Almighty – Ch. 138

Transformation Pill!

“… Two million and five hundred thousand!” declared Master Gu.

“Haha, this is fun. I’m offering three million. Anybody dare to compete?”

“What is he doing? Three million for that useless junk?” Meng Yunxi asked someone to send word to Qing Yuan to help take attention off Yang Tian.

Master Gu slowly sat back down despite feeling uneasy. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he missed out on a treasure. “Hmph, young ones sure growing. This one shall not join you in this.”

“Finally,” cheered Yang Tian, sitting back down.

Yang Xiao: “Haha. It might be a relatively small stone, but I also have a divine material in my cave estate. Mine is slightly inferior to bloodthirsty devil crystal; however, it’s enough to forge a small sword.”

Yang Tian was excited to hear about Yang Xiao’s secret cave. After all, he was getting to loot the entire adept’s cave estate for himself. “Hehe, Uncle Xiao, you have a piece at your cave estate, as well, do you…?”

“Haha, don’t get ahead of yourself. Whether or not you can get in is another story.”

“By the way, Uncle Xiao, where is your cave estate?”

Meng Yunxi stomped in and chucked the stone onto the table. “I don’t get what you’re thinking. Three million for this bloodstone?’

Yang Tian stowed it in Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Hehe, secret. You’ll find out later.”

“You’re sick in the head.” Meng Yunxi extended her hand out and waved around in front of Yang Tian’s eyes. “Three million in this hand now. Thank you very much.”

“Hehe, can we put it on my tab?”

“No. Pawn the colourful field to me for some time, then. I’ll pay the three million for you.”

“Is this extortion?” Yang Tian took out an interspatial ring. “There are five hundred bloodstones inside, about twenty Mystic Rank weapons, a hundred high-grade blood stones and some rare healing pills. There are also bonus three thousand year old herbs. That’s definitely enough to cover my debt.” Yang Tian’s offer sent him from a wealthy man to a bankrupt commoner.

Meng Yunxi inspected the interior of the interspatial ring. “I shall practice benevolence and spare you this once out of consideration of the help you have provided my clan.”

“Hehe, thank you.”

Ancient Sacred Grounds snagged an herb that had grown for fifty thousand years for an outlandish price towards the last stretch of the auction.

Meng Li smiled. “This is the last treasure for this auction.” When he opened the jade vial, a golden mist dispersed to every corner of the hall and shrouded the shiny golden pill. The sentient pill levitated into the air as soon as it appeared in his hand.

Dan Qu: “That’s a Transformation Pill!”

“How do you know?” asked Qing Yuan and Xing Hao, both clutching Dan Qu’s collar with one hand each and starting at him.

Dan Qu’s background was always a mystery. Though he claimed he left home, they were certain he wasn’t from the eastern side of the continent.

Meng Li: “This pill is called ‘Transformation Pill’. Its main ingredient is a demonic dragon’s core. Additionally, herbs that had grown for a long time were added. It’s a Seventh Rank Mid-Grade pill. It’s most beneficial for cultivators in Transcendence Realm!”

It was nigh impossible to find Level Seven alchemists.

The fourth realm in cultivation was Transcendence.

Dragons innately possessed tough bodies. Using the pill in question as a main ingredient would be excellent for enhancing one’s physical strength. People had stopped investing in their physical body’s development in the world of cultivation in this era.

“Quieten down,” demanded Meng Li, waving his hand. “A revered alchemist asked us to auction this. The cost is any of the following: soul nurturing wood, twilight river divine milk, three drops of vitality water and an eighth rank herb. If anybody can offer any of those items, it shall be yours.”

Yang Xiao: “That’s a ludicrous price for a Rank Seven pill. Soul nurturing wood and twilight river divine milk were rare in ancient times let alone now. An Eighth Rank herb was practically a dream. Besides their potency, they’re hidden in obscurity.”

The people hadn’t even heard of soul nurturing wood and twilight river divine milk, so how could they exchange them? Hence, the hall was dead silent. Yang Tian licked his dry lips, thinking he had vitality spring water to offer.

“… If nobody will exchange anything for it, we shall offer it for high-grade bloodstones.”

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