Almighty – Ch. 149

Golden Wolf

Massive qi and blood were required to concoct a Rank Two pill. Yang Tian had a 70% percent chance of success with concocting Rank One High-Grade Pills before.

He sat inside Ancestral Dragon Ring and focused inward on his body. Ever since his divine soul reached Divine Journey, his cultivation slowed down significantly.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Tian imbued his qi and blood into a crimson pill furnace. The furnace lengthened over sixty metres. The flame inside intensified. When the lid came off, a fire shot through the roof.  He turned his hand over and summoned a flame seed with purple lightning flashing within to his hand. He was able to easily and rapidly gather a flame unlike his clumsy past self.

Yang Tian threw the lightning dragon head into the pill. The flame inside the furnace intensified again. The beast image on the furnace woke. He tossed in multiple herbs, including blood condensation flower (a healing flower), purple revival herb, towering water flower…

Yang Tian changed his hand seals once he threw the flower in. The furnace blasted a flame and refined the flower. The leaves glowed to resist being melted.

“I need to find a way to power up the Flame Seed. This is too slow.”

Based on his current flame type, Yang Tian had maxed out its potential. He was actually relatively lucky because it was more common for people to develop the lowest level flame seed. Flame seeds needed some high-grade flames to absorb in order to grow stronger. Yang Tian’s flame was almost at True Flame. Howbeit, he had Lightning Source, which gave him the option of absorbing lighting to evolve.

In the introduction for Lightning Dragon Flame Control Technique, lightning fire and flames needed to be coordinated to manifest, which was why Yang Tian needed to find high-quality flames to progress his own flame. Else, the lightning would be too fierce for his flame the next time he needed to undergo a tribulation. As a result, his success rate in concocting pills would drop.

Golden Crow Divine Furnace’s flame might’ve been fierce, but it hadn’t progressed to Flame Spirit, which was created from flames over a long time. He would only strengthen his flame seed if he absorbed the flame in Golden Crow Divine Furnace; it wasn’t enough to improve his flame seed’s quality.

A clear liquid in the furnace glowed. Yang Tian’s divine soul energy escaped and coalesced the liquid potion in the air. Qi and blood gushed out. The furnace’s flame intensified again.

Yang Xiao provided guidance by the side since Yang Tian’s methodology was poor from his perspective as an alchemist. “Be conservative with your divine soul energy. It may be powerful now, but don’t waste it… Slow down your collection rate. You must burn it with the red flame even if you don’t collect any. If you don’t, the potency of your pill will be reduced…”

Once the last seal formed, the lightning dragon gobbled up the pill. The furnace vibrated. The flame charged into the fire. The pill gradually took form. The energy within was gradually refined. Yang Tian blew a breath of qi and blood into the furnace, intensifying the flame again. The pill was then purified via refinement.


Yang Tian’s qi and blood charged out. The fire intensified. The dragon opened its mouth and blasted twilight-coloured beams. The fire spat out an elegant aura. A pill levitated. The heaven and earth vital essence around came along for the ride. The dragon-shaped fire huffed. A hot flame with lightning around lifted the pill up.

“Hurry up!” Yang Tian’s qi and blood rapidly dropped as he poured it into the fire.

Once Yang Tian forced out a large volume of qi and blood, the pill in the air stopped absorbing. He ceased his output once the pill floated in the void. He was exhausted beyond belief. Nevertheless, he grabbed the pill. That was all it took for him to become a Rank Two alchemist.

Yang Xiao stopped himself as he went to speak.

“Uncle Xiao, what is the matter?’

Yang Xiao moaned and smiled mysteriously. “Haha, come on out, and you’ll know.”

In the void not too far away, the horizon resembled dusk. Yang Tian could see a golden light trying to fight back against the dusk glow. A fierce energy beam suddenly pierced the sky and destroyed the void.  The fight far away in the distance rapidly approached.

Voids fell. A golden monster destroyed the void.

“What are you running for? They’re not attacking you.”

Without looking back, Yang Tian responded, “I have every reason in the world to run. The Spirit Beast is a Battle Emperor Realm beast. It’ll splatter me if it finds me.”

“It’s still chasing you. You’re not even an ant to it. Stop running; find someone to get a good view of the show.”

“The show?”

“Don’t worry, they won’t find you. It’s good for you to watch a fight between adepts.”


“Let me take control of your body.”

“All right.”

Yang Xiao flew Yang Tian toward the scene of the battle.

“This isn’t fast. Once you master Unfettered Omnidirectional steps and if you’re lucky enough to find ‘unfettered’, then you’ll learn what fast means.”

Its golden eyes were the size of feet. Every strand golden fur was solid. Its power was imposing. It shot out flames every now and then. One swing and it could rip the void with its four shiny paws. It had several golden markings on its head. Its tail resembled a dragon tail dozens of metres long. One swing and it smashed the void with a gust of wind.

“Uncle Xiao, what is that Spirit Beast?”

“It’s the incredibly, super-rare golden wolf, which was a Mutated Beast in ancient times. I’m surprised there’s one here. It was notorious for its violence. Once it reaches its maximum potential, it could rival the best of the best adepts.”

With a palm, a powerful dusk-coloured beam destroyed everything in its path to attack the golden tail. Yang Tian could tell the attacker was a woman from her appearance underneath the clouds.

“Human, hand over the amber divine stone. Don’t forget where you are: you’re at Hundred Thousand Mountains. It’s not a place for you to run rampant,” raged the Golden Wolf.

“Sorry, but I need the material. I can give you a demon transformation pill in exchange.”

Yang Tian liked the sound of a demon transformation pill. They were classified as a Rank Six pill. As the name implied, they could help Spirit Beasts take on human forms.

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