Almighty – Ch. 175

Pill Completion

Yang Xiao remained earnest throughout for half a day, yet no signs were seen from the pill furnace. Suddenly, the three hundred and thirty metre furnace jolted. Flames gathered in the void as the lid prepared to come off.

“Eject!” commanded Yang Xiao, flicking his sleeve vigorously.

A gust of wind yanked the lid off in one shot. Starlight consisting of potent energy shot out from the furnace. A vast starry river resembling the Milky Way appeared.

Yang Xiao waved his hand, transporting the killing formation out of sight. A shimmering pill levitated into the air. At the same time, a silver column of light extended to the sky.

If the concoction process was interrupted, the curved array pill might’ve failed and resulted in damage to him.

“I hope there’s nobody around, or it’ll be troublesome.”

It was late at night in the dense mountains. The air around was rancid. Fierce Beasts occasionally roared. Energy danced along with the melody of roars, waking up the beasts nearby to remind them to come out and hunt.

Behind a graceful sixteen year old youth was an elder in white. Though the elder was old, he looked energetic and healthy. His golden eyes ostensibly saw through one. Nobody would dare to look straight into his eyes.

The young man: “Why is somebody concocting a pill here of all places? How unusual. The pill is equally unusual. It’s clearly able to harness the power of stars.”

The elder: “Your Highness, perhaps somebody is living in seclusion here. Shall we pay a visit?”

“There’s nothing that requires my attention at the moment; I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to pay a visit. Lead the way.”

The two freakishly vanished from where they stood in the blink of an eye.

The pillar of silver light harnessed the stars’ powers and added it to the pill. Earnest Yang Xiao stood next to the pill and performed hand seals. The silver pill absorbed the stars’ power as it gradually glowed brighter than the stars. The pillar of light was responsible for bringing the energy from the stars down. Thirty breaths later, the pillar of silver light gradually faded.

“Hurry… Hurry…” Yang Xiao repeated to himself.

Yang Xiao reached into the pillar of silver light and grabbed the silver pill the size of a dragon’s eye. It glowed brightly. It also had patterns on it.

“It’s done,” exclaimed Yang Tian, smiling. He hurried over to examine the pill. “This is a curved array pill?”

Yang Xiao’s fatigue showed on his face when he raised his head to bob it. “Take it. With this, your chances of forming the Star Illuminates the Blue Sky quirk will be much higher.”

Yang Tian giggled as he took the pill off Yang Xiao. The shining pill surprisingly tried to escape from him. He quickly pressed his hand on it to stop it.

Yang Xiao smiled. “It’s close to a Rank Six pill; it’s already prepared to summon a lightning tribulation. That’s the reason it possesses intelligence.”


Lightning summoned by a Rank Six pill was called “pill tribulation”. It was commonplace for alchemists to die to the pill tribulation’s lightning right after they successfully concocted their pill.

High-ranking pills had markings on them, which served to prevent the contents from leaking in addition to increasing its potency.

“Correct. It’s a Rank Five pill, so it naturally forms markings.”

“A Rank Five pill, hmm…?”

As his divine soul was only at Strength Formation, Yang Tian needed to upgrade to Soul Tempering before he could start concocting Rank Five pills. Unfortunately he slowed to a crawl once he reached Strength Formation. Plus, he didn’t absorb any other divine souls whilst in seclusion.

Yang Tian needed to address the problem because his growth would slow down more and more if he kept doing what he currently was doing.

“All right, I’m going t-” Yang Xiao turned his head and gazed into the distance.

“Uncle Xiao, what’s the matter?”

Yang Xiao activated the hidden formations at the outer perimeter. He sensed people he couldn’t ensnare in the killing formations for long at his current level. “A Peak Almighty adept is on their way here.”

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