Almighty – Ch. 141

Let the Onslaught Begin

Xiaobai suddenly jumped up to Yang Tian’s shoulder and peered into the forest.

“I’m glad…. I still have you with me, buddy.”

Xiaobai sped around in the forest, oozing his demonic aura wherever he went. Yang Tian was unable to keep up with Xiaobai’s casual pace when he was going all out using Unfettered Omnidirectional Steps.

Yang Tian wandered the mountains for about ten minutes to finally find a rather secretive place. He created a cave using Broken Sword and headed inside. He sat cross-legged in the cave and breathed deeply to check his wounds. They weren’t too bad, but he did break a few ribs.

“Yin Yang Cultivation Sect, primordial Li Clan and Ancient Sacred Grounds!”

Though Yang Xiao claimed he was fine, his divine soul was heavily damaged to the point it wasn’t going to be easy to heal from.

“Fortunately, those clans are still discussing Fallen Devils’ Grounds. Otherwise, Battle Emperors would’ve attacked me back there.” Yang Tian let out a puff of air. “I can’t stay here for long. I need to leave as soon as I can…”

After the last assault on Fallen Devils’ Grounds, Hundred Thousand Mountains went through a period of peace. With Yang Tian’s arrival, it came to life again. Lecherous Old Wang was back to his usual self after Yang Tian took refuge in the mountain.

Yin Yang Cultivation Sect dispatched a big group of young men to capture Yang Tian alive. Lots of clans, therefore, sprang into action. Li Clan and Ancient Sacred Grounds hunted him most aggressively.

Yang Tian’s vital essence, energy and spirit peaked after a day of rest. His qi and blood saw another increase.

“Uncle Xiao, can you detect some Battle Emperor adepts beforehand?”

Yang Xiao, sitting next to Yang Tian, hiked up the corner of his lips as though he knew what Yang Tian was thinking. “I can. As long as they’re not a Half-Step Almighty adept, they won’t be able to escape my divine soul’s patrols.

“That makes it easier. I’ll have some fun with you lot.”

“… By the way, you must diligently practice Shape Shifting Art. Your cultivation is too low right now; you can’t use a fraction of its potential. Eyes in the Sky Seal’s imitation wouldn’t have detected you if you could.”

Yang Tian traversed the mountains for a long time under Yang Xiao’s guidance. Their goal was a certain group of people.

“Yang Tian!” shouted Gu Qi.

“What do you want?” Yang Tian wasted no time dashing toward a huge mountain.

“Capture him!” Gu Qi and the dozen or so behind him chased after Yang Tian.

Yang Tian headed specifically to where Fierce Beasts gathered. “You want to capture me alive? It’s too early to be sleep talking.”

The Fierce Beasts would have loved to avoid Xiaobai, so they wouldn’t have possibly attacked the duo. Gu Qi, on the other hand, raged, as several Fierce Beasts already attacked his crew. They were low ranked beasts. It was time consuming, nevertheless.

“Brother Gu Qi, I think we should notify the clan.”

Gu Qi didn’t want to let someone else take the credit. “Notify the clan…? I don’t think there’s a need for that…”

Gu Qi’s fellow disciples felt he was shameless. He couldn’t even keep up with Yang Tian…

Gu Qi commanded, “Let’s split into five or six teams. He’s only reached Warrior Realm. He might be quick, but he’s no match for us in combat. Yang Tian, I’m going to skin you alive this time!” Gu Qi jumped onto a jade gourd he summoned, then flew off.

Yang Tian entered a dark cave, glanced over to the entrance and then waved his hand.

There were dozens of mid-grade bloodstones nearby the cave. They were set up in a mysterious way. When the last one fell, the enter cave lit up as though a light enveloped it.

“This is a formation to hide one’s aura. Have a respite inside, and then head out at night,” said Yang Xiao, before returning to Ancestral Dragon Ring.

“This is a formation.” Yang Tian dove into Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, can I learn formations now?”

“You don’t meet the requirements yet. Learning formations requires a lot of time. You can learn them once you reach a higher realm.”

“Oh…” Yang Tian walked up ahead and summoned a pill furnace to work on his pill concoction skills…

Night soon fell, introducing a starry sky and bright moonlight.

“Where the hell did the piece of crap go?” cursed Gu Hai, breaking the peace in his own way.

“Blame Gu Qi. If he notified the elder, we would’ve captured Yang Tian already.”

Yang Tian, keeping his aura hidden using Transformation Technique, watched the two individuals from the cave behind them. Xiaobai hopped out in front of them and bore his fangs. The two jolted. Upon realising it was just a small beast, they relaxed.

“Is that… a Mutated Beast?”

Seeing the two take his bait, Yang Tian smirked slyly. He watched Xiaobai fearfully back down whilst resisting his urge to laugh.

Gu Hai and his friend exchanged eye contact. The two approached the beast. Ancient Sacred Grounds had Mutated Beasts, though only the most talented were permitted to have one.

Following an explosive leap, Yang Tian uncorked a punch. It was too late for the two to react by the time they saw jos punch. Their sacred glows used to protect themselves crumbled in the face of Yang Tian’s mighty punch. Yang Tian punctured holes in their chests and launched them through the air. Xiaobai vaulted up and slashed Gu Hai’s arm with his claw, causing the latter to bleed profusely on the spot.

“Y-you’re Yang Tian!”

Their energy faded rapidly due to their grievous wounds.

Before he walked over, Yang Tian condescendingly. “Correct.”

Gu Hai summoned a golden sword with golden markings. The weapon was a Half-Complete Dao Weapon. His friend summoned a Peak Mystic Rank weapon.

Yang Tian was relieved to see their weapons. “Haha, every dog has its day they say, they say. Ancient Sacred Grounds isn’t as rich as they appear, I see.”

“Hurry and finish it quickly. People are coming,” urged Yuan Xiao.

Yang Tian summoned a small golden seal overhead and beamed a crimson beam.

“G-Golden Dragon Seal…? How are you able to use it?!”exclaimed Gu Hai.

Owners of Dao Weapons imbued their divine soul into their weapon, making it impossible for anyone else to activate.

“You won’t need to concern yourselves with that,” jeered Yang Tian.

Yang Tian attacked with the crimson and hot beam. Gu Hai and his friend vigilantly activated their own weapons to shield themselves with their weapon’s glow. The crimson beam sliced through the Peak Mystic weapon, resulting in its explosion.

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