Almighty – Ch. 147

Meeting Meng Yunxi Again

Gu Qi couldn’t believe Yang Tian still had energy to fight after deploying a martial technique that would qualify as a Star Rank Martial Technique.

Gu Qi scrambled for dear life, powering up his sacred garment. Unfortunately, by the time he managed to power up a trace amount of energy, the lightning punch already smashed into his chest. The impact ploughed through his garment and launched him through several ancient trees. He landed heavily and convulsed there. Like a man beaten back to an illiterate stage of life, he profusely repeated, “I won’t spare you!” He tried to stand up, only to fall again.

Yang Tian: “Haha, let me help you. You lay your hands on my family’s people, and you’re dead!”

Hearing Yang Tian overbearingly declare her “family”, Hong Ying’s cheeks were hot enough to boil water on.

Yang Tian grabbed Gu Qi’s arm and lifted him up to slam him back down dozens of times.

Hong Ying shut her eyes. Hong Xue, to the contrary, complimented Yang Tian on a job well done.

Gu Ba ignored Yang Xiao and charged down toward Yang Tian: “How dare you, Yang Tian!”

Yang Tian snickered and, before booting Gu Qi in the gut, he mocked, “Oldie, here’s a present if you want.”

The kick broke more of Gu Qi’s bones. Gu Ba flicked his sleeve and caught Gu Qi.

“Let’s go.” Yang Tian helped up the Hong sisters and planned to head into the forest.

“Hold it right there!” thundered Gu Ba, blasting Yang Tian with a shockwave palm.

Yang Xiao speared the air with his finger, beaming out a black ray that dismantled the palm attack. At the same time, he fled into the forest.

Gu Ba cursed and cursed as he pursued them.

An individual lying on the ground gasped blood, but his eyes were vengeful and treacherous. Three others in the vicinity were dead via dismemberment.

Yang Tian sensed energies clashing behind him.

Hong Ying sniffled at the sight of Yang Tian’s bloody body. “Big Brother Yang Tian, put me down. My sister and I can walk.”

“Yeah, put us down.” Not used to being so close to a masculine man, Hong Xue’s inflated cheeks were rosy.

Yang Tian: “Be quiet both of you.”

Yang Tian consumed a star pill. He was drained after running for a while. Having not sensed any energy disturbances to the rear, he began to feel anxious.

Yang Xiao was so weak he was almost as transparent as water.

“Uncle Xiao, are you all right?”

“Still alive. Let’s hurry, and find a place to h-. Come out. What sort of honourable individual snoops around? Are you afraid of a mere divine soul?”

Judging from the appearance of their guest attired in black, he was roughly thirty years old. Smiling, he said, “Impressive vision. I did not think expect a divine soul to detect me. My surname is Chen.”

Yang Tian’s eyes darted back and forth. He was very concerned, reason being solo adepts weren’t afraid of influence.

Yang Xiao: “Haha, may I ask what business you have?”

The man looked to Yang Tian and smiled. “Let me see the young man’s cultivation method. I promise to leave once I take a look.”

Even if they did show him the manual, he’d still kill them.

Yang Xiao: “That’s quite the demand. The question is, do you have what it takes?”

The man: “You’re going to stop me in that shape?”

“I don’t know if I can. I can rough you up for sure, though.”

“What arrogance!”

Yang Tian bled profusely when the man released a high-pressure aura. The man attacked Yang Tian. “Haha, hand it over, or Yang Tian dies!”

“Haha, you won’t be able to learn it even if I gave it to you!”

The man took another step, increasing his output. Yang Tian’s bone was visible.

Yang Xiao was ready to kill the man, but he looked over to someone approaching, instead. When Yang Tian looked over and saw a woman as well as a man, he felt relieved.

Elder Zhou: “Walk away.”

The treacherous man glared at Yang Tian, reluctant to leave. In the end, though, he stopped emitting his aura and fled. A Peak Battle Emperor could squash him with one hand.

Yang Tian passed out in Meng Yunxi’s arms.

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