Almighty – Ch. 157

Yuan Xia’s Might

Yang Xiao: “If her power continues increasing, her body won’t be able to withstand it.”

“Brother Gu, we cannot continue waiting this out, or we won’t be able to handle the situation if somebody decides to take advantage of the situation.”

“You’re right, Brother Li.” Gu Yun planned to move.

Voice cold and hostile, an individual thundered, “Those are refuse to leave by the count of ten are dead men!” A potent blast of colourful qi blew to the entrance at the same time.

They recognised the colourful phoenix as one of the powerful adepts they saw in battle previously. The energy of blood finally had a master and was powerful. Soon enough, half of the crowd was gone.

Gu Yun hadn’t cultivated for three hundred years, yet he was already an Almighty Realm Seventh Layer. “Pardon me, but are you not being too overbearing? This one is showing court-”

The phoenix shot two colourful beams from its eyes before Gu Yun could finished. Gu Yun activated his dormant energy to soar up.

“Ancient Doom Bringer Arms!” Gu Yun cracked the void with his a pair of three-kilometre long arms he summoned and summoned a rose gold mirror, which was a Peak Dao Weapon was a renowned offensive weapon, overhead to fire back his own hot and powerful divine beam.

The energy attacks of two almighties clashed. The residue energy sliced mountains. Gu Yun was sent back several times, startling people around.

Pleased, Yang Tian flicked a thumb up. “Well played.”

Yuan Xia: “It’s too early to celebrate. There isn’t just one of them.”

The entire cave rumbled. Rock after rock broke. Yin Yang Palms overhead picked up the cave. Yuan Xia summoned a jade palm over the top of the cave to crush the two Yin Yang Palms. Yuan Xia left everyone ion awe with her ability to gain the advantage against two powerful. The residue energy ripped the top of the cave off, revealing the scene within.

“Where… did she come from?” The man with thick eyebrows and the fair and clear elder glanced at each other. They were surprised she was only in her early twenties.

Li Xuan, kilometres in the distance, was mesmerised with Yuan Xia, whose beauty surpassed Li Qingxue an entire notch. “Only a beauty, like that, is worthy of me!” When Li Xuan spotted the male next to Yuan Xia, he scowled. However, in the blink of an eye, he was delighted.

Li Qingxue was inferior to Yuan Xia in terms of beauty and combat prowess. Yang Tian was still inferior to her, but would he really need long to catch up? She started to regret a decision.

The man with thick eyebrows, Qing Tao, Green Sun Empire’s man in charge, laughed. “Old Xiao, he really is a troublemaker, huh? He’s causing trouble even all the way out here.”

The fair and clean elder nodded. “You are right, Brother Qing. Even I must admit he is more courageous than myself. I am truly getting on with age.”

“Haha, I just want to know what his relation to the girl next to him is.”

The fair and clean elder recognised Yang Tian as their clan’s younger princess was demanding they save Yang Tian daily. Hence, he remarked, “I just know she’s not his woman…”

Yang Tian: Those old geezers wouldn’t throw their weight around against me, would they?

Yuan Xia: “Yang Tian, they’re your enemies. You’re a troublemaker, aren’t you…?”

“You can’t blame me there. They’re trying to rob me. They’re all moral posers. Sure, their cultivation is advanced, but they’re also sinners.”

“What do we do, then? I can only help you hold off three at the very best, and I don’t have enough energy to last long, either.”

Gu Yun slowly approached the pair. “Miss, what was that about? This one didn’t offend you. Why did you attack?”

Yuan Xia: “If it was a misunderstanding, I shall take my leave now.”

Gu Yun was wary of Yuan Xia after witnessing the martial technique she used before. Taking her background into account, he didn’t dare to offend her. Howbeit, that compromise was excessive and unacceptable. “Stop!”

“What? You want to force me to stay?”

Gu Yun had a quick think before discussing it with the others around him via eye contact. “You misunderstand, Miss. You may leave, but Yang Tian must stay!”

“Surely you jest! Yang Tian is my clan’s branch disciple. You think your sacred grounds living in obscurity can just order him around?”

They weren’t fully convinced. Yang Tian’s bloodline did raise the credibility of her claim, though.

Gu Yun was outraged upon hearing Yuan Xia label sacred grounds as a clan living in obscurity when they were one of the most powerful clans in the East. At the same time, he tried to figure out if she was telling the truth.

Yang Tian played along. “Senior Sister, you must help me. They are trying to steal our patriarch’s cultivation method. They even sent two Battle Kings after me a few days ago. Had Elder’s divine soul not intervened, they would have killed me and stolen the cultivation method already.”

Li Ying’s clan associated with Yang Clan for a long time, but he never heard of Yang Clan having a branch sect, so he quickly spread the word.

Gu Yun: “Miss, you must be an adept from the central plan, correct? May I ask which clan you hail from? This one did once spend time in the central state.”

“Haha, I might tell you if your sacred grounds have any Omnipotent Realm adepts. If you don’t… then I suggest you rethink who you decide to accost!”

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