Almighty – Ch. 148

Warrior Realm Peak

It was unusually quiet inside a fire-red forest compared to the area close by where beast roars were audible.

Three days had passed since Yang Tian fell into a deep slumber. He was still half asleep as he soaked in the light-red vitality-infused water. While he was having a soak, Xiaobai was on patrol duty nearby, occasionally shaking his bell to keep Spirit Beasts away with the demonic aura.

Half a day later, Yang Tian opened his eyes. As soon as he tried to move, the pain screamed for him to stop. “Uncle Xiao, what is this place?”

Yang Xiao smiled. “This is the inner section of Hundred Thousand Mountains.”

Yang Tian shook out his body and struggled to sit up.

“The two lasses have been taken away. Don’t worry. They’ll be fine.”

Yang Tian remembered Meng Yunxi arrived on the scene, so she, presumably, took them with her.

“Focus on cultivating. This is a healing formula I came up with. You can’t always use vitality water to heal wounds in the future. You’ll build up a tolerance to it, otherwise. You have too much vitality water in your body already. You need to expel it before it’s too late. All of the trees around here are flame trees. They contain a precious medicinal property. I didn’t know there was a field of them here. You’re in luck.” Yang Xiao took out a red-jade vial and opened it. The heat energy resembled magma. “It’ll hurt, but bear with it.”


When Yang Xiao dropped a drop in, the entire pool began to gurgle.

“Is this a medicine or poison…?”

“Hahaha, stop dawdling and cultivate. It was hard to concoct the potion.”

“All right…”

Yang Tian took in a deep breath to clear his mind, then began to utilise Heavens Conqueror Manual. The pool roiled. Heat energy seeped into his body. His skin sizzled. He scrunched his face up. Sometimes it felt itchy, but sometimes it felt as though he was dipped in magma. He fought with the pain for ten minutes. The energy circulated to every corner of his body. The energy sprayed back out. The potion that he expelled turned into a potent potion that was ochre in colour. He could feel his energy growing as he cleansed his body.

Yang Xiao, sensing Yang Tian recovery, took out the red-jade vial again and trickled two drops in. The river burbled again and repeated the process except the pain was several folds worse. This time, Yang Tian’s body glowed ochre as the energy he discharged gradually increased.

There was vitality water, a lot of mystical energy nourishment pills in addition to ancient pill properties

Yang Tian: “So the ancient pills can be abused. It’s impossible to rely on them for cultivation daily.”

Yang Tian’s qi and blood river quickly recovered. The potion that resided inside him was extremely potent. The energy would condense a little every time he cleansed his river.

Xiaobai excitedly ran over upon sensing the familiar energy fluctuation. Since Yang Xiao had his eyes shut, Xiaobai had a lick of water. All of his fur stood up. He bore his teeth. He felt as if he had roundworms in his belly.

Yang Xiao laughed. Xiaobai whistled and ran circles due to the discomfort. If someone else consumed the water, they’d be dead if not severely wounded.

Yang Xiao repeated the same process over the course of the entire day, thereby going through a half of the vial.

Yang Tian’s aura grew powerful but unstable. Yang Tian almost finished expelling the accumulated vitality water within. The residue amount still there wasn’t detrimental.

Yang Xiao: It’s time for him to break through.

Yang Tian’s body interior was pristine clean and clear. His body levelled up as did his energy in his qihai, making it difficult to control. Yang Tian’s small qi and blood figure appeared at the base of his vital point.. While others opened one by one, he wanted to open all twelve in one breath.

Yang Tian’s little figure unleashed a ferocious, blinding, epic qi and blood infused punch.  All one hundred and eight vital points in his body shook.

The quirk known as Thunderous Drum Skysong developed. They needed to have reached Profound Connection Realm and manifest a lightning drum.

Yang Tian’s vital points opened one after the other. Energy rushed out from them. His aura grew. His qi and blood river’s tornado intensified. The wind was ear-splitting loud. Stars went berserk. Every drop of qi and blood increased several folds. His interior rumbled. All one hundred and eight vital points activated, releasing crimson glows. The points connected, releasing a bright crimson light that shot into the river. The heaven and earth vital essence gathered overhead to form a whirlpool as the river expanded. When he slowed down, he felt his qi and blood river rumble, compelling him to promptly halt because, if he broke through to Profound Connection Realm now, he’d start a lightning tribulation.

Yang Tian’s eyes glowed red. He patted his stiff arms and turned his attention to the pool. He had absorbed all of the active ingredients.

Yang Xiao smiled. “Stop dallying. See if you can concoct a Rank Two pill since your energy has increased considerably.”

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