Almighty – Ch. 137

Bloodthirsty Devil Crystal!

The entire venue was unusually fired up. The old herbs stole the limelight.

Yang Tian received the bloodstones for his divine stones. Meng Yunxi took them with a giggle.

“Next is a precious material. Meng Li waved his hand, warping a thumb-sized bloodstone to it. It was covered in patterns, but it gave off a bloodthirsty vibe. “Blood mark stones are very sturdy and can be used to create fantastic Dao Items. The starting offer is five hundred thousand mid-grade bloodstones. Every bid must exceed the previous big by no less than fifty thousand.”

Hands immediately flew up.

Yang Xiao took a few seconds to analyse it then choked out, “Tian, you must get that at all costs!”

“Uncle Xiao, is it a treasure?”

The stone already reached seven hundred thousand. If Yang Tian wanted it, he’d have to resort to some tricks.

“It’s a divine material! I thought you would have to wait for a while to forge your own weapon but not now. There’s nothing more appropriate than that right now.”

If it was a divine material, the company would be suffering a huge loss if they sold it for mere hundreds of thousands.

“But Uncle Xiao… isn’t it a bloodnet stone?”

“It’s not a bloodnet stone. It’s a bloodthirsty devil crystal. It’s considered premium-grade among divine materials. Bloodthirsty devil crystal is highly coveted as it has a unique characteristic, namely infinite growth. Evolving your weapon into a Celestial Weapon is sealed seal with it.

“The crystal can absorb blood to use it as a component for improving a weapon. The stronger the blood absorbed is, the faster the progression. Back then, there was an evil sword called ‘Bloodthirsty Devil Sword’. It absorbed the blood of many powerful adepts. Its aura was enough to fell enemies. Before the sword evolved into a divine weapon, it was able to take on divine weapons blow for blow. It was among the top three weapons in that era!”

“This old one offers nine hundred and fifty thousand.”

An elder in a Heaven box called, “One million.”

The refiner from Demon Subjugation went limp upon hearing the voice. “Pardon me, Master Gu. If you would like the bloodnet stone, then I shall pull out.”

“Haha, thank you for your generosity.”

Yang Tian: “Ancient Sacred Grounds. This will be a cinch, then.”

“If nobody else is going to offer another bid, th-“

“Wait, Sir Meng Li, I offer one million and one hundred thousand bloodstones,” interjected Yang Tian, in a lazy tone.

With money on his side, Master Gu yelled, “I offer one million and three hundred thousand!”

“I offer one million and five hundred thousand.”

Qing Yuan: “Could that be Yang Tian?”

Xing Hao: “If it was Yang Tian, the Almighty cultivators around him would’ve detected him.”

Dan Qu remained straight laced. “Observe and act accordingly. All is going according to plan.

“One million and seven hundred thousand!”

“Two million! Uncle Xiao, the old geezer hasn’t identified the stone, has he?” Yang Tian was worried that they recognised him for he would inevitably lose to Ancient Sacred Grounds in a bloodstone war.

“I wouldn’t think so? Even the company made a mistake, so I doubt he would.”

Yang Tian made a decision to crush a jade slip. Meanwhile, Master Gu was wondering what Yang Tian was up to. Two million bloodstones wasn’t a small sum. Moreover, he couldn’t see how the stone was worth so much. He was confident in his ability to discern treasures with his experience and knowledge.

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