Almighty – Ch. 146

Everything in the World

“My god…” remarked Hong Xue, stunned.

“Big Brother Yang Tian is incredible…” commented Hong Ying.

Yang Tian had yet to go all out, yet he already summoned two quirks.

“Absorbing lightning… does empower one to develop quirks, then! Everything in the World, I summon you!” A small phantom mountain came to the surface from behind Gu Qi. Its appearance wasn’t too clear, sadly, as the yellow energy floating around it was ostensibly sealed.

Everything in the World was also a quirk – a defence-based one. Depending on the user’s ability, they could seal the world.


Yang Tian kept cool as he poured out his qi and blood river and froze Gu Qi in spite of the latter’s speed. Yang Tian punched, sending Gu Qi back. “Let’s see how strong you really are, Mr. Profound Connection Realm Eighth Layer!”

Gu Qi, wrathful, engaged Yang Tian, going tit for tat with his shockwave palm attacks. Gu Qi’s mountain overhead decimated all of the wind blasts approaching him. Still, Gu Qi was forced to retreat. The thunderclaps violated his eardrums, contributing to his qi and blood running wild inside him.

Yang Tian vaulted up and zoomed over to Gu Qi. Yang Tian delivered a barrage of punches to Gu Qi. The latter was relegated to hurling verbal profanity as he was pushed back.

Gu Qi attributed Yang Tian’s battle prowess to his ridiculously tough body that he couldn’t get to budge. To address the challenge, he summoned a small yellow bell overhead. He swung his arm through the air to command the bell to rotate and activate the divine markings, thereby welcoming its qi and blood. As Gu Qi imbued it with more qi and blood, the bell expanded over a hundred and fifty metres tall.

Yang Tian explosively leapt back and summoned his golden seal at the same time. His scowling golden dragon fired a crimson blast at the yellow bell. Gu Qi’s yellow bell was subject to the crimson blast’s wrath. Still, it shook in the void and discharged energy around it to deflect the crimson blast.

Meanwhile, Xiaobai had shattered a skull. Xiaobai dashed over to Hong Ying’s side and gnawed the golden chain as tough as Peak Mystic Weapon apart. Xiaobai sped over to Wang Mo as soon as he rescued the Hong sisters. Before Wang Mo could react with something practical, Xiaobai slashed him in half and then continued until he dismembered the traitor.

On Yang Xiao’s end, in the void, his aura was losing its radiance. He looked as though he was rapidly aging as he smashed Gu Mo with Green Dragon Seal. Gu Mo was bloodied, and his sword was lifeless.

“I admit you’re formidable. Still, only death awaits you!” Gu Ba opened a small red pouch, releasing a big flame. A fire-red Mutated Beast emerged from behind the flames.

“It’s too early for you to be celebrating…” Yang Xiao palmed the air.

Xiaobai spun around to the Mutated Beats in the void. Xiaobai climbed a towering tree then discharged the demonic aura dwelling inside him. Gu Ba watched on stunned as his beast fell from the sky and into the ground, leaving a crater in the ground. Even after falling, the beast continued to tremble.

“What is mere livestock…” derided Yang Xiao, chuckling.

“Demon Aura…? How?”

Yang Xiao capitalised on Gu Ba’s distraction and closed in to land a heavy palm on the latter’s chest, breaking his bones loudly and sending him into a mountain.

“You’re despicable!” Gu Ba leapt out of the mountain and charged toward Yang Xiao.

Yang Xiao was barely hanging in there.

Yang Tian gathered heaven and earth vital essence in the vicinity toward a central point – Scorching Sun.

“Blast it!” Gu Qi thereupon imbued his yellow bell with as much qi and blood as he could and activated the divine beast marking. The Mutated Beast on the bell came to life and stepped into the air.

Yang Tian: “Scorching Sun!”

They practically murdered the environment, including rocks, grains of sand and everything in the vicinity. The loud clashing continued for a while until an intense heatwave burst from the battlefield. The loud explosion hurt the Hong sisters’ ears. The energy around the area gradually dissipated. Gu Qi flew out from the dirt screen with broken bones.

The two young men looked over to the gully to see Yang Tian coming out with a blanched face. Breathing became a hurdle.

Hong Xue patted Hong Ying on the head. “I told you he would win; you just adamantly refused to believe me.”

“I did not. I was also confident Big Brother Yang Tian could defeat them,” retorted Hong Ying.

Gu Qi struggled to his feet. “Yang Tian!” Gu Qi had his sacred garment to thank for saving him from a critical injury.

“Hahaha, it’s not over yet. Don’t go jumping to conclusions on your own.”

Yang Tian tore off his shirt, powered up his fist with silver lightning and let it rip.

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