Almighty – Ch. 182

Dubhe Divine Sword

Every time Yang Tian swung the gold and purple small sword, it emitted ear-splitting clangs alongside divine glows, shaking rocks. After he grunted, the sword vanished. Sparks and rocks flew up ahead as the unstoppable sword aura sliced through stone, bringing down a palace one hundred and sixty-five metres tall.

“Since I’m aiming to forge Macrocosmic Star Scroll, henceforth, you shall be named Dubhe Divine Sword!”

Dubhe Divine Sword responded sonorously to indicate it was pleased with the name.

“Hahaha, Tian, I shall now dismantle the formations. Once Dubhe Divine Sword passes a lightning tribulation, it will level up to a Dao Rank weapon!”

“It has to undergo a tribulation?”

“That’s a given. Once it undergoes a lightning tribulation, it’ll reach Dao Rank. There’s no chance of Dubhe Divine Sword failing, not to mention your luck and two bloodlines perfectly fusing. Although you haven’t been able to bring out divine materials’ potential through tempering, once the weapon goes through the thunder baptism, it’ll naturally bring out divine materials’ essence.”

Yang Xiao then waved his hand to initiate the killing formations and teleported the two into the dark forest. The void rumbled the instant Yang Tian arrived due to the heaven and earth vital essence in the vicinity rushing toward Yang Tian.

The clear sky birth to an oppressive atmosphere. Lightning and clouds gathered in the void above. Square kilometres around of heaven and earth vital essence formed a black whirlpool above Yang Tian. Dubhe Sword sonorously levitated and rotated to absorb the vital essence to intimidate the lightning. His Heavens Conqueror Manual couldn’t absorb as fast as the sword.  The lightning would inevitably catch peoples’ attention. Since it wasn’t safe there, they needed to leave as soon as possible.

Yang Tian had a contingency plan in place already. He spent half a year in seclusion while the people outside frantically searched for him. He needed to make some preparations for a transcendent lightning tribulation.

Yang Tian went into the stone palace and migrated the three ancient trees into Ancestral Dragon Ring as well as collected his pill furnace and pill flame. As he was going to walk a bloody path, he needed to undertake a baptism on the same level in order to take the Invincible Will further beyond. He also knew his bloody odyssey would be one fraught with challenges.

One of the men, who had pouty lips and an ape-like chin, expressed, “Big Brother, could someone be attempting a tribulation in that direction?!”

The man called “Big Brother” was a rough looking man. Before he responded, he saw gold and purples auras around a small sword in the void. “Look, that’s a weapon… and it’s undertaking a lightning tribulation!”

“That’s Dark Forest. Was a weapon created there?!”

Dark Forest was a desolate location. There weren’t any Fierce Beasts in there to hunt, so few people ever went there.

“Let’s go take a look. Run if anything looks odd!”

An elder and a young man appeared at a spacious area of stones and rocks dozens of kilometres in the distance.

Youth in yellow: “What’s the matter?”

Elder: “Your Highness, the formation from a few days ago has activated. Do you want to go and take a look?”

“Let’s go. I hope it’s Yang Tian.”

The lightning and dark clouds lapped roughly three kilometres of the sky. Lightning bolts flashed at the outer perimeter. Dubhe Divine Sword challenged the lightning from within the huge energy whirlpool of viscous heaven and earth essence. The Invincible Will intensified. The sword managed to garner thunderclap from the sky. The lightning gathered its energy faster, extending the reach of the clouds.

Yang Tian sneered and shook his head. His qi changed. He used Shape Shifting Art but with its new quality. Unless somebody was a highly-advanced cultivator or possessed a special technique, there was no way of recognising him.

Yang Tian sat on the ground not too far from the lightning in hopes of the lightning tempering his body. He didn’t know what realm he was in anymore. He did experience a burst not long ago. Regretfully, he never knocked on Transcendent Realm’s doors. With that said, if he wanted to reach its doors, he needed to go through a life-and-death battle.

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