Little guy, your turn.”

Yang Tian raised an eyebrow. “Uh…”

Xiaobai vaulted up onto the furnace. He opened his mouth. It took a while, but eventually a golden drop of blood came out from his mouth. The golden drop coloured the entirety of Ancestral Dragon Ring gold. The menacing aura challenged the sky’s authority. It could absorb ancient qi as though it was a live entity. Yang Tian’s purple blood wiggled its way out of his body in response to the golden blood’s appearance. The two behaved intimately.

Xiaobai blinked his heavy eyelids because he could sense the will inside the blood. The two bloods dropped onto the silver sword before Yang Tian could wrap his head around what was going on.

The gold and purple sword’s glows brightened and manifested a quirk in the form of two small dragons roaming around the sword.

“What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and carve the last mark. You might be able to level it up to a Dao Weapon!” Yang Xiao had a plan up his sleeve when he made the call.

Two bloodlines combined would result in faster progress.  What is meant by Devouring Heaven? Once the bloodlines manifested, the sword would gain the ability to devour all forms of energy in the universe. Combine that with bloodthirsty devil crystal, and the sword was basically a cheat weapon. The small sword had Devouring Heaven as an ability. That said, the ability itself was a product of Yang Clan and Heaven Devouring bloodlines’ resonance.

The two colours competed. The crimson hammer carved one last mark onto the blade. The sword’s vibration shattered the furnace, levitated and cleaved the air.

Yang Tian frantically waved a hand and exited Ancestral Dragon Ring. If the sword ruined his herbs, he’d cry a river.

As the stone palace fell apart, the gold and purple lights illuminated the area. Rocks flew. Dirt rose. The potent ancient qi in the vicinity erupted and rushed toward the sword. The only thing holding the palace together against the sword aura was the killing formation.

Yang Tian fetched the rampaging sword. He imbued the sword with his qi and blood and fighting spirit, generating a nice howl from it. As he swung, the sword blasted forth a crimson sword aura that parted the air. The thirty-three-metre long sword slashed through the stone palace using the crimson aura. The scene suggested the landscape was rioting.

The sword’s vibrations released the jade-like crimson aura except that the nature of the aura was violent as a hurricane. Utilising Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps, Yang Tian moved as fast as lightning. Every slash unleashed a crimson blast that whistled through the air. Everything in the sword’s path ceased to exist.

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