Almighty – Ch. 170

Dragon Capturing Grand Art

Everyone around froze after hearing a Profound Connection Realm cultivator name call an Almighty adept.

“Haha, let’s see how long you can keep up the tough act.” Li Ying summoned a pair of hands from the sky and reached for his two enemies’ heads.

Yang Tian summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace then released his fighting spirit in addition to his Invincible Will, enlarging his furnace over three hundred and thirty metres.

“Haha. I thought I had seen it all. So what if a mere Profound Connection Realm cultivator grasps Invincible Will?!”

Yang Tian wiped the blood at his mouth and vengefully glared at Li Ying. The Invincible Will intensified again, spurring on his qihai. “Do something about it, then. If you don’t have what it takes, get bent.”

Following a loud explosion, Yang Tian’s summoned phantasmal small drum appeared overhead. The combat song played and vibrated the sky. The hands Li Ying summoned attacked Yang Tian’s furnace. Yang Tian coughed a mouthful of blood. His skin split; his bones cracked. His aura crumbled as he bled from everywhere.

Qing Tao and Xing Shan raged. Alas, the four Almighty adepts kept the two at bay.

Yang Tian’s Invincible Will echoed throughout the void along with the thunderous drumming. “Kill me if you have what it takes!”

“Fine, I’ll see if I can squash you today!” Li Ying knocked Golden Crow Divine Furnace away with his palms.

“My Yang Clan’s young patriarch isn’t someone you can kill!”

The sky shook. A quirk appeared. Dozens of dragons flew over from and discharged an overwhelming aura. Their roar destroyed the environment as if the world was being turned on its head. The Battle Kings way off in the distance nearly died as a result of the turbulence.

“Who goes there?”

Gu Yun and his allies stopped in their tracks to gaze at the dragons in the sky. The energy eluded the human eye invisible.

Yang Tian finally felt relieved upon seeing the quirk. He realised Yang Xiao had come to his rescue. The exhaustion finally got to him, causing him to wobble.

The area was plunged into darkness due to the dragons’ dark glow and enormous size.

Li Ying was wary of the individual who summoned the dragons. “Who are you?”

“Your maker!” Yang Xiao’s voice echoed from every direction.

The huge dragons shattered the void as it rushed down toward Li Ying.

“Your arrogance will be your undoing!” Li Ying fired back.

Li Ying vaulted up and summoned an oversized golden bowl. The golden divine markings on made it look as though it was dipped in golden contents. He grunted and elevated the bowl upward. He then enlarged it, expanded its energy’s area of effect. The bowl sprayed golden qi and blood onto the charcoal canvas.

The enormous dragons sundered the golden ocean and fired a hot breath into the centre of it. Dozens of black dragons tied together, swerving around in the ocean.

Li Ying didn’t like the direction the fight was going. “Quit hiding, coward!”

“You’re an Almighty adept, yet you attacked a Profound Connection Realm. You have no shame, do you? I shall teach you lesson on behalf of the young patriarch.”

The dragons dove down toward Li Ying, which gave his golden the command to fire a golden divine beam. A dragon retaliated with a black beam from its mouths. Unfortunately, the golden divine beam overpowered the black beam and dissected the dragon.

Li Ying blasted five beams. Howbeit, he suddenly looked dumbstruck amidst his moment of smugness. His golden bowl was a Divine Dao Weapon, yet the dragon resurrected at full power. “That’s absurd!”

Yuan Xia: This is a killing formation. Who set it up? Wait. Young patriarch? No wonder why he was fearless. If all goes according to plan, his reinforcements will inflict some serious damage to Li Ying and his original qi.

The dragons turned the void into an illusion. They surrounded Li Ying with their destructive black glow.

Gu Yun’s group of four didn’t dare to enter the killing formation up ahead for a powerful sect’s defensive formation was child’s play compared to the killing formation they witnessed. That being said, deploying a killing formation of that calibre came with a proportionate price tag – it consumed a lot more energy than one could handle.

Li Ying’s hair was a mess after being brutally attacked on all sides. Even his golden battle garb looked demented after the thrashing. His golden bowl weakened drastically. He hadn’t found himself in such a wretched predicament in ages.

Yang Xiao attacked consecutively from the centre of the formation. The light-yellow cave estate behind him shook. The ancient qi it supplied was potent. He brought out all of the energy replenishment items from the energy spring within the spring inside to beat the blood out of Li Ying.

Li Ying’s energy levels continued to plummet. Keep it up, and he’d never reach Autarch Realm. “Come out and fight me if you’re tough. Where is your honour?!”

“Dragon Capturing Grand Art!”

The dragons in the sky fused to transform into a colossal dragon over thirty kilometres tall.

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