Almighty – Ch. 163

Fight for Lightning

The purple lightning jolted with excitement, giving Yang Tian ideas. He could feel his Lightning Source’s will. “I wonder what layer the lightning will be this time…”

Yuan Xia softly muttered, “If he really does have an Almighty Rank cultivation method, what do I do?”

Two bolts of lightning fired down. The deafening sound split rocks and damaged the landscape. The lightning dragon sent tremors through the sky as it dove down toward Yang Tian and Li Xuan. Yang Tian vaulted up toward the lightning as a silver bolt.

Logically, people thought Li Xuan had a better potential since he was almost at Battle King Realm to begin with. To add, he carried many decent items.

The lightning roared, driving Yang Tian straight back into the ground. Li Xuan, on the other hand, lost his mirror to it. Nonetheless, he successfully reduced the lightning’s lethal factor and attacked it with his sword.

Li Xuan condescendingly declared Yang Tian dead to himself. “That’s what you get for trying to compete with me, clown.”

Yang Tian had Ancestral Dragon Ring lock down his mauled body. He was used to that much pain by this point. The result of absorbing heaven and earth vital essence was the creation of a whirlpool where he trained to refine lightning. He downed loads of ancient pills from his interspatial ring to revive his weakened life force.  The green liquid that touched his body rejuvenated his decayed skin. His split veins reconnected. He released his suppressed Lightning Source. Purple lightning bolts seeped into his body after they were refined, improving his physique and spirit exponentially.

The lightning sea in Yang Tian’s body reduced, while his Lightning Source increased proportionately. The energy within his bolts was a third more potent, and the sturdiness was several folds superior. Thunder crackles could be heard as his muscles contracted.

The lightning behind the clouds lit up the dark scene. Two lightning bolts descended loudly.

Yang Tian jumped in again, only to be overwhelmed again despite his power up.  Li Xuan defended with his mirror and then slashed the lightning in two with his sword.

Yang Tian sat in the canyon formed in the ground as the earth split, reviving himself with the green liquid and lightning zapping him. Lightning Source rapidly absorbed the lightning bolts that hit him and converted them into fighting spirit.

Yang Tian repeated the process when the next lightning bolt came. He was numb to it. His cultivation progressed rapidly.

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