Almighty – Ch. 169

Reborn Clear and Pure

Yang Tian’s blood ejected from his body and took on the form of a small purple dragon.

The three sacred sects, several primordial era clans and three powerhouse clans could distinctly sense the exalted will, which was the will of an ancestor, from the blood. Gu Yun and his allies were all Almighty Realm adepts; they had triggered their bloodline to a certain extent. The will’s existence was a prophecy that said their ancestors once served under Yang Tian’s ancestors. They couldn’t deny that fact.

Yuan Xia suddenly released her colourful phoenix from her body. Her phoenix being close to Yang Tian was a phenomenon never heard of before. As a matter of fact, nobody of her level in her clan experienced the phenomenon.

Yang Xiao: “Since the two can fuse, they might be able to maximise their bloodlines full potential!”

The lightning and flames inside Yang Tian’s body tempered his body. The flame was hotter than what he imagined. He wasted no time enacting Heavens Conqueror Manual.

The purple dragon responded to the phoenix with a roar. The sea of lightning transformed into lightning bolts and flames that burnt the interior of Yang Tian’s body. He spat out the impurities extracted through the tempering process. He grimaced due to the pain exceeding predictions. He didn’t feel any pain last time for he was focused on in bloodline. He bled from every pore in his body. The blood quickly evaporated. His blood eventually turned red.

It was Yang Tian’s second transcendence; it helped take his physical body to new heights.

The intimate feeling practically corroded Yuan Xia’s mind. A lot happened over the last two days; Yang Tian nearly saw her body. Her bloodline underwent a change. The pent up questions and frustrations suffocated her. “Yang Tian, I’m going to question you after we’re done here!”

Yang Tian’s pain dissipated after a long tempering process. His new body was sparkling; his muscles contracted as loudly as a drum. Yuan Xia stopped feeling so annoyed. His body’s drumming drummed her heart.

People had foregone cultivating their physical body in this era in the world of cultivation. Quirks were also seldom summoned.

Yang Tian’s body glowed. Every aspect of his powers improved. The transformation took half a day. By then, most of the lightning around had also disappeared. The crimson flame underwent a change. Lightning Source aggressively released a destructive aura. The flame inside was extremely small, so small that it was forced into a corner. Every drop of his fighting spirit carried the Invincible Will.

The drum disappeared in the next instant, but its powerful aura lingered.

Every ounce of his Fighting Spirit roared and emitted its combat song. Sensing his qi and blood rapidly drop as he commanded it, Yang Tian immediately stopped.

Li Ying sprang into action the moment the sea of lightning vanished. Yang Tian sensed the incoming danger. Yuan Xia intercepted Li Ying. Enraged, Li Ying responded with a vengeful palm strike. Unexpectedly, Yuan Xia fell from the sky and coughed a mouthful of blood as she had expended so much energy she was only at Half-Step Almighty Realm.

Yang Tian leapt over to catch Yuan Xia. He was furious when he noticed the wound on her arm and her weak aura. The difference in levels made a dramatic difference to her resistance threshold.

“You’re dead, old man!”

“Hahaha, let’s see who saves you now.”

Qing Tao and Xing Shan stood before Yang Tian. Xing Shan slighted, “Hahaha, Li Ying, you’re an Almighty adept, yet you throw your weight around with a junior. And this one thought he’d seen it all.”

Li Ying: “Humph, you two want to stick your noses in?”

Gu Yun and his allies joined Li Ying. When they noticed Yuan Xia, they had qualms about striking. Her threats clearly worked on them.

Yang Xiao arrived.

Meanwhile, Yuan Xia had roses for cheeks owing to the position she was in. “Are you satisfied yet? Put me down already.”

Yang Tian: “Quiet. I told you to leave, but you refused. Look at you now!”

The startled beauty found herself in a dilemma between smiling and crying. Nevertheless, she just couldn’t see him being angry. She tried to struggle, but the pain immediately shot up to her brain, resulting in her scowling. Stubborn, she wore on an indifferent look and retorted, “What’s it to you? I don’t need you to tell me what to do.”

Yang Tian couldn’t help but feel bad for Yuan Xia when he saw her gorgeous face. Still, it was only for a moment that he showed empathy because he immediately switched back to an indifferent expression. “Now you know how much it hurts, huh?”

Yuan Xia puffed her cheeks and looked away. She lacked the strength to break free of Yang Tian’s hold. Their bloodlines resonance influenced her mind, as well, which made her weak against him.

Licentious gazes crept over to Yuan Xia.

“Capture Yang Tian alive!” ordered Gu Yun.

Four individuals immediately occupied Qing Tao and Xing Shan.

Li Ying took advantage of the situation to approach Yang Tian. “Surrender yourself. I might feel kind enough to reduce your agony.”

Yuan Xia turned her head and coldly fired at Li Ying, “I told you: if anything happens to him, I’ll bury all of your clans! If you want, try me!”

Li Ying and the others shuddered.

Yang Tian looked down at Yuan Xia’s cold expression. Yuan Xia noticed his gentle, grateful gaze on her; she turned back to face him. She didn’t know why her blood kept perturbing her, but it irritated her.

Li Ying soon recollected himself. “How about you follow this old one back, then?”

Yang Tian attempted to pierce Li Ying with his gaze. “Piss off, old bugger!”

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