Almighty – Ch. 174

Curved Array Pill

The purple pill flame was several folds more intense after it absorbed the Mystic Rank Flame Seed. Yang Tian summoned it to his finger with a hand gesture, then placed the pill flame back. The flame within the pill furnace was True Fire tier, and there was an infinite amount for the Flame Seed to absorb.

Yang Xiao took his time approaching Yang Tian, who was deep in thought. Yang Tian, noticing Yang Xiao’s presence turned his head and smiled. “Uncle Xiao, I can activate a star now, right?”

“I’d… say so. Concoct a pill today. Whether or not you can do it will depend on your destiny.”

“I hope I succeed.”

Yang Xiao sat on the floor and, with a wave of his hand, summoned over twenty different types of herbs on the floor. “This time, I will be concocting a Rank Five pill: curved array pill.”

Yang Tian knew Yang Xiao was an alchemist; however, he didn’t know what how advanced along the rankings Yang Xiao could go.

“Pill flames aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to pill concoction. Every flame that exists in this world can be used to concoct pills. Curved array pills are used to call upon the vast starry sky’s energy to form a star quirk. It may be a Rank Five pill, but it’s tough to concoct. You must acquire the energy from a star in the moment the pill is about to be complete in order to finish the pill. Curved array pill’s main ingredients are star flowers plus star and moon herb.”

Yang Xiao then picked up two glimmering Rank Six herbs. Fire breakers came together. He nodded subtly and then fired an unusual coloured beam from his finger to the fire breaker. A fire-red dragon spawned from where the energy was densest. It outstretched its approximately three-metre body before taking to the sky and discharging its energy. “That was our Yang Clan’s flame control technique; it resembles your Lightning Dragon Flame Control Technique.”

Yang Xiao flicked his sleeve gently when he transferred energy to the dragon. It fired a fireball to the surroundings of the star flower. That is called using nature as a furnace instead of requiring a physical one.

The fire breaker spread across the void, turning it into an inferno, setting fire to the star flower in the process. The dragon fired dozens of flames at it. The pill flame in the void stayed together. The method employed would allow one to refine the active ingredients a lot faster.

Yang Xiao brushed his hands through the air over and over, creating energy fluctuations. The energy’s biggest source of energy came from the flame below the furnace. There was a core flame crater. Over the ages, the flame crater’s flame developed into a True Fire tier flame. Yang Tian’s flame spirit came from deep within.

About ten minutes later, the majority of the star flower’s stem had melted. The flame refined the twinkling star’s active ingredients. To put it into perspective, Yang Tian probably couldn’t refine a drop even if he used up all of his qi and blood.

Yang Xiao eventually finished refining the herb. He flicked his sleeve, popping the lid off the three hundred and thirty metre pill furnace. He then poured the liquid into the furnace. Then, he tossed a starry-moon herb into the void to enter the herb refinement phase.

The two Rank Six herbs took about an hour. Yang Xiao fixed his gaze on the twenty-plus Rank Four and Five herbs sitting on the floor. Then, he threw ten-odd herbs into the void, where they crackled in the void of flames. Not too long after, liquid poured out of the pill furnace. Roughly fifteen minutes later, he finished melting the remaining herbs.

Yang Xiao mused over things while he watched over the liquid in the furnace. “I don’t have a physical body at the moment, and I’m not particularly proficient. I’m concocting a Rank Five pill, but it’s quite probable I’ll fail. I’ll be using a pill furnace next.”

Although Yang Xiao could rival some ordinary Battle Emperor’s, any higher and he’d have his hands full.

“Understood, Uncle Xiao.”

The Dao Rank pill furnace was more valuable than many offensive Dao Items, let alone Yang Xiao’s pill furnace that had divine markings. That explained why alchemists coveted quality pill furnaces even if they were expensive.

The fire-red dragon inside the pill furnace kept blowing fire to keep furnace burning fiercely. Yang Xiao concentrated hard. A failure would mean he’d have to spend a lot of time growing the herbs again.

As the flame refined the liquid, the energy began to enrich. Every drop was pristine and potent. Yang Xiao released his divine soul energy to collect the active ingredients. Ordinary alchemists would lose a lot of the active ingredients during this step. Soon enough, the gathered liquid was the size of a dragon’s eye. The divine light cleansed the inside, reducing the berserk active ingredients within.


While the characters for “Curved Array” can mean the Great Emperor of Polaris, the theme here is constellations, which is why it refers to Curved Array asterism in Chinese astrology. If that’s not convincing, I have a more compelling argument: author said so.

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