Almighty – Ch. 180

Weapon Refinement

The bloodflame the furnace released intensified over time. The heat began to reach every part of the landscape as though it a furnace was steamrolling through.

Xiaobai juddered when he sensed the immense energy.  His demonic energy was overwhelming after consuming the majority of the demon core and dragon beard herb. Truth be told, Yang Xiao wasn’t sure what realm Xiaobai was in anymore. He evolved at a different pace to other Mutated Beasts. Maybe that was part of the reason he was a Divine Beast.

Once he was done surveying his surroundings, Xiaobai leapt to his feet and crossed dozens of metres with one leap similarly to a peng. He appeared on Yang Tian’s shoulder in an instant.

Yang Tian was bewildered as to why Xiaobai was awake. Xiaobai hooted excitedly as he stared at the furnace. He breathed out a mist with sparkling eyes. Yang Tian found the breath of mist uncalled for, but it was too late. He could only pout and pray nothing went wrong.

The white mist enveloped the cloud star mother essence. As a result, it looked as though it corroded. Although there were signs of it melting after three days, Xiaobai’s white mist augmented its speed exponentially.

“What the hell is with that speed?”

Xiaobai hooted and wagged his tail excitedly. He spat out another breath of white mist that sped up the process again.

“This fellow is insanely powerful now…”

Yang Xiao went over and caressed Xiaobai’s belly. “Hahaha, it shouldn’t be surprising. Xiaobai is the Heaven Devouring Divine Beast that can devour everything in the world. Needless to say, melting divine materials is also within the realms of his abilities.”

Xiaobai smugly spat out several more breaths of white mist, dialling up the process six-folds faster.

“The mist is weird; it can dismantle formations and melt divine materials.”

Yang Tian and Xiaobai mucked around for a while. Later, Yang Tian honed in on the furnace and began breathing into it. The Qilin had taken one step out. The furnace burnt hotter than ever.

Within two days, the material was almost totally liquefied. The green light around was bright, and the entire furnace glowed silver. After one more day, there was a knocking sound coming from within the furnace.

A three metre crimson hammer was found inside the furnace. Yang Tian moved the hammer over the silver liquid using his mind. The liquid was amidst trying to take on the form of a sword. On top of the sword embryo was a blood-red stone exuding its thirst for blood. The crimson hammer rotated as it fired bloodflame all over the silver liquid. The melting rate was a lot slower compared to cloud and essence mother essence.

Yang Tian kept spitting mouthfuls of crimson qi and blood to grow the bloodflame dozens of metres high. Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty demon crystal was melting away.

Five days flew by. Yang Tian’s gaze still showed abnormal fatigue in spite of the excitement in his eyes.

The silver sword in the furnace began to exude a transparent and cold qi, but it was barely five inches thick. The bloodflame roamed around the sword. The sword vibrated loudly. The hammer swung down over and over, creating thin markings on the sword every time it struck. Slamming the hammer down resulted in the silver sword vibrating.

Above the silver sword were three drops of bloodthirsty liquid resembling blood. The three drops of blood fell onto the silver sword, evoking vibrations from the sword. The colour of the sword gradually changed from silver to red and vice versa alternatively. As the two energies clashed, faint cracks occured.

Yang Tian opened his eyes and imbued the furnace with his divine soul energy in abundance. The energy manifested at the cost of pain to him. Nevertheless, he composed himself and let the energy manifest as a small black hammer about an inch long with black mist around.

The ultimate weapon smelting method was tempering the weapon with blood and tempering the spirit with divinity. When a divine weapon was born, one could form its spirit. That was the most miraculous part of Furnace Technique.

Yang Tian blew a breath of energy to mobilise the hammer over and over. The sword’s two glows resembled two roaming dragons. Every strike changed the markings on the shining sword.

Yang Tian’s divine soul was absolutely spent not long after he began. He didn’t hesitate to consume a divine lotus. His sea of consciousness lit up with myriad of colours. The small figure manifested from his divine soul inside his divine soul. The figure absorbed all of the light around as a means of healing his divine soul swiftly. The light transferred to the jet-black hammer in the furnace, thereby inducing a black glow.

Yang Tian pursed his lips as the markings formed on the small sword in the bloodflame. The sword’s vibrations travelled a long distance. Furthermore, the blade’s qi expanded until it managed to cut a small hole in the furnace.

Satisfied, Yang Tian nodded, and then he leapt up onto the furnace. He conjured a crimson glow in his hand that then extended up to his arm and ripped open a hole in his arm. He let the blood rain down onto the sword. In response, the sword vibrated when blood made contact. Its bloody glow intensified as if it was bursting out of its sheath. Despite wanting to satisfy its thirst for blood, he needed to replenish his own with a blood replenishment pill to keep it up.


*Peng or Dapeng is a giant bird in Chinese mythology. It’s likened to the Roc or Garuda.

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