Almighty – Ch. 156

Blood Resonance

The colourful and unbelievably fast phoenix in the sky in the distance glowed brightly. It exuded a powerful aura from its powerful energy. Even the sky and earth cried. It gusted up winds with its wings. It was as though the dimension was rampaging. The phoenix’s cries shook mountains and rivers. Rocks flew. This rampage impacted the environment stretching thousands of miles. The supreme Divine Beast roared as though it was waking from its slumber. The phoenix gave off the vibe it had gone through countless tribulations, empowering it with a fighting spirit that could shatter voids.  Even the Almighty adepts to the rear could feel their blood seething for battle.

Much to her joy, Yuan Xia felt the familiar life force closing in.

Yang Tian clicked his tongue. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Lots of people are after it.”

“Hahaha, them? They aren’t qualified to carry my shoes.”

“Arrogant woman, you don’t look good now.”

“Hahaha, only you look good. Only you look handsome. Happy?”


The colourful phoenix cried and appeared before the cave. Upon engaging eyes, Yang Tian could feel his purple blood stirring and resonating with the colourful blood as if they finally met after a long separation. Even Yuan Xia felt the familiar, yet distant, feeling. She couldn’t understand why her blood looked at Yang Tian in that manner.

The colourful phoenix saw a trace of yearning in his eyes. It dove into Yuan Xia’s body, restoring her cultivation and healing her wounds.

“Uncle Xiao, what just happened?’

The Blood Vessel revealed a hint of joy a moment ago. The resonance indicated that his clan was somehow and to some extent connected to Yuan Xia’s clan.

Yang Xiao didn’t know about everything in the past. There were also some things Yang Tian wasn’t ready to know. “I’m not sure myself…”

“Did our clan have some connection to Yuan Xia’s clan?”

“Kid, stop asking. You’ll eventually come to know. Knowing too much now is not to your benefit.”

“Oh…” Yang Tian left Ancestral Dragon Ring.

Witnessing the cracks appear in the void purely due to Yuan Xia’s energy – not to mention it was still intensifying – Yang Tian felt a need to question, “Uncle Xiao, what realm is Yuan Xia at right now?”

“Still Half-Step Almighty.  With that said, she’ll break through soon. The energy she’s discharging right this moment isn’t hers; it’ll vanish soon enough. I’m surprised she can still increase her energy when it’s already so potent. Now that her ancestor has been summoned, she’ll not only grow stronger but also expedite her cultivation progress.”

The treacherous people outside could tell the energy was on par with their own.

An elder in grey: “It should be. The energy is still intensifying. It’s safe to assume the individual benefited massively from the Blood Vessel.”

A middle-aged man: “I’m sure the individual isn’t from the East. I’m sure they’re from another continent. Maybe they’re from the central state!”

Elder in grey: “He’s right. Not many clans in the East have blood with that much potency. I doubt you’d find them anywhere but in the central state.”

Man in black: “If someone from the central state is here, we must fulfil our duty as rulers of the East. Let’s go take a look.”

“Haha, Brother Gu is right. Let’s go.”

“Brother Qing, what’s your opinion?”

Man in purple: “It doesn’t matter if they’re from the central state or not. Judging from the Blood Vessel’s ability to summon an ancestor’s will, the individual must hail from a reputable clan. Let’s act accordingly.”

“Haha, true. I remember Yang Tian also had an extremely powerful bloodline. My son claimed his bloodline was superior to Ancient Sacred Ground’s.

Man in purple: “Hehe, that kid?”

The energy building up at an exponential rate inside Yuan Xia exploded out of the cave. The void’s break down frightened the people outside.

“Any who approach the cave will be killed without mercy!”

The discharged energy could rival Almighty Realm’s Sixth or Seventh Layer, not to mention it was still increasing.

They wouldn’t be resigned to just backing out; however, they didn’t need to go into hostile ground. Moreover, they didn’t know who the individual in question was.

The man black held his hands in a palm-fist salute. “This one is Ancient Sacred Ground’s Gu Yun. My friends and I have come to send you our greetings. We mean no ill will.”

Yang Tian immediately looked vindictive. His cold aura oozed out from him, startling Yuan Xia, who was increasing her strength.

“Yang Tian, do you have a grudge with them?”

Yang Tian gnashed his teeth. “Of course I do. They’re the ones who forced me into this place. They’re a sly and sinister bunch. Don’t believe a word the old geezer says. They’re shameless enough to send a Battle King after me.”

“You think I dropped my brain out there? Who said I’m letting them in? Your cultivation isn’t advanced, but you sure have skills, the ability to run fast enough to escape a Battle King, that is.”

Yang Tian thumped his chest. “I’m not going to deny that. How would I have saved you, otherwise, agreed?”

The moment she went to lash out, Yuan Xia’s blood pulsated, warning her to not be at odds with Yang Tian. She was dumbstruck for a second. “If you dare to tell anyone a single word about what happened, I’ll cut your tongue off.”

“Hehe, I’ll keep the secret. Don’t worry.”

Meanwhile, Gu Yun and his companions began to feel irritated. They were given the silent treatment despite being Almighty cultivators, after all.

Yang Tian could tell that more and more people were arriving. “Uncle Xiao, what level will her energy reach?”

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