Almighty – Ch. 171

Ancient Tree

Leveraging a killing formation required formation creation abilities.

The dragons huffed out a destructive black beam toward Li Ying. He remained indifferent as he churned up his golden qi and blood; his fighting spirit pulled the void in.

“Golden Fighting Fist!” Li Ying punched out a violent breaker of fighting aura and fighting spirit down toward the dark energy with the might of a meteor.

Li Ying’s technique was Li Clan’s signature Martial Technique, one that was very difficult to master due to it requiring bloodline to work in conjunction.

The destructive attack generated an energy tornado that swept across the entire sky. The dragon fired black energy blasts consecutively, forming what resembled a giant river that obliterated Golden Fighting Fist. The freakish shockwave resulting from the destruction forced Li Ying to squint. The merciless black energy rammed him with a loud impact, contorting his golden battle garb. Despite Li Ying’s fierce roar at the top of his lungs, it was of no help. The black energy penetrated through his garb and rammed into his chest. The energy drove straight through and into the ground, creating a deep gully stretching thirty kilometres!

Yuan Xia and Yang Tian vanished out of sight while the people in the void were spacing out. The entire area suddenly cleared up; the sun shone through, and the majority of the smoke dispersed.

Gu Yun blew a gust of wind with a wave of his hand. Li Ying appeared. His chest wound was still exuding a black glow.

Qing Tao and Xing Shan shivered because, not only was Li Ying critically wounded, but he also regressed two layers. Li Ying needed need plenty of old herbs to recover. Therefore, it was very difficult for him to recover.

Yang Tian lied on a stone bed located inside a dark cave thousands of miles away from the battlefield.

Yuan Xia, sitting next to Yang Tian, sighed to herself before approaching Yang Xiao and politely expressing “Thank you for rescuing us. I am sincerely grateful.”

“Haha, there’s no need to thank me. It was only right for me to do so. You got hurt for Tian’s sake, after all. It should be me who thanks you.”

Yuan Xia’s cheeks wouldn’t obey her. “You are being too humble, Mister. May I ask if you are Yang Tian’s senior in his clan?”

“I am. I’m his senior… Can I help you?”

“… May I ask which clan you are from? I would like to visit your clan if I may have the honour one day.”

“Visit? I apologise, but our clan’s matters are best kept under wraps. You will understand in the future. For now, knowing too much will not do you or him any good.”

Despite it bothering her, Yuan Xia didn’t press on for answers. She moved on to wondering what the deal was with Yang Xiao’s body. She wondered if he, a corporeal divine soul, was the one who deployed the killing formation. She didn’t take what he said a moment ago serious for hardly anybody on the continent could restrain her.

When Yang Tian’s eyelids finally twitched, Yuan Xia glanced over to him and exhaled heavily.

“I shall take my leave now. By the way, Yang Tian should not continue pursuing his cultivation method. Once he reaches Transcendent Realm, Destructive Divine Lightning will challenge him.”

“Destructive Divine Lightning?”

“Yes. If my assumption is correct, Yang Tian’s cultivation method should be Almighty rank. When he comes to, you best talk about with him. Nobody cultivates such methods anymore; everyone who attempted the method died to the lightning tribulation that eventually challenged them.”

Yang Xiao: Nobody cultivates Almighty Rank cultivation methods? Why?

“I shall take my leave now, Mister.”

Yang Xiao shook his head subtly as he watched Yuan Xia depart. He didn’t take what she said to heart, reasoning that Yang Tian wouldn’t die to a lightning tribulation when he obtained the first patriarch’s Inheritance.

Yang Tian’s felt his head throb. He only woke up when he smelt a clear scent that relaxed his entire body. He struggled to open his eyes but eventually got them open. He surveyed his surroundings in a daze to find he was in a dark cave.

Yang Xiao laughed and waved his hand.

The cave had notably changed. The viscous ancient qi in the atmosphere basically replaced oxygen, allowing Yang Tian to feel as though he was soaking in a soothing hot spring. There were only stone tables and chairs in the light-red cave estate thirty thousand square metres in size.  The triple three-hundred-plus-metres tall red ancient tree struck the eye most among everything within. An energy whirlpool dozens of square metres hovered above the tree with decorated branches, converting the ancient qi into liquid.

Ancient trees were no longer found in the outside world. They had the ability to generate ancient qi.

“Uncle Xiao, where is Yuan Xia?”

“She just left,” replied Yang Xiao, in a teasing undertone.

“Gone?” repeated Yang Tian, looking as though he was sulking.

Why did she leave without a goodbye? We did go through life and death together, geez.

“Uncle Xiao, what connection does our clan have with Yuan Xia’s? My bloodline resonated with hers again.”

“I don’t know myself. I don’t know what transpired in the outside world during my imprisonment.”

“Ugh…” Yang Tian didn’t trust Yang Xiao due to the latter’s expression, positive the latter was hiding something from hm. “By the way, Uncle Xiao is Li Ying dead yet?’

“You wish. You think Almighty adepts are so easy to kill? I almost expended all of my energy when I went all out with the formation.”

“Oh, hehe…”

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