Almighty – Ch. 173

Half a Year Later

Stifled thunderclaps that created ripples in the void came from the light-red cave estate whenever Yang Tian released his life’s qi – though the three ancient trees besides him deserved their share of credit.

The space inside Ancestral Dragon Ring had reached over sixteen and a half square kilometres. The ratio of time inside Ancestral Dragon Ring versus outside was one to four. Yang Tian had planted all of the herbs he collected from Martial Arts Mountain. In the centre was the colourful herb field covered in a potent mist.

After consuming one of the dragon beard herbs, Xiaobai had been sleeping under the herbs for over a month.

Yang Xiao’s corporeal body was much better than before after recovering via sleep.

Stars drifted around inside Yang Tian’s body. There was repetitive roaring. His qi and blood river above illuminated the interior.  One of the stars stood out due to its sheer size. He absorbed star pills’ properties – the majority of the pills for that matter – and converted them into stars.

The seven big stars consisted of: Dubke, Merak, Phecda, Megrez, Alioth, Mizar and Alkaid. When Dubhe was formed, Stars Illuminate the Nine Heavens quirk would be beginning forming. Once all seven stars gathered, they would complete the Macrocosmic Star Scroll. By borrowing energy from countless stars, one would be able to seal the sky!

According to Yang Xiao, the ancient Star Sect’s founder once generated the Macrocosmic Star Scroll. Stars Illuminate the Nine Heavens quirk was among the few rarest quirks. Macrocosmic Star Scroll was a short-lived appearance in the ancient era. Some claimed it was the founder’s invented style. Yang Xiao wasn’t too knowledgeable on the topic. It came as no surprise, then, it was a mystery till today.

Yang Tian periodically absorbed pills and converted them into energy for his body, thereby strengthening his aura. The stars inside Yang Tian’s body dazzled, while the energy amplified loudly.


Half a year passed outside the ring.

About a month ago, a group of people came to Hundred Thousand Mountains under the pretext of slaying devils. Primordial era’s Li Clan’s disciples were caught in the crossfire of the group’s rampage in the mountains. Dozens of Li Clan’s disciples at the outer perimeter of the mountain vanished without a trace. When Li Clan sent adepts to investigate their disciples’ disappearances, thinking it was Yang Tian’s handiwork, one of their Battle Kings was slain on the spot. The other one, who was a Battle Emperor, was almost mortally wounded if he hadn’t skedaddled in time. Li Clan’s disciples were attacked one after another. Hence, someone came out of seclusion to deliver the audacious group’s comeuppance.

The weakest member of the devil slaying army was a Profound Connection Realm cultivator. The strongest was a Battle King Realm Eighth Layer. The one hundred members could perform a large-scale attack formation with each other. Twelve of them could form a small-scale defence formation. Using said formations, they were able to rival Battle Emperor cultivators.

The group in black’s most eye-catching aspect was the killing formation they used. The combined attack formation amplified their cultivation substantially, consequently catching the attention of many heavyweights.

The group of assailants didn’t leave any traces behind. They had a transportation method at their disposal.

Today, Fallen Devils’ Grounds went through another tumultuous day. Autarch Realm adepts from the three ancient grounds and other heavyweights made an appearance. Another dozen or so Half-Step Autarch Realm adepts joined them to assail Fallen Devils’ Grounds.

Fallen Devils’ Grounds was engulfed in darkness for an entire day. The three Peak Celestial Weapons resurrected and reminded their visitors why they were a force to be reckoned with. The loud fighting reached all the way to Demon Subjugation City. Those with inferior cultivation had their eardrums destroyed if they weren’t killed.

According to Yang Xiao, not only were devils imprisoned but also the Devil Dragon race. Yang Tian wasn’t up to the task at the moment for he wasn’t strong enough; he couldn’t infiltrate the deeper sections.

Unlike the attackers, Green Sun Empire and Thundercloud Sect were most laid back. If anyone could obtain the three Peak Celestial Weapons, they were also a second away from death.

The path up ahead was dark. The adepts sent on the mission were stronger than anticipated; they were strong enough to wipe out any other participating group. Therefore, there was concern a Half-Step Auatarch Realm adept would fall.

Besides the three main sacred grounds’ Celestial Weapons, Li Clan sent out their Heavenly Divine Furnace. Murong Clan sent out Mountains and Rivers Sacred Fan. Yin Yang Cultivation Sect sent out their Yin Yang Single Qi Divine Furnace imitation and Yellow Dragon Valley sent out Copper Divine Mirror. That totalled seven Divine Weapons.

Two Half-Step Autarch Realm adepts from Yin Yang Cultivation Sect and Murong Clan were killed in battle. Yin Yang Cultivation Sect and Murong Clan suffered heavy losses. After all, having three Half-Step Autarch Realm adepts under their banner was a miracle, and they lost two. After all, having three Half-Step Autarch Realm adepts under their banner was a miracle, and they lost two. News of their failure despite the magnitude of their voices rocked the city.

One of the clan leader blamed Green Sun Empire, Thundercloud Sect and Meng Clan for not sending in forces. It was quite fishy to them. Fallen Devils’ Grounds was connected to Yang Tian in some capacity. He was the only one who had entered. Plus, he was friendly with the three factions.

Some of the big clans were of the opinion that the East’s peace wouldn’t last for much longer. There were signs of people from other continents infiltrating the East in search of Yang Tian. Some said he had already been killed since there was no news of his appearance in half a year.

Another month passed by inside Ancestral Dragon Ring; Yang Tian cultivated for a total of two years. His divine soul reached Forging Strength Middle Phase. After practicing pill concoction for two years, he had a high success rate when concocting Rank Three pills, as well. Sadly, he went through all of his herbs. If he had more, he could’ve gone further.

Yang Xiao was almost back to his old self after two years of rest. Xiaobai slept three times. Four dragon beard herbs were grown thanks to a large volume of vitality water.

Dubhe star, which star was powerful enough to activate the contents of pills, had formed above Yang Tian’s qi and blood river. He had tens of thousands of star pills to begin with but consumed the majority of them for it.

Yang Tian moved around for a while to get his limbs moving. He then headed into the cave estate containing Yang Xiao’s belongings. Most of them no longer had vital essence. There was a very small pool of usable refining materials.

The rocks behind the store door to the pill room were red. At the centre of the room was a fire-red Dao Rank pill furnace three hundred and thirty metres wide with divine markings on it. Yang Xiao didn’t use the pill furnace in the past. It didn’t have a blemish on it despite all those years. Instead, its quality improved an entire notch.

Yang Tian released qi into the furnace to open it. The sight of an intense flame and heat welcomed him. He saw a destructive purple pill flame flickering. In the centre of the purple lightning was the tongue of a flame that absorbed the flames around. In essence, the flame had condensed a Flame Soul of Mystic Flame rank.

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