Almighty – Ch. 142

Refining a Divine Soul

“Run for it.” The two members from Ancient Sacred Grounds fled for Yang Tian was beyond them.

Yang Tian snickered and fired a crimson beam from Golden Dragon Seal, piercing the two and splitting them apart. The two oozed a black energy after they fell to the ground. With a flick, Yang Xiao ushered their divine souls over. He removed their interspatial rings prior to disappearing into the darkness.

A girl asked, “It wasn’t Yang Tian, was it?”

Her partner shook his head. “That’s impossible. Yang Tian is a Warrior Realm cultivator. He couldn’t have slain the two even if he used a Dao weapon.”

“Who was it that would dare to kill our disciples, then?”

Yang Tian ran through the mountain until he reached the interior of a cave. He emptied the interspatial rings he just picked up. He was disappointed to discover the two rings only contained a little over ten thousand bloodstones and some Profound Connection Realm pills. He spent a while in the cave to recover his expended qi and blood. He called his divine soul back and left when he heard two people encroaching.

Like a cannon, Xiaobai tried to make himself stand out. When he sensed the two, he entered hedgehog mode, but he quickly ran inside the cave as though something frightened him. Yang Tian smiled, commenting to himself that Xiaobai’s acting skills improved by the day.

The girl’s partner pulled her back when she tried to enter. “Don’t go in. Be cautious.”

Yang Tian: Why are the two so scared of dying?”

A ferocious aura blasted the two when after a mere two steps. Startled, they spun around. “Who goes there?”

The two immediately activated their weapons, summoning a one inch bloody broadsword upon espying Yang Tian. He slashed Yang Tian’s fist. The girl launched a bell toward the lightning punch. Yang Tian cockily punched the two Mystic Rank weapons away.

“Lightning Tribulation!” The lightning bolts on Yang Tian’s fist broke down their sacred garments. The impact sent the two through the air. The technique Yang Tian used was focused mainly on destructive power, thereby destroying their sacred garments.

The two discharged their battle auras, bolstering their weapons’ output. The golden bell shielded them from the lightning. Yang Tian snickered and roared. The lightning went on the offensive, forcing the girl back and cracking her bell. The young man vigilantly hurled his small broadsword through the air toward Yang Tian’s head. Yang Tian punched. The crimson stars turned his skin silver. The young man performed a finger thrust, increasing the output of his small broadsword. The red glowing broadsword zipped toward Yang Tian’s fist.

The two collided as if it was a clash of metal on metal. Yang Tian punched again. The smell dents on Yang Tian’s fist resulting from the clashes instantly returned to normal.

The girl wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth, then summoned a golden ancient bell in her hand. She chortled and hurled it toward Yang Tian’s head.

Xiaobai deflected the ancient bell with his claw. The girl fired the bell toward Xiaobai again. Xiaobai shook his bell. The sonorous vibration produced a reactive ring from the girl’s bell. As Xiaobai attacked her bell with his barrage of sounds, her bell rapidly lost its power. The girl could only watch on as her bell fell apart.

Xiaobai shook his bell again, forcing the girl backwards many steps. She couldn’t condense her qi and blood. Xiaobai delivered a vicious scratch that left the girl with a bloody wound.

Yang Tian threw punch after punch to generate waves of qi. He then clouted using Earthquake Seal. The crimson seal sent the broadsword flying along with its owner for dozens of metres. The young man puked blood.

Yang Xiao, keeping tabs on the surroundings, laughed. “That’s good enough. People are coming.”

Yang Tian summoned Golden Crow Divine Furnace, then expanded it to dozens of metres tall. The divine markings activated, generating a force that pinned the young man to the void. He threw the duo into the furnace. “You two can go and keep the others company.”

When Yang Tian opened the lid, Gu Mo and company looked up vexingly at Yang Tian. They cursed him as soon as they saw him as they suffered in there. The girls’ hair was burnt off completely. Yang Tian tapped the furnace a few times, sending his immense energy inside. He then vanished into the night once he was done.

Four people visited this time. There was nobody around, but lots of familiar energy traces were left behind. All of them were inferior to Gu Hai in terms of skills; they were afraid of the mysterious enemy.

“What do we do?”

“Let’s regroup first.”

“We agree.”

Sitting in a cave, Yang Tian held Gu Hai’s divine soul in his hand whilst smiling sinisterly.

“Yang Tian, what do you want?’

“You’ll find out in a moment.” Yang Tian patted Gu Hai’s forehead with a piercing gaze, summoning a divine soul that was several sizes bigger then Gu Hai’s.

If Yang Tian already reached Divine Journey Realm and absorbed the soul qi inside the soul crystal, then he would practically be at divine soul.

The divine soul flicked a black qi out. The qi clung to Gu Hai’s divine soul. Gu Hai felt he was losing control over his own fate. In a shaky voice, he asked, “What are you doing?”


Gu Hai’s divine soul squirmed as the black qi absorbed his soul qi into Yang Tian’s divine soul. Gu Hai’s painful throes echoed throughout the entire cave. His hands and feet melted as his divine soul fell.

“This is the price.” Yang Tian’s divine soul grew in size.

“Refine the Soul Qi you didn’t absorb, or it’ll vanish,” explained Yang Xiao.

Divine Soul Refinement Technique was profound; however, it leaked lots of soul qi.

Yang Tian sequestered in Ancestral Dragon to silently cultivate.

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