Almighty – Ch. 140

Instant Thousands of Miles Grand Art

Someone chuckled and confined Yang Tian to the void with a red light. Only Battle Kings could perform the feat.

Gu Ba, an elder adorned in white garments, rode a Mutated Beast with glowing red scales coated in flames toward Yang Tian. Its golden eyes shot fireballs every now and then. When it wagged its tail, air bent.

“What do I do, Uncle Xiao?”

Yang Xiao required a lengthy period of time to recover a bit of his cultivation. “Control him first, and leave the rest to me. Do not provoke him.”

Yang Tian placed his palms together inside Ancestral Dragon Ring and absorbed the heaven and earth essence in his surroundings. Meanwhile, he muttered to power up his divine soul energy overhead. Once the energy reached a certain point, a black door formed overhead. “What do you want?’

“What do I want?” repeated Gu Ba, dismounting from his Mutated Beast. “I want to rip you limb from limb and feed you to a dog! Good idea, don’t you think?”

Yang Tian began his fearful charade. “You can’t kill me… You want my cultivation method, don’t you…? I can give it to you… I can recite it for you…”

“Cultivation… method?”

“Yes, I can tell you… the method… You just have to spare me…”

Although Gu Qi and his allies belittled Yang Tian for being powerless, they tuned in to hear him. In their minds, they pestered him to spill it already in case something interrupted before they could catch it.

Gu Ba, thinking Yang Tian was sensible and wise, responded, “All right, this old one swears to ensure your safety if you tell him the cultivation method. This old one is a man of his words.”

People encroaching on Yang Tian’s position were delighted to see him confined to the void. When they noticed the elder in white, however, they were disgruntled. They couldn’t lay their hands on Ancient Sacred Ground’s captive.

Meng Yunxi crushed a jade slip in her hand. She knew about everything Yang Tian did in the palace, so she knew he wouldn’t die a painless death. “Now what will you do?”

Noticing the people behind him, Gu Ba badgered, “Hurry and tell me. This old one promises to spare you. Keep dawdling, and don’t blame this old one for any pain you suffer.”

Yang Tian looked at the people around through the corner of his eye and innocently smiled. “I-I’ll tell you… Come closer. I don’t want to let them hear.”

“Sure… Sure…”  Gu Ba leaned in toward Yang Tian, confident he could deal with anything a Warrior Realm kid threw his way.

At the top of his lungs, Yang Tian yelled, “It goes like this: go bed Gu Lingyun! She was happy to pamper her eldest nephew, so I’m sure she’ll be open to the idea of letting you in her pants…”

The people running over almost face planted into the ground from the air.

“You’re… finished!”

A mountain-sized fist ejected from Yang Tian’s body. The elder caught sight of the incoming danger, but it was thrown at point blank. Defenceless, the punch shattered his breast bones and sent him flying as black qi seeped out from his body.

Lecherous Wang: “Haha, Yang Tian, come with this old one!”

The void around Yang Tian became turbulent. A big hand formed through yin and yang qis zoomed down from overhead. The mighty palm left cracks in the void.

Yang Xiao, who was inside Ancestral Dragon Ring, summoned a large jet-black door overhead. “Instant Thousands of Miles Grand Art!” yelled Yang Xiao, pressing his palms together, resulting in the jet-black door inside Ancestral Dragon Ring vanishing from the ring.

The door rippled the void as the texts shimmered, dispersing a dominating aura. Yang Xiao glared at lecherous Wang and grabbed Yang Tian by the arm. Telling Yang Tian to leave, he then threw the former into the door. The door instantly shut behind them and sped off.

“Get back here!” Lecherous Wang sped after Yang Tian. Since he was discharging qi and blood, his entire body glowed. He struck the black door with Yin Yang Palms through the air.

“What the hell is that?” Gu Ba wobbled to his feet. “How is he able to move to another void?”

Elder Zhou, who stood next to Meng Yunxi, informed, “Miss, he is fine now. That was Instant Thousands of Miles Grand Art. The style has gone extinct for a long time; I never imagined Yang Tian could use it…“

Meng Yunxi:  “He sure has a lot of secrets. Let’s head back.”

The Battle King adepts who arrived at the main doors of Demon Subjugation City exchanged glances. They then crushed a jade slip.

Yang Tian fled toward Hundred Thousand Mountains.

“Gu Qi, take a team into the mountains. I have a hunch he’s hiding a divine soul. I’m sure he took a heavy blow when he utilised that martial technique. I can’t delay my treatment, but more sacred grounds’ adepts will rush to the scene.”

“Elder Gu Ba, leave it to me. I promise to personally capture him alive.”

If Gu Qi could capture Yang Tian, he’d have a significant merit to his name. Forget erasing his faults. He’d even be promoted.

A dark door leapt through the void and left lecherous Old Wang way behind. However, the door’s glow gradually dimmed. Once it was gone, it fell into the mountains.

Yang Tian crawled out of the door and lied limp, breathing laboriously. Lecherous Old Wang injured Yang Tian quite badly during the latter’s escape.

“Uncle Xiao.” Yang Tian rushed over to Yang Xiao’s faint divine soul. “Uncle Xiao, are you all right?”

Yang Xiao expended a lot of his divine soul energy to execute Instant Thousands of Miles Grand Art before. “Haha, I can’t handle much at my age. I need to spend some time recovering.”

“It was all my fault.”

“Haha, it was my neglect that caused it. The fault isn’t yours. I didn’t expect them to have a search item. Find a place for us to rest. Once I’ve recovered some cultivation, we can prepare our next step.”

“Understood.” Yang Tian exited the ring.

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