Almighty – Ch. 168

Thunderous Drum Skysong

The hand-sized drum glimmered comparably to a star along with the rise of a Fighting Spirit. Hitting the phantasmal drum sounded akin to thunderclap. The entire area rumbled enough to split rocks. Mountains and rivers rocked. A thousand kilograms boulder crumbled. Rock chips sprayed. The void cried.

The more quirks one had, the more difficulties their path would be fraught with. Once one manifested their first quirk, the second one would be difficult. The quirks were haughty entities that refused to get along with others, believing themselves to be superior.

Lightning bolts flashed in his black eyes. His crimson glow was on fire.“Hargh!” thundered Yang Tian, facing up to the sky with his hair glowing. People could pick up on the determination, fury and injustice Yang Tian felt from his roar. They also discerned it was identical to the combat melody thundering across the sky from before.

The environmental destruction around Yang Tian was an indication of his mighty Fighting Spirit. The dagger-axe drumming sound sped up as the lightning announced its presence. With a single step, he was able to crack the ground. His bones crackled along with the lightning bolts sizzling. His spine was impervious to everything. His fighting spirit could threaten the heavens. His life force was strong as a spring. His qi and blood billowed around him.

Yang Tian grasped an Invincible Will!

The world had been without an invincible hero in ages. Merely hearing the term was enough to incite fear. To be invincible was to be one who left behind a trail of death and havoc in his wake yet forever forging forward. But nonetheless, the chances of acquiring the will were next to none. There was no shortage of monstrous cultivators in the world. If Yang Tian backed down, he’d lose the will. In other words, he had to forge forward no matter who or what stood before him throughout his life. Once the will developed, though, it would be a force to be reckoned with. By now, it should be obvious he was destined to tread an arduous. He was on a bright stage.

“Is Yang Tian going to defy the heavens?! What sort of path will he walk?”

“How did the Invincible Will appear? The last invincible hero to appear in the South’s dynasty was slain by a young king from the Central State!”

No clan’s young generation would be able to raise their heads once Yang Tian’s Invincible Will developed. Plus, he was too lucky – that included having people protect him at every turn. Two other adepts from two ancient grounds planned to send assassins after him for the same reason. Everybody would inexorably to challenge him henceforth.

Random spectator: “Wait, Yang Tian hasn’t completed the lightning tribulation, so isn’t his life and death still in question?”

Yang Tian could feel the immense power he was discharging. To a certain degree, he felt as though he was competing against heaven and earth. As he tried to wrap his head around it, his purple blood burbled and circulated around to his body, powering him up. He could feel the changes taking place. He focused in on his bloodlines and watched the purple blood circulate. He contemplated what was transpiring. He was able to mobilise his blood inside his body as per his will. An imposing feeling resonated within him, telling him he could control the fate of the entire world.

Yang Tian controlled his bloodlines and blood before he grasped the Invincible Will. “I suppose my bloodline has finally acknowledged me.”

Bloodlines could only bear their fangs once one reached Profound Connection Realm and truly transformed their body, shedding their ordinary body for the extraordinary, which was the equivalent of graduation into the world of cultivation.

Yang Tian watched the lightning around. He could keep them in check using his aura inside his bloodline. The light blood was practically a live entity that could escape his body and then transform into a small purple dragon that could roam the sea of lightning without any qualms of being zapped.

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