Almighty – Ch. 177

Star Illuminates the Blue Sky

The Dubhe Star swayed as it descended as though it was exploding and generating qi breakers. A quirk surfaced inside Yang Tian’s qihai along with a painful sensation akin to being ripped. The stars were comparable to rocks. Feeling the turbulence stir his qi and blood river,

Yang Tian: Does Dubhe Star have a consciousness?!

As Dubhe Star collected more stars, the shaking proportionately intensified. Yang Tian began to bleed from his molars due to his mind being thrown around in the turbulence. He tried to fight it as his river descended and fighting aura thundered. “I created you! Now submit!”

Yang Tian’s combat song boomed. His phantasmal war drum levitated to the top of the Dubhe Star. His Invincible Will pinned down the shaking star. His quirks clashed. Dubhe Star started to absorb faster in an attempt to escape the drum’s confines. He grinned. His body felt the same as being sliced, which was evident from him bleeding from his pores.

“Do quirks develop grudges for each other? I suppose I can’t just rashly form them in the future if I don’t want trouble!”

The thunderous drum’s booming burnt through a lot of fighting aura. As Yang Tian’s qi and blood faded, the drum proportionately intensified. Hence, he poured qi and blood from a premium-grade bloodstone into his body.

A silver arc manifested and caught light purple lightning bolts. It enshrouded Yang Tian. The air undulated. Lightning bolts fired into the void. Ancient qi poured into the huge whirlpool overhead. His combat aura fired on all cylinders. His tyrannical Invincible Will kept the nine heavens in check.

Thunderous Drum Skysong and Star Illuminates the Blue Sky quirks were somewhat different. Nevertheless, thanks to Yang Tian grasping Invincible Will, the difference between the quirks made no difference. Still, Dubhe star needed to be restrained.

Yang Tian excitedly consumed star pills for he was afraid Dubhe star would slow down, albeit still trying to contain it.

Yang Tian absorbed very little of the bloodstone’s energy during his time in seclusion. The energy within faded a considerable amount after two years. Right before he consumed it all, his qi and blood river shook.

Dubhe star shone brightly. Right as it was about to take shape, a pillar of silver light beamed into the sky, revealing a quirk in the void and changing the landscape. Stars in the vicinity began to sparkle in response to the pillar.

Meng Yunxi teased, “Yun’er, are you happy? How do you know Yang Tian formed the quirk?”

Yun’er raised her hand and smiled charmingly. “I’m positive it’s Brother Yang Tian because he has lots of star pills.”

Meng Yunxi muttered under her breath, “If you can tell it’s him, he’s going to be in jeopardy yet again.”

Yun’er twirled her hair. “Sister Yunxi, will Brother Yang Tian be in danger?”

Meng Yunxi knew Yang Tian’s mighty guardian was, in actual fact, a mere divine soul; she forced a smile when she patted Yun’er on the head. “He won’t. He’s ultra lucky, and he has an adept protecting him. Rest assured. Don’t go conjuring up ideas. Stay here and calm yourself. If you leave, your clan will find you.”

Meng Yunxi envied Yang Tian since the latter had so many people caring about him.

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