Almighty – Ch. 176

Quirk Formation

“I don’t think they’re from Eastern Continent.”

The young man in yellow skimmed his eyes over his surroundings. It was a spacious zone with no noticeable energy traces. The elder in white released his divine soul energy that was freakishly powerful. He scouted the surroundings until he found a particular location. With his vision on said place, he revealed an ambiguous expression hinting at a smile.

Yang Tian and Yang Xiao caught sight of the elder’s expression. Yang Xiao pinched his eyebrows together. The elder’s divine soul energy was at Soul Tempering phase. Yang Tian focused on the young man who was roughly his age. He was unable to discern the young man’s cultivation level.

“Who is he?”

“They’re not from the East. If I’m correct, they’re from Southern Divine Dynasty.”

Southern Divine Dynasty was a force to be reckoned with during the ancient era. In essence, they were the overlords of the South at the time. Yang Xiao did communicate with them in the past. They almost lost their inheritance back then. The young man’s status in the South was relatively high.

Cultivators from the North were heads and shoulders above the East’s. Actually, the East was the weakest among all of the continents as well as being the most divided.

“Uncle Xiao, what are they here for?”

“You most probably brought them here with your Invincible Will since it was rare even in ancient times. As a result, people in your age bracket will be keen on competing against you.”

“I see. I suppose the Eastern Continent is about to see another big change.”

The elder stopped at the outer perimeter of the formation for a while before stepping two steps forward. With a smile, he inquired, “Excuse me, my master wishes to enter for a look. Would you be able to activate the formation?”

No response. Being reckless wasn’t wise, nevertheless.

The young man nodded gently. “I heard Yang Tian was rescued by someone adept with formations not long ago. Go and ask them about it.”

The elder had electrifying eyes. “His Highness wishes to enter for a look. If there is nobody inside, this old one shall force his way through.”

“Uncle Xiao, what shall we do?”

Yang Xiao wasn’t confident he could stop the elder. Hence, retreat was their best option. “Don’t panic. The energy stored in the transportation formation still permits a few more uses.”

“As this old one has not received a response, please pardon him.”

As the elder prepared to attack, the formation released a light along with qi as fast as lightning. A large whirlpool took form and connected the earth to the sky. The wide area cracked. A pressure seeped into the void. Rocks shattered and flew. The young man felt his ears splitting. The elder beamed a golden light from his eyes, shielding the young man. After the second round of turbulence, it gradually stopped and went back to normal. In saying that, a deep gully was left behind. The mountains had their peaks shaved off.

The youth: “What happened?”

“Your Highness, this is a transportation formation. Inside is a lethal killing formation. I did not expect them to know how to deploy these sorts of formations. I guess the East has hidden some talented individuals.”

“Remember the energy sensation. We’ll pay a visit once they exit.”

Only Battle Emperors or higher could even begin to control the energy within a certain space. Few people at present could utilise the transportation formation Yang Xiao used. The majority of the formations of that nature were left behind from ancient times.

“Your Highness, our visit’s main purpose is to attend Pill Valley’s Pill Concoction Convention. How about we put aside Yang Tian’s matter for the meantime?”

“There’s still half a year’s time isn’t there? I can easily bag the win with my current pill concoction skills as long as Central State’s Pill Art Alliance doesn’t interfere. Yang Tian is the main goal at the moment.”

“I am pleased to hear that. I heard Ninth Prince is also taking part in the convention…”

“Ninth Brother is coming, too?” His Ninth Younger Brother’s name was Yan Zuying. They were as close in age as they were in abilities, but he never heard Yan Zuying was an alchemist.

Yang Tian felt the void spin. Then, he felt the cave estate stop. They didn’t stop when they teleported this time; Yang Xiao only stopped after he activated the formation again. Upon arriving outside the formation and sensing the darkness of the forest, Yang Tian scratched his head. “Uncle Xiao, where are we?”

“I’m not sure myself. We teleported without selecting a destination. There’s not much energy left in the formation.”

“Ugh…” Yang Tian looked at the curved array pill. Whether or not they could complete the pill was decided within the day.

Before Yang Xiao vanished, he patted Yang Tian on the shoulder and urged, “Try it now while it’s still potent.”

“All right, let’s see what I’m made of, then…”

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring and then the star pill. He then consumed the curved array pill. He never tasted anything remotely similar before. His body froze stiff, but his mouth twitched.  The expanding elixir felt as though horses were rampaging inside his body. The energy of stars burst from his body. Though he glowed brightly, he felt his body writhing in pain.

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river rumbled, and then his Fighting Spirit amplified. As the star light seeped into the river, the river began to gurgle. The drifting star light yo-yoed upwards. He consolidated his qi and held it down. He manifested the first signs of Bright Blue Stellar Sky quirk for the first time. Unfortunately, not even Yang Xiao was too informed about the quirk. Thus, Yang Tian allowed the elixir to rampage inside him.

Once the immense star energy rushed into the star, Dubhe Star vibrated as though it was cheering. It absorbed the energy fast as if something attracted it.

Yang Tian mumbled, “Yes, absorb, absorb, son…”

Yang Tian smashed back a mountain of star pill, garnering a “what the hell is his deal?” look from Yang Xiao. Judging from how powerful the star energy was, consuming more star pills would cause the former to burst.

Yang Xiao dove into Yang Tian’s body. When he detected Dubhe Star devouring the star energy, his lips curved up from cheek to cheek. Yang Tian was strong enough to endure the elixir’s effects, presumably.

Yang Xiao: If the pill has a special effect, I hope it’s successfully concocted.

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