Almighty – Ch. 135

Dragon Tongue Flower

Yang Tian slouched in a chair and made sure not to move excessively, which would leave him susceptible to being detected – even though Shape Shifting was a life saver.

After a ten minute silence, the hall grew rowdy. An ordinary-looking elder with poor vision ascended the platform at the front.

Meng Li was a Half-Step Almighty Cultivator who often made appearances at auctions and there was bound to be a rare treasure whenever he was the host. “I suppose a number of you recognise me. I apologise for holding you up. The auction shall now commence.”

Meng Li summoned a crimson longsword to his hand after his speech. Twang! As a result of him flicking his sword, crimson threads rained down as the markings on the sword lit up. “Deep Ruby Sword is a Half-Complete Dao Weapon. Its starting price is one hundred thousand mid-grade bloodstones!”

Half-Complete Dao Items were a treasure for middle-class clans.

Yang Tian couldn’t even afford a Dao Weapon with his current bloodstones on hand.

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring. “Uncle Xiao, I want to purchase the sword. What is your opinion?”

“What do you want that sword for? You don’t need any items anymore. Once you reach Profound Connection Realm, you need to forge your own weapon.”

“Forge one myself?”

Yang Xiao noticed Yang Tian’s displeasure. “The Golden Crow Divine Furnace in your qihai may be strong. Unfortunately, you can’t control it freely. Furthermore, it’s hard to progress. You must forge your own weapon for it to be able to accompany you to the peak.”

Weapons were capable of progressing alongside its owner. One could only wield a weapon at its maximum potential if they personally forged it. Lots of high-grade weapons sometimes turned on their masters. Trying to wield a weapon that one lacked the cultivation to wield also costed lots of vital essence and blood.

“I’ll keep an eye out for any decent quality materials. There’s no need to forge a weapon if the material is poor. It took me decades to find the materials when I forged one back in the day.”


Deep Ruby Sword sold for over three-hundred thousand mid-grade stones in the end. It was then succeeded by a number of Half-Complete Dao Weapons. Then, they moved on to pills.

The last pill was a Sixth Grade Battle Emperor pill. As per the name, it increased the likelihood of an adept breaking through to Battle Emperor Realm by fifty-percent.  It sold for ten million mid-grade bloodstones.

“Tian, dragon tongue flower has appeared.”

Yang Tian looked toward the elder’s hands to see a small silver flower. “What rank is the herb?”

“Haha. It’s a ten thousand years old dragon tongue flower. The heavens must be on your side. Make sure you get it, hahaha.”

Meng Li announced, “This is a ten thousand year old dragon tongue flower. Its starting bid is ten thousand bloodstones. Every offer must be a ten thousand or more.”

“One hundred and ten thousand bloodstones!”

“One hundred and twenty bloodstones!”

“One hundred and fifty thousand!”

Alchemists enthusiastically offered bids. In addition to extending one’s lifespan, dragon tongue flower could also be used in pill concoction thanks to its potent vitality inside. The price soon climbed to fifty thousand bloodstones and was still continued to climb. Every time they raised the price, Yang Tian’s heart would throb.

Yang Tian: Am I not screwing myself over?

Once it reached six hundred thousand, some desolate era clan’s joined in.

Yang Tian couldn’t wait any longer. “Eight hundred thousand.”

One hundred thousand was enough for middle-class clans to last years.

An old man in another Heaven box. “This old one offers eight hundred and fifty thousand. Would you be able to let this old one have the herb, young friend? This one is primordial era’s Li Clan’s Li Qingji.”

It couldn’t have been any more obvious Battle Emperor adept Li Qingji was threatening bidders.

“Nine hundred thousand.”

Since his authority was challenged, Li Qingji voiced, “This old one offers Nine hundred and fifty thousand!”

“I offer one million. Increase your bid again, and I’ll let you have it.”

One million was enough to buy two to three of them.

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