Almighty – Ch. 136


Li Qingji suppressed his rage and chuckled. “You sure are generous, spending one million for one dragon tongue flower.”

Li Qingji gave in, which was surprising. Even Meng Li was rather surprised. Nevertheless, he decided it was sold.

Yang Tian was bitter as it was a hefty price. As a matter of fact, he was four hundred thousand short.

Yang Tian: I hope my divine lotus sells well.

Meng Yunxi opened the door to the box and meandered in. “Brother Yang Tian, time to pay up. If you can’t pay, you’ll have to pawn your vitality water. I can’t write it off.”

“What’s the rush? The lotus hasn’t even made its appearance. I’ll pay later.”

Meng Yunxi glared at Yang Tian through the corner of her eye, then lied down in the seat next to him, revealing her curves in all their glory.

“Next is a divine lotus herb,” announced Meng Li. “The lotus’ starting offer is four hundred thousand mid-grade bloodstones!”

Xing Hao pursed his lips after stealing a glance. “Could that one be Yang Tian’s?”

Qing Yuan knocked on the table with his finger. “I’d say so. You don’t often come across them in the cultivation world. I think it’s grown for a decent number of years, as well.”

“Yang Tian wouldn’t be here right now, would he? He got a throng killed in the formation…”

Nobody knew how long the herb had grown for, but it had grown for long enough to have twelve lotuses.

Yang Tian: It’s worth a lot as I thought. It’s a pity there aren’t many to go around.

When the price finally reached a million, lecherous old Wang from Yin Yang Cultivation Sect shouted  from Heaven box, “This old one offers one million bloodstones.”

The solo adepts had to consider numerous factors when a powerhouse was involved. The old pervert wanted it for his descendants.

Yang Tian: Thank you very much for the dough.

Yang Tian lost his grin when he realised it was only enough to pay his debt.

“And this great one offers one million and ten thousand. Any higher? No? Hand it over, then!”

Yang Tian: Isn’t that Qing Yuan?

Lecherous Wang: “The company doesn’t permit adding only one bloodstone. Are you trying to disrupt the process?”

Qing Yuan chuckled. “Sorry, but Mr. Meng Li never set a minimum increase. I happen to have one million and ten thousand bloodstones on me. Sorry. If you’re out of bloodstones, just let me have it.”

“Smart aleck!” Lecherous Wang didn’t dare to find fault with Meng Li; he raised his hand timidly. “This old one offers one million and one hundred thousand!”

“Wait, my friend just lent me some… Oh, look, this is one amazing coincidence. I happen to have exactly one extra bloodstone…” said Qing Yuan.

“Don’t let me find out who you are…” Lecherous Wang sniggered. “Isn’t the company going to intervene? He should be kicked out for messing with the system!”

“Quiet!” demanded Meng Li, with a wave of his hand. “Henceforward, the next increase for the lotus must be ten thousand mid-grade bloodstones or higher.”

“All right, this old one offers one million and twenty thousand. Raise your bid if you have what it takes!”

Qing Yuan laughed. He stole loads of bloodstones back when he roamed the continent. “I offer another one hundred and fifty thousand. Raise your bid if you have what it takes!”

“You!” Lecherous Wang, sounding livid, belted, “This old one offers one million and sixty thousand bloodstones! Raise your bid if you have what it takes!”

“Oh… I made a mistake with my bid… I actually only have one bloodstone, so… you win… Sorry…”

Lecherous Wang crushed the innocent table. “Shameless brat!”

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