Almighty – Ch. 162


Yuan Xia started to look pale as she utilised a secret technique. She summoned a palm around three hundred and thirty square metres. She crushed the skulls of three Battle King adepts with her attack, scaring the other Battle Kings around. Her formidable technique required precise control over space and specific technique.

Gu Yun: “I’ll kill you!”

“If Yang Tian dies, I’ll have your entire clan join him. Also, don’t test me. If you don’t even have an Omnipotent Realm cultivator in your clan, sit yourselves down!”

“Hahaha, Qingxue, capture Yang Tian. I’m going to torture him to death.”

Li Qingxue shot Yuan Xia a cold glare. Yuan Xia tried to use her secret technique to cut off Li Qingxue, but she was stopped.

Gu Mo: “Don’t! Third Grandpa, don’t…”

Gu Yun shot Gu Mo a death stare. “Shut your traitorous trap. The clan doesn’t need dead weight.”

“Don’t worry. The damn old geezer won’t save you. Call me ‘grandpa’, instead, and I’ll keep you safe,” jeered Yang Tian, before putting Gu Mo back inside Golden Crow Divine Furnace.

Li Qingxue levitated her snow-white lotus and blasted Yang Tian from above. Yuan Xia palmed away the person next to her, then threw a palm aimed at Li Qingxue from a distance.

“Damn it.” Li Qingxue collected her lotus and shielded herself with the lotus petals overhead.

“Get lost!” Gu Yun palmed down on Yuan Xia, breaking off her attack from the void.

Yuan Xia: “Last warning: if Yang Tian is missing as much as a strand of hair, I’ll body the lot of you!”

Yuan Xia’s stern warning effectively killed their morale. They had second thoughts about joining Gu Yun in his frenzy. Gu Yun, on the other hand, continued, “Haha… This old one has cultivated for three centuries. The last thing this old one is afraid of is threats!” Gu Yun charged toward Yua Xia.

Yuan Xia rocked the sky with a stomp and slammed a palm down. “We’ll see about that. I hope you don’t regret this.”

Li Qingxue exited her lotus and looked around to see nobody. When she looked behind her, she condescendingly watched Yang Tian charge toward Li Xuan.

Li Xuan hurled his sword.

“Out of the way!” thundered Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s punch was strong enough to move a mountain. His sun spun the void. The sun smashed the sword away and continued toward Li Xuan.

Li Xuan donned his ochre sacred garment and imbued it with his energy, thereby fortifying its defences. That didn’t stop Yang Tian, though. He coated himself in his crimson aura and resolutely rammed his large sun into Li Xuan.

“Erupt!” Yang Tian’s sun erupted as per command, releasing a heat breaker. The point of explosion blew off Li Xuan’s energy shield, dealing damage to him.

Li Qingxue flew over as fast as she could.

“Open!” howled Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s one hundred and eight vital points fired on all cylinders. Following his qihai’s rumbling, he consumed a mystic energy pill and then sat down, rendering people around stunned. He absorbed the heaven and earth vital essence within a thirty-three kilometre radius whilst utilising Heavens Conqueror Manual. It made no sense to anyone what he was thinking, trying to break through when he was a hair’s breadth away from death.

Black clouds lapped the sky. The world got muted. Those engaged in battle in the sky paused their fight and hurried out of Yang Tian’s range. They needed to prepare a lot of things when summoning lightning at their level.

“Lightning tribulation?” Li Xuan staggered to his feet and tried to run.

Yang Tian ignored the power of the lightning and reached for Li Xuan. “Get over here!”

“What do you want? Are you crazy? If I stay here, the lightning’s output would amplify. You’ll be struck dead on the spot.”

“That’s fine with me. We can undertake the tribulation together. I’m keen to see if it’ll kill you.”

Li Xuan was two realms ahead of Yang Tian. Hence, lightning he called down out would be disastrous – enough to kill Yang Tian.

Yuan Xia: He’s summoning lightning? What’s his cultivation method?

Yuan Xia lingered for a while before approaching Qing Tao and Xing Shan. “He’s lost his mind. Talk him out of this. The lightning will be exponentially more powerful if the lightning is summoned by two individuals.”

Qing Tao was surprised to see Yuan Xia care so much about Yang Tian. “Miss, does it look as though we could dissuade him?”

Xing Shan laughed as praise and dropped the explosive. “Don’t worry. Yang Tian survived nine bolts back before he was in Warrior Realm.”

“By the way, Miss, what is your relationship to Yang Tian?”

“What do you mean, Elder?”

“Ahem…” Qing Tao sent Xing Shan an eye signal, then gave Yuan Xia a smile. “Miss, please don’t misunderstand. Our descendants are friends with Yang Tian, which is why we inquired. We mean no ill will.”

Yuan Xia nodded gently and focused her attention on Yang Tian without elaborating.

Yang Tian focused his eyes on the sky and mind on his cultivation. Profound Connection Realm was about converting energy into combat aura. Reach the realm and one shall finally enter the real world of martial arts. In the past, cultivators developed combat aura to combat the hundred races. Owing to their obsession with combat, the energy in the realm was referred to as combat aura.

Yang Tian gambled everything on Lightning Source. Only Autarch Realm cultivators were capable of grasping an inkling of it. Based on what Yang Xiao could tell, Yang Tian’s version was probably formed through Heaven and Earth; it was a version that surpassed what cultivators comprehended in terms of Lightning Source. Yang Tian’s Lightning Source was feeble to say the least. To develop it, he needed to absorb lightning. So accordingly, he decided to pursue the insane idea.

Yang Tian was able to absorb lightning with his cultivation method, true. Even so, the lightning was amplified above his bearable threshold. Asking someone who had yet to break through to Profound Connection Realm to withstandand a Battle King’s lightning was the tallest order.

Li Xuan sat next to Yang Tian and tried to recover his combat aura as fast as he could. He lost his chance to escape for the reason that the lightning in the sky had locked on to him. If lady luck would take his side, he had a chance of evolving and reaching Battle King Realm.

Yang Tian popped star pill after star pill. He went through forty thousand pills already. His initial plan was to concoct a pill that could condense the quirk once it appeared and then break through. He didn’t have much time left, nevertheless.

The heaven and earth vital essence protecting the environment in a radius of dozens of kilometres came over to where the lightning gathered.

Almighty Rank cultivation methods no longer existed in this era. In the case one did exist, nobody would’ve reached a realm where they could manage it as they’d be struck down by lightning before they could.

Yang Tian stored away the fist-sized premium-grade bloodstone inside Ancestral Dragon Ring. He summoned a jade vial to his hand with a wave. He opened the lid, letting the potent vital essence escape. The potion was concocted via Yang Xiao’s personally used vital essence water and lots of other precious herbs, increasing its potency compared to vital essence water with a decreased risk of side effects.  He had two hundred drops, which was plenty.

Yang Tian returned to his physical body. The expansive sky of clouds and lightning sent chills down his spine.

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