Almighty – Ch. 155

Yuan Xia

Xiaobai’s sudden hoot frightened Yuan Xia. When she saw harmless Xiaobai, she relaxed. She resisted the pain to quickly get dressed. While Yang Tian was daydreaming, she softly expressed, “Thank you for the clothes. I’m done…”

Yang Tian was relieved when he turned around to see her curves hidden away. Howbeit she somehow appeared more alluring. He handed her a rabbit with a smile. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.”

Whilst chewing away, Yang Tian conveyed, “Your Blood Vessel is still fighting. I doubt it’ll end anytime soon. Once it does, be careful. There are lots of adepts back there.”

Yuan Xia stopped chewing. “Oh… you seem to know quite a lot.”

“Haha, I just heard it from someone else… You’re… not from the East side of the continent, are you?’

Yang Tian still remembered the resonance between their bloods. He surmised she might’ve known about his clan’s past if she was somehow connected to his clan.

“Indeed, I am not.” Yuan Xia hesitated for a moment before dimpling. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Yang Tian. How about you?”

Yang Tian didn’t think she’d turn around and sell him out to Ancient Sacred Grounds after he just saved her.

“… I am Yuan Xia.”

Yang Tian suspected she was lying as “Yuan” was a rather odd surname from his perspective. He, therefore, decided against inquiring about his clan. If they were at odds with each other, he could be jumping to his own death.

“Yang Tian, why are you here when you’re only a Warrior Realm cultivator?”

“Hehe, I was chased into here. I certainly don’t want to stay here. How long will it take you to heal? I’m willing to bet you’ll be faced with trouble.”

“My Blood Vessel underwent a change. I can’t utilise my energy inside my body. I have no choice but to wait for my Blood Vessel to return.”

“That’s going to be quite troublesome, in that case. It’s in your best interest to think of something.”

“I don’t know why it changed, either; this is the first time it’s happened. I pray they don’t have any Blood Vessel devouring techniques.”

Yuan Xia could sense that her ancestor’s will was summoned. Her clan’s ancestors fell ages ago. She didn’t know why their wills still existed.

“Haha, I hope not. That being said, there are number of people who know ‘yin yang techniques’. You need to look out when you’re so good looking.”

Yuan Xia hurled the half remaining rabbit at Yang Tian and fumed, “Your filthy mouth can’t say anything nice, can it…?”

Xiaobai vaulted up and caught the rabbit Yuan Xia threw then sped off to a corner.

Yang Tian: “This guy, I swear… you greedy, boy…”

“What’s the beast’s name? What species is it?”

“Uh… He’s Xiaobai. He was given to me as a gift. He’s not a unique species…”

Yuan Xia didn’t buy Yang Tian’s tripe. She never heard of a small beast that could emit a demonic aura. That wasn’t to say anything of the beast’s outstanding intelligence.

Afraid that Yuan Xia would see through his deceit, Yang Tian put Xiaobai away.

“Petty…” mumbled Yuan Xia, cheeks puffed. “… Hey, thank you for today. I’ll return the favour after I recover.” Yuan Xia felt much better after she got the feelings off her chest.

“Haha, it was nothing. I’d save you again if it happened again. Don’t worry about returning the fav-“

“Shut your unlucky mouth!”

“If you want to repay the favour, think of a way to recover. Also, don’t let those people outside here.

“What? You scared?”

“Humph… I’d be out of here if I was scared; I wouldn’t be here looking after you.”

“Hehe, sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. I was j-”

“What do you mean?”

Yang Tian wasn’t so angry after seeing her look apologetic. As he was about to speak, Yang Xiao belted, “The fight has ended. The lass’ Blood Vessel is returning to her!”

Yang Tian sprinted to the door. As soon as he poked his head outside, a huge area of effect energy blasted him back into the cave. He crashed into a wall and grimaced.

Startled, Yuan Xia asked, “What’s wrong?’

Yang Tian jumped up. “Your Blood Vessel is flying back. Uncle Xiao, what do we do?”

“Wait. The rest will depend on what fate has planned for her. It’s up to her to control the energy her ancestor left behind.”

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