Almighty – Ch. 164

Fight for Transcendence Pills

The fourth lightning bolt descended, injuring Li Xuan badly enough for him to cough blood despite having his mirror.

Yang Tian’s life force remained astoundingly strong. He looked joyous despite his skin taking damaged.

Lightning Source roamed the sea of lightning. The flame flickered. The interior of the flame bunched together. His Flame Seed went out of control. His chances of successfully concocting pills would, therefore, drop by a lot unless he could find a proper Fire Spirit.

“Li Xuan, can your weak behind still handle it or not? If you can’t, piss off and call someone else over. This lightning is weak as piss.”

Li Xuan had no time to argue with Yang Tian. He consumed a pill to swiftly recover his cultivation. Else, it was the end of the line for him.

The colour of the area changed. The void showed signs of crumbling. The lightning flashes became a sea of light.

Yang Tian’s body transformed rapidly, and his qihai’s lightning quirk strengthened.

Xing Hao gave Qing Tao a smile. “Brother Qing, it’ll be their era next. I’m getting on with age…”

Qing Tao had cultivated for hundreds of decades. He still had thousands of years to live. Sadly, his body couldn’t keep up. He no longer brimmed with vigour and felt fearless. “Yeah, we’re all old now…”

The three main sacred grounds’ apparently cultivated several young talents. Some claims stated they were already on their way to Battle Emperor!

Lightning bolts passed Yang Tian’s qi and blood river. With every thunderclap, every drop would undergo a change.

Li Xuan was on smoke, literally. His protective items were cracked.

The seventh lightning bolt, which was several folds stronger, descended, zapping Yang Tian and leaving bolts swimming around on his body. Ancestral Dragon Ring trembled violently as it tried to bring his body under control.

Yang Tian dropped a few drops of the jadeite liquid on his body that was up in smoke. “This stuff is going to be vitality water’s upgraded version. I’m coining it hundred herb divine elixir!”

Yuan Xia: Using vitality spring water’s supplement as a main ingredient. Where did he get those dozens of extinct herbs from? Actually, curse you! Why didn’t you share some with me when I was hurt?!

Lightning Source, the source of energy that devoured lightning, was a product of nature. It could absorb all but Wrath of Heaven and a few other types of lightning.

The lightning bolts inside Yang Tian had transformed into multiple whirlpools. His flesh transformed. His vitality potency increased. His body brimmed with life.

Yang Tian: When will I be able to manifest Heavens Conqueror Lightning Physique at this rate?

Heavens Conqueror Lightning Physique was the level after Heavens Conqueror Copper Body. Based on what the manual stated, one needed to undergo the lightning baptism for entering Transcendent Realm to acquire it.

The lightning bolts left Yang Tian’s spine sparkling. His bones were clean. While that was happening, his fighting spirit in his qihai developed. His aura grew. He looked up at the lightning collected in the void. The intensity of the lightning was still increasing.

Li Xuan was jolted when the thunder clapped. His heart raced. If he could survive the next bolt, he would evolve into a Battle King. Otherwise…

The gully beneath Yang Tian collapsed together with him a significant distance.


The lightning split Li Xuan’s mirror and shattered his garment to zap him. His life force nearly dropped to zero.

Yang Tian strolled around in the sea of lightning whilst absorbing the lightning. His physique was practically a monstrosity, yet the lightning still got his chest.

Yuan Xia: I knew it. It’s Wrath of Heaven. Yang Tian’s cultivation method is Almighty Rank!

The strongest lightning bolt in an Almighty Rank cultivation method wasn’t the bolts at present but when one transcended.

Almighty Rank cultivation methods threw off the balance in the world of cultivation for the reason that it empowered its practitioner with the ability to defeat those above their level.

Li Xuan resolutely pulled out a shiny golden pill shrouded in golden mist. The pill contained vast vital essence. It was a “transcendence pill”, a Seventh Rank pill.

Li Qingxue’s heart throbbed. Despite her prodigious abilities, she was bound to marry into other clans. As such, the best pills would end up with males in the clan.

Li Xuan was less than a hundred and sixty-five metres away from Yang Tian. Unfortunately, Yang Tian couldn’t snatch it in time for the lightning bound him.

Whoosh! Something zoomed across to Li Xuan so fast one could hear the wind blowing from its direction.

Li Ying couldn’t figure out what Xiaobai was. Anyhow, suspecting the beast was after the transcendence pill, he scowled.

Qing Tao heard about Xiaobai from Qing Yuan’s stories, but Xiaobai exceeded what he thought possible. “Strange… Strange…”

Xiaobai angrily hooted and then sped off faster than before.

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